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Slight case of laziness

I should have stuff up this week. As feared life and Enterprise caught over took my will and desire to be a cool person and make posts. Looking to rectify this nicely this week.


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Break time!

Taking a break from all this since it’s been mostly status quo and that’s no good. I shan’t be long away, perhaps a week or two as to just settle some projects and my life a bit, nothing to worry about.

But before I kick off, my good buddies Mushy Callahan recently compiled a nice new video for their song ‘Loose Lips’. It’s a mighty fine video and best of all I was able to contribute some footage to towards it. Also follow their Facebooks and Twitters.

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Getting back to Art

I think the biggest and boldest problem affecting me is that in recent months is I’ve not been getting to do the things that really challenge me. I think I’ve become too comfortable doing virtually nothing hard, which is terrible. Overall I think there’s a lack of conflict which I can turn into something creative.

The source of this? I hate my job. It does take a lot of time and energy from me, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse. Like 110% of everyone hates their job at some point. I think there’s also a lack of anyone in my life pushing me, someone special. I probably need a muse, or a girlfriend.

Still, can’t be looking at excuses. The other day I did stumble on a website that houses a collective of artist work which will make perfect fodder for my ‘Artist Talks’ since the website doesn’t go into much detail or much of anything. So I guess I can shine there.

Probably what I really need to do is finish some old projects before I start some new ones. Also axe the ones which are no good. A shame, but I can’t toil on things which will go no where. Speaking of which, no where is where that one final pigeon is.

Lets start with that.


And I’m away.



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Up coming

More posts coming on their way. Got a little book called ‘5 good reasons to punch a dolphin in the nose’, but more on that tomorrow in a post.

Also since I’ve had a lack of taking pictures (thanks having a thing called a job) I’m going to start posting / tweaking old pictures that have been sitting stale and unused on my compies hard drive. I’m going to work hard to post something up for ever Thursday (which really isn’t hard given that I can schedule like the dickens when I have free time).

And that aside, see the movie Drive and I’ll make a decent quip about 50/50 which I go to see tomorrow.

Ta for now.

P.S. sorry for the near endless ‘Art of Music Video’ postings.

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Mostly Operational

Main computer is operating again, however in the process of data recovery / compiling witty things to say and post.

It is however a little ironic that some of my busier time on this blarg has been when I’m not posting things. But that just makes things stale. Will do my darnedest to get an Art of Music Videos done up for Friday. Yes, there’s a lot of irony with my last AMV posting…

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Lack of posts stems from being drained from working too many long hours. I’m tossing this up just to combo breaker my Art of Music Videos streak.

Hope to be able to write about some nice neat things that have been happening, but time will tell with that. For now, another Art of Music Videos will be posted up.

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Making some changes around here. I’ve decided I need to be fancier and more attractive and flashy to get the attention of the internet generation. So to do so I figured I’d roll out some sort of unifying banner for my Art of Music Video postings rather than keep on using random images (which I still will, but this won’t make as mandatory).

Also if you have not noticed WordPress or Youtube finally worked some magic and now all videos will play on my site without you having to view them on Youtube. As well, there’s a new menu page with a listing of all the videos I have done. Use it with the Search box to find the post. Anyways here are the new post headers I worked oh so hard on making.

YES! A new ‘as often as I can’ weekly posting on ‘Mondays’ about ‘hating’. This is to get back on to my whole ‘you are fail’ category because it’s not getting much loving or attention. Haven’t been venting frustrations and it would be best if I did it here in this environment than taking an office stapler to someone’s head.

I’m in the works on refining the Artist Talk format as well with its own custom header, but I’m spent for this week and have a bit of work to do doing some things retro actively and in another blog space. Expect things to be a bit slower than usual until then.

Special Shout-out to Music Video Stills who did all the heavy lifting way back in 2006 to get me all the images I used to make the new Art of Music Videos banner. That was some epic mysterious work done so I could get this done faster. Also got some ideas for upcoming Art of Music Video entries.

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