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Doing up a quick one today, and more of a focus on Animation in music videos. I kind have covered this before in other postings, but it’s oh so much fun to do. Who seriously doesn’t enjoy a cartoon now and then? And you should when there’s music to accompany it.

Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks

Quite the odd band name to have, and I know I’ve danced to this like a billion times, but the video, now that’s a whole new bag. Pretty simplistic in its style and animation, and has that Williams Street vibe (think Sea Lab, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman). I’m also getting flash backs to that 50s pulp magazine style. But it’s good and not overly hipster and to boot it’s a video that goes with the song in all aspects basically. Which is why I can get into it easy.

Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!

I think there’s a message in all this. All I was really concerned with was the AWESOME SPACE BATTLE! I mean it’s not overly complex in the message and it’s pretty awesome in the fact it’s over 6  minutes worth of animation. Not a small feat even given the simplistic style. It’s well done and I’d have so much fun dancing to this if it was playing at the disco. Better yet, it seems they do other videos in this style and theme.

Radiohead – Pyramid Song

So  I believe a few weeks ago I mentioned that a Beck music video shared a common graphic design firm with Radiohead for their videos, and well here it be. Well animated for CGI in 2006, and very surreal just like Radiohead themselves (I mean just look up some of the other videos of theirs I’ve posted up.)

Röyksopp – Remind Me

Depending on who you ask about this video in Academia, you’ll get a different interpretation or explanation about the video. If you ask me, it’s pretty slick and fluid. It’s basically one big long infographic that breaks down a woman’s life in the UK. It does a nice combo between cell-shaded animation and cell-shaded CGI and seamlessly combines them all. There’s a lot to take in or you can do nothing and watch it all happen, the choice is yours when watching, but it’s certainly worth a watch. P.S. the alternative remix to this is a bit better.


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The future... it is green.

Nothing too special this week, just found some old videos I love and discovered some new ones that should have been great but just fall flat.






Ken Ishii – Extra

WARNING SORT OF NSFW. QUITE GRAPHIC. As I had made mention in my article about Sputnik 7 this is one of the videos that caught my attention to both Ken Ishii and the site Sputnik 7. It was super cool at the time because that was probably in the midst the golden era of my Anime days and this is as pure Japaninamation as you get. Japanese Techno DJ, high-profile animation director, absolutely crazy imagined world? Gold for a kid of like 14 and the crazy graphic nature just made it all better. It’s still a quirky video, but the imagination put into it is great.

Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise

Now as much as I do like the Beastie Boys and their past music videos (see Sabotage, Body Moving, Intergalactic), I just don’t see how this is a justifiably good music video. Like the concept is solid and there, however it’s got this poor execution of seeming to put as many A-list actors and 80s references as possible into this music video. It would have better nostalgia value if it was actually filmed in the old ways with film and didn’t have this obvious crisp and clean edge to it. As much as this seems to go back to their old video roots, it has actually managed to do the complete opposite and leaves me with a bad taste. I have yet to see the 45 minute mini-movie, and perhaps it will put it into perspective, but as a stand alone, this doesn’t even come close to what they did with Aphex Twin’s Window Licker.

Bruno Mars – Grenade

Some nice lady showed me this sort of against my will and I strongly disapprove of both the video and Bruno Mars. Part of the problem I have with music videos  done in the past two years for the most part is that they’ve become a little too clean in their formulas. This video has two very weak things happening: Bruno in a fancy dress lugging a Piano, and Bruno hipster in his room while it’s raining. Now he’s being harassed while dragging his Piano without any real good reason and I’m left wondering why he’s bitching while in his room as a different dude. Even worse the song is kinda sappy and doesn’t fit well with the weak story. As far as I can tell he was needlessly dragging that Piano while singing about some chick we don’t know about. I’m sure if I was in a more dumb mindset it would make sense and be beautiful, but really, nothing is strongly explained and Bruno is just some closet emo hipster.

Ludacrus – Rollout (My Business)

Ludacris is an awesome dude. This is a man who enjoys everything he does. Be it his rapping, doing a video, or acting; he pours himself into whatever he’s doing and has a ball with it (which is why the Team Teamwork Remix is a fun song). The director clearly understood this and made that obvious with the scenes where his head is comically enlarged and Luda is just rollin’ with it having his good times. As a youtube user put it:

I believe the message here is that the narrator is informing the audience of his riches and females that he has acquired whilst partaking in a ride that sits upon 20 inch aftermarket rims…As he enjoys the company of his fellowship who are all in possession of glocks of the .40 caliber.He then recites the inquirres from the disreputable community that have grown hatred towards his blessed fortune. He ends with a proclamation targeted at those with bias to withdrawal from his affairs.

And what more could you want?

Daft Punk – One More Time

Been awhile since I last saw this video and the others. It’s the first in the Interstella 5555 movie that was done for the entire Daft Punk Discovery album and the song is still played in clubs a decade later. Toei Animation, the studio that headed the movies,  is quite famous for a lot of other works such as; Voltron, Dragon Ball /Z/GT, Galaxy Express and anything else Leiji Matsumoto has been able to conjure up in the last 73 years of his life. The full movie is something very much worth watching if you’re a fan of Daft Punk. This was the precursor to their work on Tron: Legacy and in my opinion they did a better job with Interstella 5555 than Tron.

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