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So if you have been following Star Wars for the last few months, you know they recently re-re-released a new version on Blu-ray disk and George Lucas spared no butchery of the original three films in this new digital format to which you can just google information on that (hint it’s endless).

Anyways in a segment of the internet far far away, The Angry Zen Master stumbled upon what’s basically a fan piloted X-Wing to the current George Lucas’s Death Star. They came up with Star Wars Uncut. So what did they do? The film was segmented into 15 seconds snippits, aspiring directors and actors too a part, and that part was re-assembled with others to create the full length film.

The best part? Every scene is different and enjoyable. It’s a fantastic method to have people express their vision and have that vision part of a tapestry. For the lazy, I’m posting the video below.

Take your time with it. Watch, enjoy, laugh, cry. It’s all good, because it’s all Star Wars.


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Trolls however, dead.

It’s hard to live life in this age without having to be haunted by the 80s (which chronologically ended 22 years ago, and will be back in the swing of things in 68 years…) I mean wars have been forgotten faster than the 80s and all it managed to produce was two generations of awful people. They couldn’t even kill Communism in the 80s (which technically still exists today, but Major Communism died). Anyways since the 80s are going to be around for a while, lets just kick back to some music videos from one of the more interesting periods modern of music.

Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

While this wasn’t actually recorded in the 80s, it’s very much a milestone video in pop-culture. This has the significance of being the first music video to be played on the newly airing Music Television station, being the first video to be aired on MTV one million times and whole other bunch of things. It’s been covered many times, Hans Zimmer has a cameo and this is the only song the Buggles are known for. If you need to think 80s, you think Video Killed the Radio Star.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

People know the song, but don’t really know the clip-show music video. Anyways, thankfully the young people haven’t picked up dungarees as sporting fashion. Anyways, this is a small spin on ‘band playing for the music video’ mostly due to the copious amounts of sexual harassment found in both the lyrics and the action in the video. Yep, that’s right, this is a popular song about forcing yourself on someone (poor Eileen in this case). Watching the Pop-up Video edition of this is pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the electric banjo action which it shows.

Madness – Our House

This is musical madness?

Madness? THIS. IS. OUR HOUSE! (in the middle of the street)

Again, as with  many, many, many 80s music videos, we see the rather large-sized band playing and acting out all the madness that happens in this house of massive size. Apparently the size of a British house is deceptive from the outside (which would explain the TARDIS from Doctor Who.) Madness apparently did other songs and such, but no one really cares and they’re now a staple of 80s music.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The real female front man of the 80s. Forget Madonna doing crazy shit to get attention. Cyndi just did crazy shit. (remember, she’s already in her mid 30s during the 80s.) Although Madonna got an album out first, Cyndi got more praise and awards (and didn’t lose her shit in the second millennium.) Still, this video stands as a great example of what the typical 80s female looked like. Actually, I see very few differences between chicks today and back in the 80s. All and all a fun video, even if one of them is walking like an Egyptian. Wait a minute, is that SUPER MARIO?

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So almost a year ago I first threw up the fantastical amazing music video called ‘Mind Shift’ by WORLD ORDER from ye little Japan and followed it up in Spring with their ‘Machine Civilization’ video which was done as a pick-me-up for the whole earthquake thing. But I was thinking, they use the same style, different videos… That’s a Series!

So here’s all their videos to date in their badass ultra choreography made even more spectacular because it’s from the mind of a former Mixed Marshal Artist Genki Sudo.

World Order – World Order

Japanese people are so polite. No matter what crazy things are going on in the background of their cities, giant robots, space colony drops, Godzilla, they’ll always just keep rolling on like they shouldn’t mind. Anyways, this is totally fantastic and the skill involved is almost without description. It’s an amazing combination and flow between slowed mechanical movements and organic flow.

World Order – World Order New York Ver.

And from Tokyo to New York, World Order is back at it. And how do the American people deal? They pretty much stop and stare and record the crazy Japanese people doing their crazy movies. I mean it’s new york so I can understand that they see crazy shit all the time, but they should have more fun. Like the Japanese kids in the Tokyo version. Props goes to the scene swapping shots that match up the dancing. That’s skills, especially with what they’re doing.

