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Going mobile

Just a quick update because there are going to be some changes. First I’m going to get back to doing this, been to long and my excuse list ran out.

Second, I’ve joined everyone else in the modern age and got myself a new fangled smart phone. I have the internet in my pocket now.

Until then, I’ll be working on things to write and do.


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Slight case of laziness

I should have stuff up this week. As feared life and Enterprise caught over took my will and desire to be a cool person and make posts. Looking to rectify this nicely this week.

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Break time!

Taking a break from all this since it’s been mostly status quo and that’s no good. I shan’t be long away, perhaps a week or two as to just settle some projects and my life a bit, nothing to worry about.

But before I kick off, my good buddies Mushy Callahan recently compiled a nice new video for their song ‘Loose Lips’. It’s a mighty fine video and best of all I was able to contribute some footage to towards it. Also follow their Facebooks and Twitters.

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I had started writing a rant about the Web Blackout vs SOPA / PIPA bills, but thinking things over the bills are going to fail but not as a result of Blacking out the web. I think the entire idea stands as a ‘this is how shitty things can get’ but as usual it won’t get that shitty because there’s one person at the top paying attention. And it’s not because people were moderately inconvenienced today.

Anyways if you want some lulz from this I highly suggest checking out @herpderpedia and read all the fail that has resulted.

P.S. I’ll probably re-organize my thoughts and write them up for some more shits and giggles when the full fallout from today happens.

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Getting back to Art

I think the biggest and boldest problem affecting me is that in recent months is I’ve not been getting to do the things that really challenge me. I think I’ve become too comfortable doing virtually nothing hard, which is terrible. Overall I think there’s a lack of conflict which I can turn into something creative.

The source of this? I hate my job. It does take a lot of time and energy from me, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse. Like 110% of everyone hates their job at some point. I think there’s also a lack of anyone in my life pushing me, someone special. I probably need a muse, or a girlfriend.

Still, can’t be looking at excuses. The other day I did stumble on a website that houses a collective of artist work which will make perfect fodder for my ‘Artist Talks’ since the website doesn’t go into much detail or much of anything. So I guess I can shine there.

Probably what I really need to do is finish some old projects before I start some new ones. Also axe the ones which are no good. A shame, but I can’t toil on things which will go no where. Speaking of which, no where is where that one final pigeon is.

Lets start with that.


And I’m away.



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2012 – Happy New Years

To my readers, followers and whom ever stumbles upon my blog, Happy New Year.

May it be a wicked cool year of discovery and all the best with your resolutions.

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Doing America

Probably should have had this all ready to go, but delaying things until I get back from my little jaunt to America.

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