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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, the internet has been experiencing a sever rash of hacking incidents. That’s not to say that the internet isn’t being hacked or breached in some capacity everyday somewhere for some reason, but this is beginning to be come excessive. And if anyone hates something in excess it’s the government.

Now this is could be something where there actually isn’t more hacks being done, but a case where they’re being reported with more frequency due to the high-profile targets being hit. Yet either way, it’s still doesn’t help when the hacking groups step up their game and actively announce their intentions, have a live twitter feed, post press releases about their activities as well as video updates and shit. You know who else sort of does that shit? Terrorist groups.

Congrats Anon, LulzSec, Anti-Sec, ect. Your efforts only seek to fuck over the better (and good) hackers, petty hackers and will force many governments hands on the following:

  • Heavier Internet security Laws
  • A form of Digital Terrorism legislation with guidelines for prosecution
  • Erosion of Net Neutrality
  • Increased internet monitoring
  • Decreased freedoms an liberties on the internet (A China like internet in the West)
  • Mass suspicion

Congrats dip-shits. You are single-handedly ruining the internet of tomorrow with shitty pranks today. You’re dumb ass activities act as a justification of bills like C-51 in Canada which is this massive Crime bill and legislation that had little provisions in it which outline things like Internet Service providers obligation to store all the e-mails people send out for the sole purpose of the government using them for investigations and accessing them without a warrant. Awesome. Welcome back 1984.

Realistically, this shit needs to stop. It’s not as if you’re fighting for any great cause. And given that this is the internet, anyone and everyone typically just makes claims they are someone else anonymously so it’s a fair call to say that when the next big hack has some serious implications and does a lot of damage, all done in your hacking groups name, have fun like Anon did trying to disprove it was your people who dun fucked up.

Hacking can be a good form of getting some internet awareness out there on the net to important issues or things which are factually wrong, but the levels it’s being taken to for the past few months is more of an indication that this is all being done without considerations for the ramifications or consideration for the consequences or the future of things to come. Stop being narrow sighted. Stop ruining the internet for everyone.


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“Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”

Why is he doing this?

I won again!

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This makes them look like lovers, not fighters.

Let it be known that I absolutely abhor the UFC and all it’s thinly veiled bullshit. No one’s probably going to like me for pointing this out, but UFC is very much a heavily admired homo-erotic sporting event and no amount of denial is ever, ever going to change that. I do not have a problem with things that are of the gay persuasion or highly effeminate, it is not something I seek out, but with UFC there’s very much this active denial / glossing over by the fan base about the gay over tones the ‘sport’.

Oh but you’re probably thinking up a hundred and one things to counter my argument. Let us first however break down what exactly UFC is as a sport: Two men who are heavily trained in the art of kicking other people’s asses are put into a fighting ring. Typically the stronger of the two gentlemen in the caged ring who is able to dominate the other wins the match. This is very much along similar lines such as wrestling (the non-WWF/NWO/WWE or WWWhatever) and boxing. The only difference being there’s less holding back and a lot more blood. Totally manly then right? Not so fast there…

Doesn't look too unfamiliar does it?

You’re probably thinking that UFC is legit because I compared it to wrestling, but people don’t quite remember that wrestling was a sport invented by the Greeks in the classical period and was a lot different from wrestling of today. Classical wrestling is done by two dudes who are naked and covered in oil, then they get to fight. People were a lot more open with their sexuality in these times as well, so this wasn’t such an odd thing. And well boxing is more a sport of endurance of who can take the most blows to the face / body for the longest amount of time.

I feel the most truthful depiction of the UFC / cage fighting was done in the end of the movie Bruno. Yeah Burno wasn’t a good film but it did realistically show UFC for what it was rather than what the fans think it is. Aside from that as a non-fan of UFC here’s what I see when a match goes down: Two dudes in shorts end up hugging and rolling around on the ground for about 2 and a half minutes often punching each other or flipping around while I get various different angled shots of the logos plastered all over their shorts, the biggest being on their asses and crotches. Awesome. Typically one dude gets really bloody and or someone taps out and then shit is done, they hug and the next pair get into the confined area and proves who is the best humper.

