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One of the staples of  the music industry is a different band singing a song from another, aka the Cover. Not to be confused with what happens in Rap/Hip-Hop which is the sampling, aka borderline theft. That aside, one of your best bets to making it big is to take an old popular song and do it your way to be popular too. I mean YouTube is full of shitty up and comers doing a cover or someone’s music. But here are some you may not know so well.

Orgy – Blue Monday (Originator: New World Order)

The year, 1999. The mood, CYBER PUNK/GOTH/FREAK. The band to bring us this in a dawning Millennium, Orgy. I mean the song is so dark, and they’re totally dark too. No one is going to tell them what to do man, they’re not some prissy boy band like N’SYNC or Back Street Boys. And they’re totally not as creepy as Merilyn Manson. Really  not much to this, the band is just being fucked with and they keep showing how fashionable they are by changing cloths. Surprisingly this video got a lot of props, but not surprising given the time culturally.

A1 – Take On Me (Originator: A-Ha)

Nice work A1, you certainly have set yourself well apart from the pack with this music video and cover. I mean, take one of the top iconic songs of the 80s and add a boy band, bad synth and awful manual returning of the vocals and BAM! You have the formula for a bad music video that involves 95% crappy blue screen. I’ve posted the original A-Ha video before, but here it is again for comparison.

See, that’s something that wins awards. That’s something that’s far from a Sony Ad and stealing left and right of anything which people would call cyber space. No need to rip off The Matrix and Tron, no reason to make me want to puke. Actually I did because this was really popular in Europe for reasons forever unknown.

Jay-Z – Forever Young (Originator: Alphaville)

Remember what I said in the intro? Well here’s the proof. Lets use 80% of the song and just add new verses. This isn’t so much a cover, but a Hip-hop re-imagining. Can’t say I ever expect much when the Z wants to do a song his way. The video for itself? Totally representing everything proud and American just like Alphaville. (Who just happen to be a German band) None the less, have some chuckles at the original video which is pretty much Post-Apocalyptic Renaissance.


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Trolls however, dead.

It’s hard to live life in this age without having to be haunted by the 80s (which chronologically ended 22 years ago, and will be back in the swing of things in 68 years…) I mean wars have been forgotten faster than the 80s and all it managed to produce was two generations of awful people. They couldn’t even kill Communism in the 80s (which technically still exists today, but Major Communism died). Anyways since the 80s are going to be around for a while, lets just kick back to some music videos from one of the more interesting periods modern of music.

Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

While this wasn’t actually recorded in the 80s, it’s very much a milestone video in pop-culture. This has the significance of being the first music video to be played on the newly airing Music Television station, being the first video to be aired on MTV one million times and whole other bunch of things. It’s been covered many times, Hans Zimmer has a cameo and this is the only song the Buggles are known for. If you need to think 80s, you think Video Killed the Radio Star.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

People know the song, but don’t really know the clip-show music video. Anyways, thankfully the young people haven’t picked up dungarees as sporting fashion. Anyways, this is a small spin on ‘band playing for the music video’ mostly due to the copious amounts of sexual harassment found in both the lyrics and the action in the video. Yep, that’s right, this is a popular song about forcing yourself on someone (poor Eileen in this case). Watching the Pop-up Video edition of this is pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the electric banjo action which it shows.

Madness – Our House

This is musical madness?

Madness? THIS. IS. OUR HOUSE! (in the middle of the street)

Again, as with  many, many, many 80s music videos, we see the rather large-sized band playing and acting out all the madness that happens in this house of massive size. Apparently the size of a British house is deceptive from the outside (which would explain the TARDIS from Doctor Who.) Madness apparently did other songs and such, but no one really cares and they’re now a staple of 80s music.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The real female front man of the 80s. Forget Madonna doing crazy shit to get attention. Cyndi just did crazy shit. (remember, she’s already in her mid 30s during the 80s.) Although Madonna got an album out first, Cyndi got more praise and awards (and didn’t lose her shit in the second millennium.) Still, this video stands as a great example of what the typical 80s female looked like. Actually, I see very few differences between chicks today and back in the 80s. All and all a fun video, even if one of them is walking like an Egyptian. Wait a minute, is that SUPER MARIO?

