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Well a new year is here, so what better way to look forward to things that trying something new. Now ye olde Youtube has this nice feature that displays all the popular videos as seen by the country, so I’ve taken to nabbing some off the list and seeing where things take me. Welp, lets see how awful this can get!

Carly Rae Jespen – Call me Maybe

Yeah I don’t know who this chick is and I really don’t want to know. There’s so much instantly wrong with this I’m not sure if it would be fair to critique it. Thankfully I don’t have to be fair. Alright from the get go we clearly see this is a girl sees boy and wants his penis, however, this dude is a fucking idiot. Who starts mowing a lawn in the middle? Then it’s followed up with him taking off his shirt for eye candy purposes. What’s plan B? WASH A CAR FOR SEXY APEAL. Oh too bad he’s listening to his iPod while actually getting work done instead of paying attention to your piss poor attempt at cleaning something. Oh then there’s that twist, how topical.

Victoria Duffield – Shut up and Dance

So it turns out music videos are going the way of modern video games and Brown is totally realistic and you add some bedazzle and shine in other places to make it seem high-rez. But all we end up with is a music video about a chick losing her mind and imagining this Ryan Reynolads/Enrique Iglesias combo pack telling her how to dance instead of showing her. Yeah this chick needs some help and counseling. All and all while I think it’s cool choreography based music videos are coming back, there’s so many cuts from move segment to move segment done that it’s hard to tell if these peeps can actually dance well. That’s why WORLD ORDER does such a better job is they don’t cut as much so you see the skill involved.

Alyssa Reid – The Game

I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to assume that Miss Reid knows anything about THE GAME. First off the point of the game is not to stand alone, and it’s dumb to try and prove this by crouching down in a crowd of people. Second, if you are going to stand alone, don’t have the eye candy in a wife beater stand beside you. (But personally I like the part where he jumps on his Black Berry and ignores that hoe) Also to the director, don’t include a guitarist and a basis in a music video where neither of those instruments are played. You have successfully made everyone look bad and stupid. In fact, this video just seems hap-hazard in the end and should never have seen the light of day.


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See Crazy

Well been having a bit of a crazy week lately, so what better than to showcase a bunch of crazy zany music videos (like I have not done this enough in the past). So prepare for some bitter non-sense from these videos. I warn you don’t try to make sense of them as it may result in being hurt. If you are hurting, please turn away and seek the appropriate help I don’t need people dying due to my writing.

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy

You know what, this video drives me crazy. Forget the chick, what the hell is really going on here? It’s full of things that don’t make sense to me, a plethora of things that do things. But it gets worse! This won MTVs best video in 1989 and the lead singer was in People 50 most beautiful people. I shit you not.

The Offspring – Pretty Fly (for a white guy)

This is a crazy video just because a lot of what happens would never happen in a logical universe such as ours. I guess that’s the point, but it’s a little too much. I mean the minute the dude left his house he’d be jacked by some thug on the street or a 14-year-old, whom ever he had the misfortune of running into first. But videos can get much worse.

LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

More so inappropriate than crazy, but after 141 million hits, I call society crazy. And probably the fact you can’t look away means you’re crazy too. Excuse me I need to gouge my eyes out now.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrists

Remember this way back in high school and the hype that a lot of my friends put into it. This video was the tits for them and I’m pretty sure they were all crazy. However, this is a pretty cool literal video which lots of people don’t pull off well, but the director did a nice job doing it. Everything is included and the setting and design is perfect. I still think I’m going to need a psychiatrist however.

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This is something brewing for a few weeks now. Actually have to give a big shout out to the Angry Zen Master because I’m basically forgoing being original and nabbing a lot of what he’s been posting up on his site. So kudos to him for doing the heavy listing for my lazy ass.

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

This was something I saw in passing before AZM went into more detail about it. Personally I found the video a bit interesting yet more so irritating in the end. Far as I am concerned, the video just has this typical fowl mouthed woman who with her hipster friends tries to gain attention. And it’s funny her co-conspirator in the White Girl Mob thinks it cool to drop the N-bomb. Original posting can be found here, and its follow-up.