I find this sport highly regressive as it plays on the dumb intellect that we all carry around. After thousands of years of wars and countless years of hunting and killing animals, I guess by now we are a species who often does not feel complete or happy unless some blood has been spilt at some point in the month. No matter how smart and civilized we want ourselves to be we cannot go without violence and the real violence that is provided by UFC seems to fulfill that urge we have in the back of our minds. Some of the smartest people I know are super obsessed with UFC to a level which really makes me doubt their intellect. Hell I have a hard time fully believing how some people can love the sport, but I guess if they had women fighting each other nearly naked in a ring, then I would be interested in that too.

This is how you fight.

Sadly I’ve never heard any gent who’s interested in UFC ever say they admired the skill of this fighter or that fighter. I fear that they do have that bullshit term man-crush by the way they talk about so and so in their fantasy matches between this dude and that dude. It’s something that causes me to pause and wonder what subconscious things really go on in the back of our minds.

Fuck yeah!

As a suggested replacement, I say we go back to the old blood sport of Gladiatorial battles. We could use prisoners on death row and stuff. It would be a social win-win; less prisoners and entertainment. And really I can’t see people bitching about how cruel it is over UFC. Unless there’s a lot of gay activists in favour of keeping UFC around.

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Up Yours Apple

The only ever good Mac or Apple product I’ve seen is one that’s dead and dysfunctional.

‘OH here it comes, another Mac hater who just wants to go off and hate on the super successful Apple’
– Some Apple loving douche

Now who’s being the biased one. I don’t hate Mac / Apple because it’s ‘the popular’ thing to do, I hate on because I have to use the damn machines for work and they are some of the worst computers I’ve ever had to use. They’re a step below those pre-built computers from HP or Toshiba, designed to work at the bare minimum of functionality all while appearing to be THE FUTURE.

There are many problems you end up running into while using an Apple product for productivity because, well, they’re not designed to be productive but rather designed with style. This is more or less the same problem I’ve come to experience with Skullcandy. So enough of this jibber-jabber, time to outline reasons why you’re better off saving your money and considering some other piece of technology that isn’t fruity.

  • OS X is a failure of an OS. It’s an old operating system that gets an update approximately every 18 months akin to getting Botox injections or Colligan fills. Makes it look all nice, but it underneath it all it’s just garbage. There are many problems I end up running into while doing work for projects that I would have less of a problem facing on Windows.For instance, OS X is still in capable of the ‘cut (not copy) and paste’ option for files. This is irritating when you have to move several or more files on the fly because you are forced to have two finder windows opened instead of a single explorer window on a PC and to boot, you have no short cut key. Am I nit-picking? Like fuck I am. If you’re using a Mac, go ahead and move files on the spur of the moment. Oh and finder can’t keep shit organized unless you’re on listed details.Another big issue I run into with is the damn dock. Another core piece of the OS that’s garbage. It’s never been helpful in the process of program navigation as your shit can get lost very quickly either because it’s all been minimized or it’s under a large stack of other windows above it. Typically in windows I alt+tab navigate to a program / window and it pops up for me, even if on the taskbar. OS X just goes to the program and if your window was minimized, then you have to go to the dock to open it up. It’s an irritation they’ve never bothered to fix. They need to make a keyboard key to bring up the dock. I know there is one that clears all windows to the side to get to the desktop, but one that just raises the dock up would be so much better and faster to get around working.

  • Design > Function. This is a modern-day blight on most technology today. Somehow a memo was passed around to all technology companies and designers that if your future tech doesn’t look sleek and thin, then it’s not worth putting out. For some insane reason, Apple’s new iMacs ship with wireless keyboards that do away with the number pad and makes for a small compact keyboard.HOWEVER, people with work to do need that fucking keypad. It’s a critical component in most design work since a good section of personal shortcut keys are devoted to the number pad. Also it’s far easier to use when you have to do something silly like putting in numbers or getting ASCII / UNICODE characters. Apparently Apple has completely ignored the design community’s typography needs, the people who did a lot to make them who they are.