World Order – Mind Shift

More or less the same guys doing their crazy stuff, however, they’ve added two more people and like a bajillion new moves. Even to go so far as have a little story going on in some interesting settings.

World Order – Boy Meets Girl

And another story based dance scenario. I don’t think it’s as awesome as the others, but you can’t really argue too hard about pelvic thrusting. However there’s a good dynamic going on between the guys and their moves along side the ladies who are just acting everything out normally.

World Order – Machine Civilization

Now last time I let Genki Sudo do the talking about this one, but I’ll add what I wanted to say. It’s a good video. It’s full of clear shots and interesting locations. Lots of interesting dynamics happening between colours and what they’re doing. They’ve come a long way with the choreography and keeping things fresh and new with every video, which is nothing short of genius.

World Order – 2012

Once again from Tokyo to MEXICO! Can’t mention 2012 without visiting lovely Central and South Americas. These guys couldn’t be further out of their element than Mexico (I guess they could go to like Northern Canada), but people still don’t seem to mind what’s going on. It would be nicer to see people trying to get in on what they’re doing, but it’s still great to watch. And that last number in front of Leon Trotsky’s grave is fantastic!

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Discovery circa 2001

This week in Part 2 of a Series of Series, it’s time to take a good gander at Daft Punk. It’s been well documented on this blog I have some admiration for Daft Punk and criticism of their more recent works. I’ve mentioned a number of times about Interstella 5555, which combined the best of Daft Punk and the classic anime stylings of Leiji Mastumoto (of Space Battleship Yamato fame).

With his help Interstella 5555 (Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem) came to be and basically every song from Discovery was made into a music video.

Daft Punk – One More Time

So here we start off on this magical planet of music where everyone is grovin’ and having a fantastic time. This band is just the shit and everyone knows it. Hell it’s so awesome everyone has basically dropped what they were doing to watch the concert, even planetary security because what could possibly happen? Oh right, invasion.

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic

And these dudes mean business. They’re just waltzing in and acting like a boss, turning things off, causing a panic in the people. They don’t want that music playing so they just turn it off. Hell, they don’t like the band so much so they’re going to cart their asses off. Now all that planet has to look forward to is being the back drop for an Eiffel 65 video…

Daft Punk – Digital Love

No wait, they’re going to call in the SPACE JANITOR! Or his cousin’s brother since this guy is totally into guitars and even so much to have a Space Guitar for a ship. Actually, maybe he’s Boston’s cousin. None the less, only his love of the band’s chick is compelling enough for him to give chase after these dudes who totally rolled an entire planet and ganked their best band ever. This guy has some stones for sure.

Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger

Okay aside from being like one of the most popular songs ever done by Daft Punk to even being stolen by Kanye West, made into a hand puppet show, and talked about a lot, this video doesn’t make much sense. I mean someone went to the trouble to design and build a machine that could:

  • Undress aliens with lasers
  • Do a body scan
  • Move them to another section to scan and alter memories
  • Move them to yet another section and paint them
  • Shower them and then scan them for clothing
  • Then dress them
  • Followed by moving to a different section to give them glasses
  • Which then takes the revamped band to scan again to alter their last video as humans not aliens
  • And then finally go through a complex slide system to a space car to meet their new manager

That’s basically a massive complex to do something so minor. I mean how much did this cost and what was the time invested? The logic behind all this baffles me.

Anyways, there are basically another 10 parts to make for 14 music videos or you can get the full movie which is basically a 68 minute continuous music video of which has not been seen again to my knowledge. I highly recommend you check it out, it’s a fine story to watch.

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Well it turns out that the MTV Music Awards are happening this Sunday, August 28th, so if I am free to find out who’s winning what, or who won what, I’ll post the videos and give reasons why it deserved to win, or why the voters are the most idiotic of idiots. Also why they should be ban hammered from democracy.

But I cannot leave this Friday a gap. So here’s two quick things that need your immediate attention for expansion of knowledge and entertainment.

Mushy Callahan – Burn

This is a live video filmed while the up and coming Mushy Callahan records their first album. As a disclaimer, I’m good friends with one of the band members, so if this is bias, then you can kindly click away and gtfo. Sure it’s a band playing for a music video, but they’re small time right now, and I’m sure things are going to get better. But that said The Factory does a damn good job on filming, editing and making this little intimate video of the band in action. CD is releasing soon, so get stoked if you live in the GTA and love good music.