Roll Deep – When I’m ‘Ere

Slick, very slick. It has great transitions all through out the video. This is what you can get when you put a bit of thought and proper direction into your videos. There’s nothing I would want to see changed about this video and more people should follow this lead. When a video is done great like this you can see the people having fun and wanting it to be a great video. As the AZM said;

Alright, enough bullshit about crap rappers. This is an old track, but ‘ere’s Roll Deep with “When I’m ‘Ere.” Right proper, fam!

KRS-One – Just Like That

KRS-One is a hip-hop star going back years to the mid 80s. He’s pretty much has been there since the start of Hip-Hop’s break up. However, I’m going to call him out on this video and the over use of 9/11 imagery. It’s been over a decade, but I don’t think you need to have that in your green screen rap video. The Zen Master gives a pretty good break down of his feelings on this vs people like Kreayshawn.



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Holy Crap! It’s been 52 postings of this! That’s insane that I’ve been diligent in keeping up something weekly with all the craziness that happens on a weekly basis for me. Well, to celebrate its time for a bit of a clip show of past entries. Lets go!

Foo Fighters – Everlong

Ah Dave Grohl and band, how you always think outside of the box when you go to make music videos.

And with that I got the ball rolling. The video that would inspire another 52 postings going forward. Still love the video and the song. Ranks way up there with what I feel is the best of the best of the best of the best videos you’ll ever see created.

Justice – DVNO

Speaking of 80s throwbacks, I really wish I had found this one sooner. I’m absolutely in love with homage they pay to 80s flashy logos. This is an example of being creative in reproducing things that are old. They didn’t force the lyrics onto replica logos, but found the most natural way to portray them in conjunction with the lyrics of the song and at a good pace that nothing lingers too long. Only after listening to the song for a year did I notice the song was lacking in any lyrical diversity. And the creative team behind this used that to maximum effect and you get this great video for Justice.

I actually found the song irritating for the longest time since I was passively listening to it, but since then, I’ve changed my attitude and DVNO is an awesome track.

Bangs – Take you to the Movie

I didn’t just stumble across this accidentally. Like most crap I’m exposed to, a friend had shown it to me while under the influences of many ounces of alcohol. Even sober this is actually kind of awesome, and even more so semi or fully drunk. You wouldn’t know it, but by now I bet this dude is taking all the ladies to the movies, and they’re all digging to get to his bottom of his popcorn bucket in the middle of his lap now. Bangs, hats off brother.

Bangs, where ever you are, keep doing what you’re doing. 4 lyfe man.

3OH!3 – Holler Till You Pass Out

3OH!3 was awesome and this is living proof off that point. I mean now that they’re paired with the likes of Ke$ha and that kind of mainstream bullshit they suck and look all professional and too clean for their dirty ass roots. I mean this looks like it was some joke or college project, but like a year after I saw this I got the chance to see them on tour and they put on a good show. Like I’m sure if you didn’t see this video before you saw them recently you’d probably be confused where as I am ashamed. If they went back to this then everything would be super groovy.

As much as I do think they’re shit now for selling out to the wrong peeps, this for me will for ever be the true 3OH!3.

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Oh you sly 80s broody music video, with your fancy electronic graphic effects and severely depressed lead singers. Yeah I imagine that those West End Girls are tough and mean, but since you feature none of them in your broody walk in broody glum London East side, I don’t have much to go on. But what do I fully know. Perhaps that West End Girl smashed your East Side Boy’s heart into little pieces. Chump. Next time stay central. Fun Fact: This video lost MTVs Best New Artist to the less broody a-ha’s Take on Me.

I’m sort of haunted by this song now that I’ve posted it up. Every once in a while I am reminded of it and it plays back in my mind. I guess the only way to solve the problem is KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Mushy Callahan – Burn

This is a live video filmed while the up and coming Mushy Callahan records their first album. As a disclaimer, I’m good friends with one of the band members, so if this is bias, then you can kindly click away and gtfo. Sure it’s a band playing for a music video, but they’re small time right now, and I’m sure things are going to get better. But that said The Factory does a damn good job on filming, editing and making this little intimate video of the band in action. CD is releasing soon, so get stoked if you live in the GTA and love good music.