  • Problems? You’re on your own. Another large part of using a mac is trouble shooting the endless problems you get when trying to do anything outside of the scope of turning it on and use the internet. I run into a lot of problems without evident solutions primarily since I’m doing things that clearly a lot of people never expected a mac user to be doing and that’s troubling. The entire Mac for life and ‘it just works’ mentality means that very few people bother asking questions online when something goes wrong, and there are fewer answers to how to make things go right. I don’t have these problems using a PC. The issues are so common that either a solution is found via upgrading or someone has written about it at length. Mac users are so self-limiting that only a handful of Mac users exist in the world (which probably isn’t an exaggeration). Case in point: had to migrate an e-mail account from an old mac to a new one. Put in all the log-in information correctly blaw blaw blaw and in the end spent something like 6 hours to get it to work and the entire root of the problem was the new machine was using a wireless connection instead of a wired connection. No amount of searching the internet got me that solution. I was on my own as usual.

  • iVersion 9000. I can’t bring myself to own an Apple product because I like my technology to have some form of value to it. Just because a product happens to be expensive does not mean it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Apple products have almost a 0 value for me simply because every time you turn around, another better one is just around the corner. Apple is notorious for doing this and they manage to get away with it every god damn time. No matter how gimmicky they manage to make something, they always seem to be able to shove it in your face and rape your wallet.It’s worse when you actually know your technology and have a good idea of what’s floating around on the market to compare. The iPhone is still a piece of trash, with a more functional advertising department than anything else. The ‘keyboard’ is a joke, who the fuck video calls, and realistically the order of uses stands as this; games, texting, looking shit up on the internet. Not to mention you look like a retard with headphones in talking to yourself or holding the shit in front of your face while talking.Then we have the iPad. Total junk. More so now that the iPad 2 is launching soon. Hell, my ACER tablet PC from five years ago is comparable in capabilities than the iPad. It even came with a multicard reader for SD and the like, a keyboard, screen rotation… Yeah it was a bit thick and heavy, but it was still a laptop in the end as well as a slick tablet. It also was never outclassed by another tablet. Not even the iPad or iPad 2. Apple still has a lot of work to do to actually catch up to modern technology, exactly like the Wii.

Apple wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t turn themselves into a brand rather than a testament to technology and advances in modern computing. It’s taken them forever to incorporate simple and universal technologies (bluetooth, memory card slots, graphics cards) into their products to even begin to meet basic consumer needs. But in many, many ways they’ve always taken the approach of giving the finger to what everyone else is doing in stead of doing it their way, which somehow gains its own popularity and puts things into the wrong direction.

Companies are getting fed up with that shit and one of their biggest supporters (Adobe) has been more or less fucking Apple and their consumers over for the piss-poor choices they make. You can cheer all you want for the iPhone selling like 100 million phones or whatever (probably more like 60 million actual users), but when a fact like Nokia sells 100 million phones a year comes up, you come to realise Apple really has no game.

TL:DR – What it’s like to own an Apple Product by The Oatmeal

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War update

So apparently this entire debate is getting a lot more heated due to the fact there’s potentially a good press story and that the government made some announcement about doing something about the entire issue of User Based Billing for any ISP that isn’t Bell Canada (probably to do things like avoid losing a potential election which would come out of budget problems). However, the problem is quickly being bogged down into saying ‘it’s only 30,000 users who have to worry’ and that they have options and shit. Meanwhile I think the user base is still just saying ‘THIS IS WRONG!!!’ and “You can’t do this!” while getting replies from business that this will create innovation and it’s only fair since bandwidth blaw blaw blaw… Money arguments barely get anywhere and typically just are ignored in the long run. If you’re going to fight, don’t do it over money.

Interestingly one such national news paper, the National Post, decided they would put their old man old thinking logic into this argument and ironically write it on their INTERNET NEWS PAPER BLOG. See, for some time the newspapers have been heavily hit by the internet and how fast news gets around from other sources than a printed paper. Printed news sometimes is rendered obsolete and old by the time it hits the news stands and we only know this because of the constant blogging and writing on the internet. For the most part they’ve kept up by doing the online thing and blogging and apps for news to get to people and still make advertising dollars.