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See Crazy

Well been having a bit of a crazy week lately, so what better than to showcase a bunch of crazy zany music videos (like I have not done this enough in the past). So prepare for some bitter non-sense from these videos. I warn you don’t try to make sense of them as it may result in being hurt. If you are hurting, please turn away and seek the appropriate help I don’t need people dying due to my writing.

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy

You know what, this video drives me crazy. Forget the chick, what the hell is really going on here? It’s full of things that don’t make sense to me, a plethora of things that do things. But it gets worse! This won MTVs best video in 1989 and the lead singer was in People 50 most beautiful people. I shit you not.

The Offspring – Pretty Fly (for a white guy)

This is a crazy video just because a lot of what happens would never happen in a logical universe such as ours. I guess that’s the point, but it’s a little too much. I mean the minute the dude left his house he’d be jacked by some thug on the street or a 14-year-old, whom ever he had the misfortune of running into first. But videos can get much worse.

LMFAO – Sexy and I know it

More so inappropriate than crazy, but after 141 million hits, I call society crazy. And probably the fact you can’t look away means you’re crazy too. Excuse me I need to gouge my eyes out now.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrists

Remember this way back in high school and the hype that a lot of my friends put into it. This video was the tits for them and I’m pretty sure they were all crazy. However, this is a pretty cool literal video which lots of people don’t pull off well, but the director did a nice job doing it. Everything is included and the setting and design is perfect. I still think I’m going to need a psychiatrist however.

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Holy Crap! It’s been 52 postings of this! That’s insane that I’ve been diligent in keeping up something weekly with all the craziness that happens on a weekly basis for me. Well, to celebrate its time for a bit of a clip show of past entries. Lets go!

Foo Fighters – Everlong

Ah Dave Grohl and band, how you always think outside of the box when you go to make music videos.

And with that I got the ball rolling. The video that would inspire another 52 postings going forward. Still love the video and the song. Ranks way up there with what I feel is the best of the best of the best of the best videos you’ll ever see created.

Justice – DVNO

Speaking of 80s throwbacks, I really wish I had found this one sooner. I’m absolutely in love with homage they pay to 80s flashy logos. This is an example of being creative in reproducing things that are old. They didn’t force the lyrics onto replica logos, but found the most natural way to portray them in conjunction with the lyrics of the song and at a good pace that nothing lingers too long. Only after listening to the song for a year did I notice the song was lacking in any lyrical diversity. And the creative team behind this used that to maximum effect and you get this great video for Justice.

I actually found the song irritating for the longest time since I was passively listening to it, but since then, I’ve changed my attitude and DVNO is an awesome track.

Bangs – Take you to the Movie

I didn’t just stumble across this accidentally. Like most crap I’m exposed to, a friend had shown it to me while under the influences of many ounces of alcohol. Even sober this is actually kind of awesome, and even more so semi or fully drunk. You wouldn’t know it, but by now I bet this dude is taking all the ladies to the movies, and they’re all digging to get to his bottom of his popcorn bucket in the middle of his lap now. Bangs, hats off brother.

Bangs, where ever you are, keep doing what you’re doing. 4 lyfe man.

3OH!3 – Holler Till You Pass Out

3OH!3 was awesome and this is living proof off that point. I mean now that they’re paired with the likes of Ke$ha and that kind of mainstream bullshit they suck and look all professional and too clean for their dirty ass roots. I mean this looks like it was some joke or college project, but like a year after I saw this I got the chance to see them on tour and they put on a good show. Like I’m sure if you didn’t see this video before you saw them recently you’d probably be confused where as I am ashamed. If they went back to this then everything would be super groovy.

As much as I do think they’re shit now for selling out to the wrong peeps, this for me will for ever be the true 3OH!3.

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Oh you sly 80s broody music video, with your fancy electronic graphic effects and severely depressed lead singers. Yeah I imagine that those West End Girls are tough and mean, but since you feature none of them in your broody walk in broody glum London East side, I don’t have much to go on. But what do I fully know. Perhaps that West End Girl smashed your East Side Boy’s heart into little pieces. Chump. Next time stay central. Fun Fact: This video lost MTVs Best New Artist to the less broody a-ha’s Take on Me.