Bit more promo here as they just released their EP last night and I was there, camera in hand. I have some video but haven’t really gone into it yet. And I have as boat load of pictures to be sorting through. More info is on their webspace.

I could bring up so many other postings, but that might take from the magic of it all. It’s been a good year and a worthwhile project which I intend to maintain as long as I am able to. There’s so much that happens in the music world to keep me busy posting up the best, the worst, the weird, the interesting, the lame and the loveable of music videos.

Thanks to everyone who visits and keep checking back every Friday.

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It’s all about dogs this week. Need I really say much more about mans best friend when so many other people sing about that old pooch everyone loves to have around for family time? So lets roll with the good times, and the dog songs as the dog days of summer have moved on.

Ludacris – Move Bitch!

Hilarious. You tell shitty drivers Ludacris! You tell them to move out the way. Oh and what the fuck are the other two rapping about, why they even in this. Anyways, typical rap star video, as seen by the amount of shiny objects and titties bouncing about. As for the shoving people out of the way, that’s only around to sort of justify the lyrics in a visual way.

Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out

The ironic thing about this is that people in the Caribbean don’t exactly treat dogs like man’s best friend. They’re guard dogs not a family member. But this song somehow became the basic go-to song for any sort of family friendly moment where things had to go a bit crazy. There is even an Alvin and the Chipmunks cover of this pile of dog poop. Sadly, unlike the short lived Macarena, this is going to still stick for a bit.

Crash Test Dummies – Keep a Lid on Things

I would like to know who put the dog in the dog house (eventually it seems). But sadly this never addressed ever again in this song. Realistically this video doesn’t make any sense and is basically silly non-sense. It’s a pretty boring take on the music video based around the band since really no one does anything. This song was also weirdly popular for a bit, but went away like so many other Canadian songs and artists.

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days are Over (2010 release)

While I couldn’t find the already bizarre 2008 original release of this video, I have this half a mess to deal with which has nothing to do with dogs, days or summer. I’m not sure where to begin with this video. Do I point out the attempts of mirroring artists like Bjork, or the competition against Lady Gaga? If you read the description of the original video it doesn’t seem so bad, when you look at this mess of a thing. While it is kind of cool that she looks like a porcelain China doll, all the other stuff just seems to add some clutter and results in a bad copy attempt of Daft Punk’s Around the World. But still, I dance to this mess when it’s playing at the club…
Come back summer.

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Can’t say it’s been an exciting week overall, but hope to put some excitement into today with another Friday edition of the Art of Music Videos.

Foo Fighters – Walk

This video is more or less a Homage to the movie Falling Down with Micheal Douglas. In true FF fashion the band members are playing the various crazy wacky characters Grohl is running into. It’s kind of cool and a break from the more over the top crap that people are producing (hint see the AMV – MTV Awards). This video did happen to win for best Rock Video, so someone was doing something right. Their next videos should be as interesting.

Prince – Purple Rain

Hope you have a bit of time for this. This comes from that era of the 80s where the big stars were given free creative license to make music videos as long as they were largely popular enough to do so. Apparently also gathering from this video if you listen to slow rock long enough, you turn in to a weeping baby easily swayed but lyrics that don’t make much sense. Also remember that this is just one long part of an even longer movie.

Rick James – Super Freak

For some reason, you can’t really talk about Prince (aka the Artist formerly known as, aka ‘symbol thing’) and not bring up Rick James. As much as we all hear he’s a wild and crazy guy that Rick James, this video is kind of tame. I suspect there was not enough coke on set. I’d also like to point out his entire outfit is more or less now embraced in common female fashion, the women they have look a bit much on the mannish side, and what the hell are those dudes doing in that group scene.

Choclair – Let’s Ride

At the time, some could liken Choclair to being something like a folk hero to some in the GTA when he was starting out and gaining fame. I mean he didn’t come from the richest neighbourhood you could grow up in the city and in a city of 2.5 million there’s a lot of musical competition to over come. But Choclair managed to do so an didn’t forget his roots doing so. Even though this video shows an insane amount of very expensive cars and beautiful women, in the end of things, he’s riding with his homie in Regent Park and St. James Town (St. James Town has the unique distinction of being the most densely populated urban area in North America). And what’s his ride in that area? BIKES!