Now on to some stuff they said in that blog:

Yes, Internet access is crucial to the Canadian economy, and, increasingly, our way of life. But so is electricity, and no one is suggesting that meters be ripped from homes so that heavy users can get a break. Bandwidth is no different from any other scarce resource: The only way it can be allotted efficiently and fairly in a market economy is if consumers are made to recognize its economic value, something that is impossible if it is treated like an open commons.

See how they just proved that they don’t have a good grasp on the arguments to be made? The bigger irony comes from the fact they said this on the internet (where people can comment), and on a page riddled with advertisements, feeds, links and comments. I’m sure the text content is about 45kb, but with all the page coding, I’m sure that page stands to be at least 1MB fully loaded into your browser (more if it has revolving web ads and comment update feed). Thanks for wasting my limited bandwidth. How about you strip down your news site to make it more bandwidth efficient. Something Web 1.0.

Really as hilarious as this was back in 2005/2006, it’s happening all over again:

Yeah remember our dearly departed friend the Senator from Alaska Ted Stevens and his rant about the internet? The story in that was that he was an old dude talking about something he realistically knew nothing about in its operation or function. And if the song didn’t make sense, here’s what he really said;

The summer of 2006 is happening all over again Canadian style. But again, bandwidth is not something that’s finite and limited as people want to you to say. Just like how hard drive capacity has gone up and driven down the cost per Gigabyte, bandwidth operates at the same level, like nearly ALL things computer related. So if some massive telecom like Bell is bitching they don’t have enough bandwidth for everyone while saying at the other hand most people are under that cap, then there is no reason why they have to limit other smaller ISPs who use that unused resource. It’s not like bandwidth dries up if not used. Your pipes don’t get smaller just because you’re not using water. Read more at Wikipedia: Bandwidth.

As it is turning out now, people at Bell are going to try their hardest to argue the money point (how it’s costing them so much for small ISPs to use their bandwidth) and how they offer plans comparable that gets people bandwidth (see pervious post about this). And they had a bit of  a talk on this:

Sounds kind of un-convincing doesn’t it? I mean Bell can sell people 40GB of bandwidth for $5 + what ever they pay for their internet plan? If my math is right that’s approx $0.125 / GB. (if you have a plan that’s $32 for 25 and you add-on 40 GB for $5 that’s $37 a month for 65 or $0.596 per GB, cheaper when you get the 120GB for $15 @ $0.32/GB). Wait? You mean bell can sell bandwidth for basically 13 cents, but they don’t offer that to other people not using bell? They have to make smaller ISP users and their own who don’t have extended internet bandwidth pay $2 per GB or x16 the price of what they offer additional bandwidth at. 

This is why I really, really don’t want this entire opposition to the billing to be about money and more focused on the lack of bandwidth being offered. At some point people are just going to throw around unimportant monetary figures that are going to muddle up the true numbers.

And so that is why I believe it is better to change this argument in to the matter of access restriction and specifically to the restrictions of access to Canadian content and its creation. Why should I argue that point? Because it was the CRTC who made the ruling on the billing, and they’re also the same body that’s suppose to regulate and ensure that I as a Canadian have access to media that is created by Canadians. Even this blog I believe falls under being Canadian Content, and I know if I were to make my own show/vlog, it would be 100% Canadian content. I think the rules are a bit ancient in regards to the internet, but I think there’s are valid stronger arguments to be made on a that front than one about money.

It would be far easier to win an argument by putting your opponent into a position where he can’t exactly argue against you. You think some major corporation is going to disagree with your choice and right to make Canadian content without such a limitation of Bandwidth? What my only method to watch the CBC is via online streaming since I don’t own a TV? Why am I being charged more for watching something I can on TV which I don’t have to pay for? I’m sure the arguments can be better crafted and worded, but  the point is you don’t have to argue about the costs directly and it helps sometimes to misguide the argument. I do have a stake in this as I write for this blog (which requires me to do to lots of internet research and youtube video watching) and I upload art from time to time which can get quite hefty on the old bandwidth.  I mean I get less bandwidth per month now as I do have memory for my digital camera (16+8+4). And that shit can fill up fast.

