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I had started writing a rant about the Web Blackout vs SOPA / PIPA bills, but thinking things over the bills are going to fail but not as a result of Blacking out the web. I think the entire idea stands as a ‘this is how shitty things can get’ but as usual it won’t get that shitty because there’s one person at the top paying attention. And it’s not because people were moderately inconvenienced today.

Anyways if you want some lulz from this I highly suggest checking out @herpderpedia and read all the fail that has resulted.

P.S. I’ll probably re-organize my thoughts and write them up for some more shits and giggles when the full fallout from today happens.


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Getting back to Art

I think the biggest and boldest problem affecting me is that in recent months is I’ve not been getting to do the things that really challenge me. I think I’ve become too comfortable doing virtually nothing hard, which is terrible. Overall I think there’s a lack of conflict which I can turn into something creative.

The source of this? I hate my job. It does take a lot of time and energy from me, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse. Like 110% of everyone hates their job at some point. I think there’s also a lack of anyone in my life pushing me, someone special. I probably need a muse, or a girlfriend.

Still, can’t be looking at excuses. The other day I did stumble on a website that houses a collective of artist work which will make perfect fodder for my ‘Artist Talks’ since the website doesn’t go into much detail or much of anything. So I guess I can shine there.

Probably what I really need to do is finish some old projects before I start some new ones. Also axe the ones which are no good. A shame, but I can’t toil on things which will go no where. Speaking of which, no where is where that one final pigeon is.

Lets start with that.


And I’m away.



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Been a long time since I’ve written one of these, but today would be as good as any. Today marks the day when my (now ex) girlfriend moved out of our place after a month and a half of awkwardly living together. Things did not go so well or so smoothly, but I don’t regret what has happened. I gained my full independence that day and haven’t looked back.

A lot has changed in those 365 days. I’m not going to lie and say it’s been all totally awesome, as with everything there are ups and downs. What matters is how you handle the ups and downs and ride out any potential bullshit, or that’s at least how I feel business should get done. Really there wasn’t much I could do but go forward.

To look at some positives, I’ve been way more social with my life. Hell even done some things I never imagined I would ever do or be doing. I got to meet my first floor neighbours and they’re hella cool peoples who I party with on the occasion. I’ve made great new friends and dated some awesome people. Hell, I did some pretty cool things with my artistic aspirations and taken things in other directions.

The time living alone has also given me some perspective on who I am as a person and the kind of things I want to do and get done moving forward or every day.

I guess I can’t be a hater on today. I am still a bit sad, but that’s the nature of the incident. There’s no point holding a grudge or ill feelings it’s done and done. I was unable to change things when it happened nor can I change what happened now.

So as much as this is a Hate Monday, for today I put the hate away and think back on the good that’s happened to me instead.

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So if you’re not into the news and trendy protests happening, some exasperated people took to the streets of New York, but not in the Gangs of New York style, and decided that the best way to show everyone they mean business was to Occupy Wall Street. Apparently it turns out 2011 is the golden year for Protesting things and you can probably trace it back a bit more to last years G20 Protest / Riot / Insanity, which just happened to take place in Toronto.

None the less the Western World feeling left out because the Arab Spring actually got things done and western hipsters hate to feel left out of the party they didn’t really want to attend have taken it upon themselves to spread the love and mace of Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Toronto this up coming October 15th. Well those hippies can go get bent and best get the hell out of my back yard.

You’d think that because I’m the ‘Disgruntled Urban Artist Guy’ I’d be first in line of those protests, but I am not. You couldn’t be more wrong or farther from the truth of things. Why? Let me produce exhibit A, B and C:

Thanks, the Peace sign totally justifies the fact you just committed a crime and ruined my visual space.

'What day is this happening again?' Idiot...


Awesome, thanks random asshole for defacing the park I enjoy walking through. Seriously, the park is notorious for booze drinking bums, homeless bench sleepers, hippies, hipsters and insane shit, but this is the first time in two plus years I can recount any form of graffiti with malicious intent. All this does something far worse for the movement.

This crap has been in the park for a couple of days, but the one in the first photo has been up since the occupation plans were announced. About a day later, someone taped a letter below it expressing how pissed she was about the damage done to the park she loves and refuses to participate in the protest. It’s a shame someone took it down.