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As much as I bash on MTV for not really doing their part in showing music videos as much as they want to show the Hills or some other teen drama bullshit, they still somehow manage to justify their continued existence by pretending to show a majority of music videos by handing out yearly awards in their yearly award show, the MTV Music Video Awards. This is a magical process where by supposedly people who watch MTV get to vote for nominees and someone wins. But since MTV barely shows videos, I don’t know how people even know what they’re voting for. Anyways, I’m going to show videos that won, and why I think it was bullshit or deserved.

Best Video with a Message – Lady Gaga ‘Born this way’

Is this even a legitimate category to hand out an award to? Anyways, that aside, the video is a bit meh. The intro had some interesting concepts and it has a good production value, but I quickly found myself trying to place what sci-fi movie  or era that this was ripped straight from. And worse yet, the main meat of the video hardly relates to intro. I guess there’s a message, but when you have a history like mine, it’s a bit lost.

Other nominees:

  • Eminem (featuring Rihanna) — “Love the Way You Lie”
  • Katy Perry — “Firework”
  • Pink — “Fuckin’ Perfect”
  • Rise Against — “Make It Stop (September’s Children)”
  • Taylor Swift — “Mean”

Best Cinematography in a Video – Adele ‘Rolling in the Deep’

This video also won for Best Art Direction and Best Editing. It’s another mixed bag. Imagery and song don’t exactly mesh to make something together and flow. Instead it was opted for how much pretentious performance art can we stuff into 5 minutes. So yeah, 5 artists just got immortalized in an Adele music video for life, the only good art being shown was the room full of water glasses and the only good moment being when the drum bass started and they all vibrated. That was very cool. Looking beyond that, there’s really nothing else worth mentioning.

Other nominees:

  • 30 Seconds to Mars — “Hurricane” (Directors of Photography: Benoît Debie, Jared Leto, Rob Witt and Daniel Carberry)
  • Beyoncé — “Run the World (Girls)” (Director of Photography: Jeffrey Kimball)
  • Eminem (featuring Rihanna) — “Love the Way You Lie” (Director of Photography: Christopher Probst)
  • Katy Perry — “Teenage Dream” (Director of Photography: Paul Laufer)

Best Hip-Hop Video – Nicki Minaj ‘Super Bass’

Awesome…. I officially have some blood on my hands with this one. I’m going to stick with my previous comments.

Instead of showing it again, I’m going to pick one of the losers who should have won instead.

As much as I kind of hate Kanye West, but if you’re video can cause seizures and epilepsy in people, poorly steal a word video concept from Justice (DVNO), and have a good beat to your video, then you’re more Hip-Hop than Nicki Minaj. And in all honesty the opening section with the little girl walking the winter streets is the best part, although all the modern cars and the long length did detract from this. Also Hype Williams needs to tone his shit down in videos.

Other nominees:

  • Chris Brown (featuring Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes) — “Look at Me Now”
  • Lupe Fiasco — “The Show Goes On”
  • Lil Wayne (featuring Cory Gunz) — “6 Foot 7 Foot”
  • Kanye West (featuring Rihanna and Kid Cudi) — “All of the Lights”

Best New Artist – Tyler the Creator ‘Yonkers’

Have to give it props to Tyler, he’s found someone to match his creative lyrics and musical style for his music videos. For the first few seconds it seems like it’s some sort of filler spot for like BET or something, but it rolls with it and he pulls some odd shit which just happens to work. A bit dark, but over all this is going back to that late 90s style rap. Hopefully it doesn’t get too out of hand and he manages to push it rather than carry on with it.

Other nominees:

  • Big Sean (featuring Chris Brown) — “My Last”
  • Foster the People — “Pumped Up Kicks”
  • Kreayshawn — “Gucci Gucci”
  • Wiz Khalifa — “Black and Yellow”

Best Video of the Year – Katy Perry ‘Fireworks’

And with this, the art of making music videos dies just a little bit more.

Other nominees:

  • Adele — “Rolling in the Deep”
  • Beastie Boys — “Make Some Noise”
  • Bruno Mars — “Grenade”
  • Tyler, the Creator — “Yonkers”

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