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So today, war came to my front door. I had seen it walking around the neighbourhood and expected as much, but I really had not known how I was going to deal with it. I don’t particularly like going to war with anything without actually knowing what I’d be fighting over or the way I would have to fight. I even take into consideration what I want in the end and what is it even going to do for me. This time I wasn’t given many options or much time, but it is here, I have lost my unlimited bandwidth usage for my internet and this is unacceptable.

I could do without unlimited, I mean there’s not much I can nab off the net that really needs it. What’s at the core route of this is that some companies (Bell Canada aka BCE Inc.) Feel that it is costing them way too much money and no one’s buying their piss poor TV services since you know, everything sort of changed over to internet based on demand TV and the like. So the bitched to the national regulator (the same ones who made a ruling over Money for Nothing by Dire Straits, like 20 years after the song came out) who felt it was fair that Bell could charge the smaller ISPs more money for what bandwidth they use probably on a per subscriber basis. So in turn all these Sub ISPs now have to charge their subscribers to keep them from going over or to compensate the company if the user goes over.

So my Unlimited plan now comes down to being only 25GB of uploading and downloading (that’s basically 1/4 of what I do monthly now) and this is on top of my already ‘slow’ connection speed that’s 4.5Mb down and .7Mb up. Effectively I now have to choose which sites I visit, make sure I don’t watch too many videos online, or go to image heavy websites.

How is that for restriction of freedoms? ‘Oh but you could pay the charges for going over the limit’ you say? You know how much it costs me per GB of bandwidth? $2 + tax. Let me put it this way; it’s like being told you can buy a loaf of bread for the month, but every additional slice you need to make food is going to cost you. And yes, the internet has unfortunately become somewhat of a necessity for the work I do, plan to do and the gaming I do. I don’t feel it’s something that I should be limited and regulated for how much I am using. I don’t think I should have to try to steer clear of bandwidth heavy sites because it could cost me in the end. Realistically it would not be such a bad thing if the cap was not so low and that’s what I have problems with.

I was even considering switching providers, but here’s the bullshit I got from them today:

A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.
Chat representative Danielle has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

You: Greetings
Danielle: Hello, thanks for visiting bell.ca. How can I help you today?
Danielle: Hi
You: I would like to know about what would be the cheapest plan, with the least amount of downloading restrictions
You: I noticed the Fibe 12 very expensive
Danielle: May I please know which services you currently have with Bell?
You: None
Danielle: Name of your province?
You: Ontario
Danielle: Bell internet Fibe 12 is for $36.95/month + modem rent is $3.95/month + taxes.
Danielle: You can get the speed of up to 12 mbps and the usage of 50 GB/month.
You: I have a modem. no home phone
Danielle: I am sorry you have to go with new modem.
You: why would I?
Danielle: It is Bell’s policy.
You: Okay…. Can I sell the modem back to bell and use my own?
Danielle: You may sell it in near by stores
Danielle: Because via online we don’t do trading.
You: and that would void the $4 modem rentl?
Danielle: Yes :)
You: okay, good to know. now. Since I don’t have satellite TV and it wouldn’t be in a bundle, what would the actual charges every month for the Fibe6 be?
You: and is there anyway that I could get a better cap than 25GB a month?
You: becuase I do a lot of online gaming and downloading of games which tend to be rather large
Danielle: There is no contract for Bell high speed internet.
Danielle: There is a one time activation fee that is $29.95 for internet customers that would be waived off for Bell TV customers.
Danielle: Using DSL service you can connect 4 wired and 10 wireless computers.
Danielle: If you wish you can add 40 GB for $5, 80 GB for $10, 120 GB for $15.
You: so I would be paying approx $47 for 120 GB a month BEFORE taxes?
Danielle: Yes.
You: That’s not a very economical plan in comparison to the one I currently have.
Danielle: I am sorry about that.
Danielle: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
You: Wait, you’re basically giving up?
You: there’s nothing else that can be done?
Danielle: I am sorry no.
You: I see then. Well thank you for your time.

I was nearly dumbfounded by what I was told. They couldn’t do anything better to GET A NEW CUSTOMER. I understand there is not always that much flexibility, but like throw me a bone. I tried the other large provider in on this scam, Rogers Telecommunications, but I ran into some problems with them as well aptly illustrated in two images I screen capped.