The point being is that if you are seriously planning to participate, you have to understand you’re participating along side the asshole(s) who did this handy work; that you’re part of a group that has people who just are interesting in continuing to cause trouble. I understand it’s extremely hard to keep people focused on a message and weed out anyone who intends to use the event selfishly, but it clearly has happened before the event got rolling.

“Don’t let one bad apple ruin the barrel”. Really? How do you know there’s just one bad apple? What if they’re all shitty apples? Clearly the quality control is not what it should be and from others perspectives everything is already not worth it. Oh you’re partnered with AnonOps? The very same assholes who thought it was fun to bring down PSN for a month and precipitate the hacking of a significant number of credit cards. That AnonOps? Oh right it was another group of hackers, or so you say, but since you’re all Anon, you can’t really prove that at all. Good luck being Anon when the nice law enforcer on the seven-foot horse rolls up and starts laying down his baton up on you.

This all said however, I will be near incident site 0 with camera in hand to basically report for OhInternet because there’s lulz to be had. If you’re concerned about my safety, be assured I usually don’t have ID, my uncle is a cop and I plan to sport a bullet proof helmet and some bitching shades. I’ll be fine and I’m doing it for the lulz.

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There’s a bit of a conflict on this Hate Monday. I mean I have to say I hate about 99.5% of all tumblr. sites I come across and on a whole I find the idea of tumblr. repulsive and irritating. FYI for those who don’t know what tumblr. is:

Tumblr, sometimes styled as tumblr., is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use.


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HALT! You Cannot Pass!

So one of my photo projects / ideas has been put on hold because there’s been a lot of confusion on the policy about taking pictures on the public transit. According to the nice people in the offices that handle this matter, as long as I’m not doing this for commercial usage (which I’m not planning at this time), I can go ahead and snap snap away. However the nice people at the stations have been told I cannot do any of that since I do not have a permit.  And at this point, having a permit would save me a lot of problems going forward.

So that’s that. I’ve done some work, but it’s going to be a big project, but I’m thankful I’m doing some of the bigger pain in the ass places and realistically it’s only going to get easier.

My pigeon project however will soon becoming to a close. I’ve posted up here and on my projects page so take a look. The reason it will be coming to an end is that I have the final images I need to finish it and get on with something better / cooler.

But whatever, it’s summer and it’s time to get out and enjoy it before shitty winter decides to set in again. And now for a filler pic.

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So I figured if I was going to be hating on things on a regular Monday basis, I might as well make some effort to justify my actions and not just be a boring old hater. A lot of people hate because they find it fun and their bored. Some hate to make someone feel miserable and awful on the inside. Some hate because that’s all they know. I’m going to hate because I want to see some change in people.

There’s a lot of apathy that happens in society and it’s something I’ve talked about in the past here and to people I know. Everyone carries a ‘I don’t really care’ attitude and that’s bullshit. It’s ignorant to live a life where you have to wait until something happens to you before you give a shit (see the UBB internet problems, last Federal Election in Canada). I want to be a tool for change and I’m not going to wait around and take the passive path to change. I want to shove my opinion in your face and prove how much of a dumb ass you are, or how stupid that idea is or why you’re wrong and doing it wrong.

I’m far from the first to be doing this. If you asked me who inspires me to take on this silly crusade of social change I would have to point to a gent who’s a world-class hater; The Great Maddox.

Maddox is the king of hatin’ and I don’t want to challenge that crown or step on his toes. What I take from him is the don’ give a shit attitude and say what I feel and think without being inhibited by how people are going to react. No one should feel they have to be self censured about speaking their minds. And I welcome people to disagree with me about what I’m saying. If you have a problem or if you feel I am wrong, leave a comment and say so. Nothing changes without discussion. Perhaps there’s something I didn’t consider or something you could have been misinformed on.

Let me cast the first stone and say I hate bloggers who are too god damn lazy to get writing and listen to the little hater with in them. Don’t be stupid, stupid and remember that you can only make hater-aid when you start adding hate. Else you have shitty water and who wants shitty water?

Hate on peeps, it’s Monday.

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