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Just been kind of stalking my own site stats here at Disgruntled Urban Artist Guy and been interested to see that there is more interest happening. For the most part this activity is coming from my endless spamming on face book when I have a new Art of Music Videos posting up, but also fair shout-out to The Angry Zen Master who really did help me out in mentions and thusly I continue to repay that by making sure you all know the Angry Zen Master is where shit be at! (for the geeks and such!)

Interestingly however, my long-winded half relevant Skullcandy Review / Comparison has gained some searches from the interwebs, which goes to prove to me the power of tagging posts properly. WordPress is a powerful tool and system that can definitely be bent to get my awesome out there. Muhahahahaha….. But more likely not.

Setting that aside and going back to more stuff about me, I’ve managed to get a lot more materials which I am able to use to push forward with my artistic ambitions. In the process I found out that sitting on a bench in a park makes you a pigeon target and leads to creepy man-pigeon interactions. But all in the name of ART! So probably by weeks end I’ll have a few more un-printed works that I can toss-up here and at my DeviantArt account to impress everyone.

That’s all for now, but come back for Friday’s Art of Music Videos, because I’m sure given that it’s December, some magic is going to be in the air.


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