What you're not seeing, which should be there, is the Internet packages they offer.


Oh ha ha... I have to download a chat program do I? To use what little bandwidth I have to see if I can get more?

So see what kind of dicking around I have to put up with. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have cared, but given that I upload an assload of art, browse youtube like the dickens each week to find music videos to write about, the e-mails I send to get a better paying job and a career are all now going to have to be downsized, measured and weighed as to make as minimal an impact on how much internet I’m using per month as to not be charged for more.

But I have not done nothing. Earlier today I found out to whom the CRTC basically has to answer to in the government and wrote him a nice letter which explains how the move on the CRTCs side was not in the best interests of people or regulation as to which they are to work for. I mean if they can get a song and music video banned from an entire country to appease one person, I’m sure they can turn around and flip the bird to the internet oligopoly that resides in Canada. I know it’s not dire yet, but I’m sure internet plans in China are way better than what we have to deal with, and they are a country who has real life internet police to bust your ass for reading about freedom and democracy.

For the most part when this was all starting up, I was dismissive of how people were reacting to what was going on, not because it didn’t affect me at the time, but because it was the way the were writing a petition about it and who exactly was signing that petition (80,000 people signed it over the internet. That’s pretty nothing when you note that Ontario has a population of 10 million and Quebec another 6 or 7 million).  As I read in one report on all this apparently the average internet subscriber uses 16 GB a month, but the mode of that stat was 5GB per month. (mode being the biggest of all the stats numbers)

Realistically the people making the biggest noise are the ones who download an assload of things off the internet all the time and they only know their limits because they check it constantly. The other problem I had with the whole thing is that they now want to get people to rally. If barely 80 thousand people can sign a petition, then how do you expect even more people to go to a rally during their work day? You may generate some media buzz, but realistically it’s going to have a very minimal impact on the state of things. The bulk of internet consumers will continue on not knowing. Really this movement and anger is not that much different from the Legalize Marijuana crowd. Who really wants it legal? The biggest users. Are there really that many of them? No, not really.

You can take a majority of what I’m saying as being apathetic to the cause, but what I feel would be best course of action is not wasting time standing around outside, but stepping up and talking to the people responsible to get answers and find a solution. And that’s why I started looking into who to contact, and now am working on how to communicate with them.

I think there are some bigger issues at stake here that go beyond just a concern for how much internet I can get away with using every month. The internet is a vast changing landscape and it takes some time for people to notice the shift that’s happened or is underway. Sometimes getting that word out to people is not as effective as having it change their lives directly and that would be a better course of action than having a protest in a city that has hundreds of them every month. This has to be attacked via the right issue rather than a selfish one. Yeah I want to fight to get my choice to download, but at the same time I want to protect my future growth and needs that I cannot anticipate at this time. 25 GB a month is going to very much constrict what I able to do and where I can go, and that’s what I do not want.

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Something’s been bothering me for a long time and I’ve just a been trying to take my time to articulate, gather my thoughts and to try to conclude that even writing about it is a good idea. See it’s fashionesque related and when I bring in anything sort of fashion related, I feel I’m getting myself into a lot of potential trouble, backlash and flaming. But really, I was doing a lot of general thinking of the everyday things we have and their general quality and what happens to them as a result of popularity and increase in quantity leading to their rapid decline in quality.

I may not be a fashion mastermind, but I am very aware of the structure of things like mass production, I should as I do a lot of work relating to printing and print production. I think one of the main reasons I’ve been putting a lot of though into this has been mostly related to what people are wearing now that it’s finally fully winter time in the GTA. And when it’s winter in the city, the general population kind of stops thinking about how to dress properly and just ends up dressing like the biggest fashion bozo they can find.

The Modern Sorel Boot

Seriously, people put less and less though into their winter wear every year. It used to be people bought good boots, but now everyone and their mum owns a pair of Sorel boots. ‘But Sorels are the best! High grade winter boots!’ Correction! Were the best. I wouldn’t trust a pair of modern-day Sorels for the same reason I wouldn’t trust wearing Uggs. They’re very mass manufactured. And when you’re making shit in the hundreds of thousands vs tens of thousands, your quality is suffering. And it doesnt’ help the situation any when the company chooses to make them fashionable and designer (as the above image illustrates). Two years ago if needed a damn good winter boot, I’d get a pair of Sorels, but given that they’re so wildly popular and now more of a fashion accent, I’m going to stick with my old pair of roots boots. At least when I shove my foot into some snow or some ass-hats face I’ll leave a nice impression of a maple leaf. Fuck yeah!

