Going mobile

Just a quick update because there are going to be some changes. First I’m going to get back to doing this, been to long and my excuse list ran out.

Second, I’ve joined everyone else in the modern age and got myself a new fangled smart phone. I have the internet in my pocket now.

Until then, I’ll be working on things to write and do.


Been a bit busy. I have also been making a bunch of understatements.

None the less, here’s something from Lower Canada.

Doing what I can to swing back into this now that the weather is awesome again.

In my laziness I’ve manage to keep myself a bit busy. Just a wee bit. My good buddies Mushy Callahan recently partook in the local Canadian Music Week in town and I offered up my photo skills for them. (which resulted in some insanity later that night/morning).
Anyways, here’s a quickie I snapped of them playing.

Now, to work on getting the full band in the shots.

I should have stuff up this week. As feared life and Enterprise caught over took my will and desire to be a cool person and make posts. Looking to rectify this nicely this week.

Break time!

Taking a break from all this since it’s been mostly status quo and that’s no good. I shan’t be long away, perhaps a week or two as to just settle some projects and my life a bit, nothing to worry about.

But before I kick off, my good buddies Mushy Callahan recently compiled a nice new video for their song ‘Loose Lips’. It’s a mighty fine video and best of all I was able to contribute some footage to towards it. Also follow their Facebooks and Twitters.

So if you have been following Star Wars for the last few months, you know they recently re-re-released a new version on Blu-ray disk and George Lucas spared no butchery of the original three films in this new digital format to which you can just google information on that (hint it’s endless).

Anyways in a segment of the internet far far away, The Angry Zen Master stumbled upon what’s basically a fan piloted X-Wing to the current George Lucas’s Death Star. They came up with Star Wars Uncut. So what did they do? The film was segmented into 15 seconds snippits, aspiring directors and actors too a part, and that part was re-assembled with others to create the full length film.

The best part? Every scene is different and enjoyable. It’s a fantastic method to have people express their vision and have that vision part of a tapestry. For the lazy, I’m posting the video below.

Take your time with it. Watch, enjoy, laugh, cry. It’s all good, because it’s all Star Wars.

One of the staples of  the music industry is a different band singing a song from another, aka the Cover. Not to be confused with what happens in Rap/Hip-Hop which is the sampling, aka borderline theft. That aside, one of your best bets to making it big is to take an old popular song and do it your way to be popular too. I mean YouTube is full of shitty up and comers doing a cover or someone’s music. But here are some you may not know so well.

Orgy – Blue Monday (Originator: New World Order)

The year, 1999. The mood, CYBER PUNK/GOTH/FREAK. The band to bring us this in a dawning Millennium, Orgy. I mean the song is so dark, and they’re totally dark too. No one is going to tell them what to do man, they’re not some prissy boy band like N’SYNC or Back Street Boys. And they’re totally not as creepy as Merilyn Manson. Really  not much to this, the band is just being fucked with and they keep showing how fashionable they are by changing cloths. Surprisingly this video got a lot of props, but not surprising given the time culturally.

A1 – Take On Me (Originator: A-Ha)

Nice work A1, you certainly have set yourself well apart from the pack with this music video and cover. I mean, take one of the top iconic songs of the 80s and add a boy band, bad synth and awful manual returning of the vocals and BAM! You have the formula for a bad music video that involves 95% crappy blue screen. I’ve posted the original A-Ha video before, but here it is again for comparison.

See, that’s something that wins awards. That’s something that’s far from a Sony Ad and stealing left and right of anything which people would call cyber space. No need to rip off The Matrix and Tron, no reason to make me want to puke. Actually I did because this was really popular in Europe for reasons forever unknown.

Jay-Z – Forever Young (Originator: Alphaville)

Remember what I said in the intro? Well here’s the proof. Lets use 80% of the song and just add new verses. This isn’t so much a cover, but a Hip-hop re-imagining. Can’t say I ever expect much when the Z wants to do a song his way. The video for itself? Totally representing everything proud and American just like Alphaville. (Who just happen to be a German band) None the less, have some chuckles at the original video which is pretty much Post-Apocalyptic Renaissance.

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