I’m sort of haunted by this song now that I’ve posted it up. Every once in a while I am reminded of it and it plays back in my mind. I guess the only way to solve the problem is KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Mushy Callahan – Burn

This is a live video filmed while the up and coming Mushy Callahan records their first album. As a disclaimer, I’m good friends with one of the band members, so if this is bias, then you can kindly click away and gtfo. Sure it’s a band playing for a music video, but they’re small time right now, and I’m sure things are going to get better. But that said The Factory does a damn good job on filming, editing and making this little intimate video of the band in action. CD is releasing soon, so get stoked if you live in the GTA and love good music.

Bit more promo here as they just released their EP last night and I was there, camera in hand. I have some video but haven’t really gone into it yet. And I have as boat load of pictures to be sorting through. More info is on their webspace.

I could bring up so many other postings, but that might take from the magic of it all. It’s been a good year and a worthwhile project which I intend to maintain as long as I am able to. There’s so much that happens in the music world to keep me busy posting up the best, the worst, the weird, the interesting, the lame and the loveable of music videos.

Thanks to everyone who visits and keep checking back every Friday.

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Can’t say it’s been an exciting week overall, but hope to put some excitement into today with another Friday edition of the Art of Music Videos.

Foo Fighters – Walk

This video is more or less a Homage to the movie Falling Down with Micheal Douglas. In true FF fashion the band members are playing the various crazy wacky characters Grohl is running into. It’s kind of cool and a break from the more over the top crap that people are producing (hint see the AMV – MTV Awards). This video did happen to win for best Rock Video, so someone was doing something right. Their next videos should be as interesting.

Prince – Purple Rain

Hope you have a bit of time for this. This comes from that era of the 80s where the big stars were given free creative license to make music videos as long as they were largely popular enough to do so. Apparently also gathering from this video if you listen to slow rock long enough, you turn in to a weeping baby easily swayed but lyrics that don’t make much sense. Also remember that this is just one long part of an even longer movie.

Rick James – Super Freak

For some reason, you can’t really talk about Prince (aka the Artist formerly known as, aka ‘symbol thing’) and not bring up Rick James. As much as we all hear he’s a wild and crazy guy that Rick James, this video is kind of tame. I suspect there was not enough coke on set. I’d also like to point out his entire outfit is more or less now embraced in common female fashion, the women they have look a bit much on the mannish side, and what the hell are those dudes doing in that group scene.

Choclair – Let’s Ride

At the time, some could liken Choclair to being something like a folk hero to some in the GTA when he was starting out and gaining fame. I mean he didn’t come from the richest neighbourhood you could grow up in the city and in a city of 2.5 million there’s a lot of musical competition to over come. But Choclair managed to do so an didn’t forget his roots doing so. Even though this video shows an insane amount of very expensive cars and beautiful women, in the end of things, he’s riding with his homie in Regent Park and St. James Town (St. James Town has the unique distinction of being the most densely populated urban area in North America). And what’s his ride in that area? BIKES!

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I really, really dislike the 80s for so many reasons. In fact there are so many reasons it’s holding up another blog posting because there’s so much to just hate about the 80s. Thankfully I wan born so late in the 80s all I remember is the left over crap they had in the early 90s, but that’s difficult for people to understand. Irregardless just because I seem to have avoided a big chunk of 80s music today so I resurrect some 80s horror.

A Flock of Seagulls – I Ran (So Far Away)

My oh my, they still play the song, but I’m sure you’re never going to see the video that often. A Flock of Seagulls has severely left a mark on modern pop culture that even 30 years later kids are still jamming to this at the disco, and wearing that fashion too. Poor souls. I realistically can’t even title this a classic due to the cheap value of it all (count the cameras as they spin, the crappy actors hired, the total lack of enthusiasm from the group). I am a sad panda, and now every time I’m dancing and hear this, I will be just that little more depressed while dancing.

Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round

So it turns out there’s not just like one version of this video, there’s like several of different lengths and even a 2003 remake(YOU ARE WARNED ABOUT THIS ONE). I mean thankfully they’re not trying to play instruments and doing something fun, but ol’ Pete there needs to get a damn haircut and stop stealing the limelight. I think there’s a good chunk of Thai influence on this video and that would probably explain a lot of what happened to Pete Burns in the years to come.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Relax (Don’t Do It)

Thanks greatly for the thinly veiled abstinence message there Frankie. However, I don’t trust laser men in sunglasses and white gloves such as yourself trying to do some Rick Rolling moves. Point to note: he’s wearing some RAY BANS! I guess you could cite them as being pre-historic millennial hipsters. In all honesty however, the lazer thing is a bit cool. While it is common place in our modern lazer discohalls, this sort of thing was rare and awesome and they had a lot of fun with it in the video.

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Oh you sly 80s broody music video, with your fancy electronic graphic effects and severely depressed lead singers. Yeah I imagine that those West End Girls are tough and mean, but since you feature none of them in your broody walk in broody glum London East side, I don’t have much to go on. But what do I fully know. Perhaps that West End Girl smashed your East Side Boy’s heart into little pieces. Chump. Next time stay central. Fun Fact: This video lost MTVs Best New Artist to the less broody a-ha’s Take on Me.

Bronksi Beat – Smalltown Boy

Every so often I do step in to the somewhat archaic past (ie the 80s) and after some poking around find things that are highly relevant to the major topics of today (nearly 30 years later). It acts as a small reminder that however much everyone wants things to change, that change is sadly slow acting and we all need to step up our game to get shit done. Really, this video and song speaks as loudly now today as it did back in 1984.

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If you ever follow along to the sort of music I listen to (I can’t blame you if you don’t, it’s a hodge-podge that I listen to) the Wu-Tang Clan and some of their most prominent members of the group sort of haunt my playlist. I got a bit of start with listening to the Wudos Band, but a lot of Team Teamworks remixes hing on the works done by the Wu-Tang Clan. So I guess it would only make the most logical of sense to take a peak at the videos these gentlemen have come up with.

The RZA – Chi Kong ft. Beretta 9, Featherz & Cilvaringz

It’s no secret that Wu-Tang was mad influenced by classical Kung-Fu and Wire-Fu movies of the 60s and 70s. Nothing displays this better than this Blackfutation music video. It’s awesome through its creativity, direction and a lesson for new artists is that your music video doesn’t always have to be about the music first. The song provides a soundtrack for the action happening. You still hear it, but instead you get this sweet 6 minute Kung-Fu movie that’s full of fun. I’m just ashamed that I didn’t discover this earlier.

Method Man – Bring The Pain

90s throw back. All hilarious. All Method Man. Clearly in the Bronx. There’s a lot of fun happening in this video as show by the slick dance moves of the early 90s, and dancing on the bus. You were big time if you could dance on the bus with your crew. Hell, they even went so far as to bust out early cellphones. Dope! What’s this video about? Who cares, it’s a dudes night out dancing and riding the bus. Because that’s how Method Man rolls in 1994.

Ghostface Killah – Daytona 500

What better way to honor the Daytona 500 then by appropriating footage from the classic, over the edge hyper violent Original Speed Racer cartoon. It’s well assembled and synced to the song as most videos should be. Did it tell a story? I dunno. Was it entertaining to watch, yeah it was.

Raekwon – House of Flying Daggers

This video gets many bonus points on originality. It’s a good combination of things they did in the Chi Kong video and Daytona 500. And as a bonus it features 5 of the Clans members in a Power Rangers like get up each with their own deadly Kung-Fu style. Maybe not classic, but something memorable

GZA – Liquid Swords

This was unexpected, not that I really knew what to expect for a GZA music video. But it seems to just have a lot of things going on without much connecting anything. If I had to guess the point, I guess GZA is just frustrated about writing a new song and producing a new solo album. I don’t think it matters all that much when you get to dance on a huge clock which I take was  national rap pass time in the mid 90s. If this was done today, he’d be in 8 different costumes dancing on a clock that moved back wards and was all digital. Also ft. Timbaland would find a way to get into the video, Beiber too.

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