And this sort of leads to the next bastardized and inbred winter clothing article: the Canada Goose jacket.

The jacket + so much fail

 Again a small brand several years ago known for being warm and reliable as fuck, now devolved into yet another jacket for the masses. Now made in such high quantities (and at such a high price) I have no interest in owning Canada Goose wear. It’s not something I can trust to last me a long ass time under the heavy wear and tear I typically put everything I own through.

Allow me to illustrate my point thusly. I own two winter jackets which are both Columbia Sports wear, both have the polar fleece inner jackets. I believe last year or the year before the zippers broke which is kind of shitty, but I’ve had one since highschool (6-7 years ago) and the other is approximately 4-5 years old. Other than the broken zippers, discolouring and other cosmetic breakage, the jackets have no rips, tears and still keep me warm and comfortable in -20°C wearther. I am in doubt that I’ll be able to find jackets as good and long-lasting as the two that I have. I’m unsure if the world of over produced clothing and cheap materials can hold up to whatever may come at it or what I end up doing to it.

Probably by now you’re calling me some sort of elitist snob, thinking that I believe no one should be allowed to share in the wealth of good clothing, that I hate the fashion industry blaw, blaw, blaw. But the point I’m trying to make is that people become so obsessed with looking good and being popular that they don’t notice that what they’re getting into is probably no better than getting something at Wal-Mart. Here to be fair, here’s my friends review on Muklucks and Rubber Boots, both shit women seem to have coveted in the past few years only be replacing them at least twice a year.

And don’t think I’m unaffected by this since if you’ve ever read either of my Skullcandy headphone reviews you know that since I had to get on the new line of TI headphones (which are sadly discontinued now) I’ve gone through 3 replacements each lasting half the time of the first pair I got.

Over all I’m just sick of things being made primarily for looks over actual reliability. You wouldn’t buy a car that you’d have to replace because it’s falling apart and failing to get you from point A to point B, nor would you buy a house that looks all pretty and beautiful but isn’t insulated for shit and cold as fuck. I understand shit breaks down over time, but I don’t understand why it seems to be hard to find things that are designed to last.

Here’s also my quick list of that’s made popular but lacks any useful function:

  • Tights-as-pants: Anyone is able to wear it now. Ever see a really large woman in Tights as Pants? Ever hear of what has been seen cannot be unseen? We’re having a long-lasting fight, just like the Spandex days of yore. Also they do shit in most weather except summer.
  • Pre-ripped jeans: I don’t understand why people were compelled to buy damaged clothing and then wear it around like that shit was awesome. You know who else walks around in totally shredded clothing, whom I feel bad for? The Homeless. Yes, you either want to mock the homeless or want to look like them. Congrats ass hat.
  • Uggs: you’re no flying a B52 or Lancaster Bomber, nor are you on the beaches of Australia. Uggs don’t work well in winter, chix eat the sole on them, and they can’t be salt proofed. Not to mention the stinky feet factor. Guys are very intolerable about women with stinky feet (unless you’re into that sort of thing).
  • Various newly made old style frames: The 80s are done, and really, so are those shitty thick framed Ray Ban glasses. I never really understand why people regress so badly to things that are old and impractical and in this case, ugly as sin. I think Ray Ban only re-released the frames so they could steal even more money from people who are dumb enough to get them for a year and then forget about them.

And if I may make one more point about over produced shit that performs like shit, the iPhone. It’s basically been designed to fail from the beginning. Well probably not the first and second generations in terms of construction, but every other model since (the 3G plastic, and 4G glass) have managed to become more fragile and more susceptible to being broken. That or people are fucking retards, but I’m sure that speaks volumes given they’ve bought an iPhone. If you want a reliable phone then I would recommend this:

One hell of a solid phone.

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