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

A new music video from TDCC? WHAT?! Even better, reminds me of the Beatles and The Chemical Brothers video for Let Forever Be. Got some swag choreography, simple and effective set design. And fun has been included along with some creativity. Not saying it’s 100% original (see above reminder comments), but it is something that stands out a little from the crowds.

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Cover - Animal Farm

When I’m out to buy a new book to keep myself occupied and I have no idea what’s awesome, recommended or will be a good worth while read, I do the faux pas thing and nab a book purchase based on its cover. Ah the old adage ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover’ comes out ringing loud and true. No you can’t exactly make that judgement call, but what I can do is enjoy the cover of a book then read the nice summary on the back and make a choice.

There’s a very good reason why publishing companies go to good lengths to make a book cover visually appealing. Primarily you’re enticed to have your eye caught on the book for purchasing prospects. Secondary is that it needs to help convey what the story is about (most of the time). And finally you’re suppose to have something pretty to look at and less utilitarian and generic sitting on your shelf.

Book cover art is serious business. This is something that gets printed tens of thousands if not a million times. A.J. (Aimie-Jane) Hateley is an artist who is serious about making book cover art. And she’s doing a damn fine job at it.


What really caught my attention to her work was her combination of artistic skill, love of video games and her clear enjoyment of making book cover art. She’s working through a project entitled ’30 Days of Videogames’ which is basically her creating minimalistic book covers for book which have some representation to famous videogames over the years (such as Half-Life, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Katamari)

Many of them are a bit tongue in cheek when referencing their specific games, while others tend to stand out in the obvious. All of them are good homage to the legendary games they’re supposed to represent. And to sweeten the deal, some covers are available for purchase as cards, prints and shirts.

Final Fantasy 7

Videogame book covers aside, Hateley has done alternate covers for George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. Admittedly they are very abstract and a little bizarre from what you would expect to be the cover for Animal Farm but over all I would call the project a great exploration to expand a classic.

Moving beyond book cover design, like all artists, A.J. Hateley has other artistic pursuits but I find them to be less strong as her latter work has been. Primarily it seems to be highly repetitious and doesn’t exactly give me the impression she’s got the capacity to expand or evolve her work. This is the same for the book covers, yes they all take on a different game, but I feel there’s a lot of cookie cutter work design happening between them beyond the usual need to unify them via similar or common elements.

Flee - AJ Hateley

And on one final note, her tumblr. site was one of the ones responsible for me not entirely getting ripped shit pissed at the fail community known as tumblr. She’s got a good theme and layout going and actually knows how to use it better than a large majority of tumblr. users. However, as a gallery tool, tumblr. does not work well for presentation, which makes me a sad panda. Her older works can be found at her abandoned Deviantart Website.

Also if you’re really interested in owning some of her art, her print shop is open for business and prices are reasonable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Been a while since I had an unstructured Art of Music Videos. But with a decent influx of new music that’s come my way, I’ve got some materials to work with and thus hopefully bring some entertainment to your Friday. I mean what other good are Fridays except to prep you for the weekends? Let the party roll on.



Quasimoto – Rappcats pt. 3

For a song about a boat load of 80s / 90s rappers Lord Quas has a good flow and beat rolling on. I was unsure if this was the official video, but after some digging and cross checking, this smooth mash-up is in fact the official video paying homage to said rappers in the song. It’s a very slick mix of everything mentioned presented and filled with nostalgia without being sickening about it.

Outkast – The Whole World

I didn’t see too many of Outkast’s music videos, but taking a look at this, he gets a bit of props for sort of being like the Bjork of male rappers. He’s flexible in his styles and the videos he does, like the music he does. Don’t get me wrong, it’s mostly message first, but aptly combined with lyrical delivery and visual impact. Not to mention the videos are easy on the eyes compared to some other shit that gets tossed around.

3OH!3 – Holler Till You Pass Out

3OH!3 was awesome and this is living proof off that point. I mean now that they’re paired with the likes of Ke$ha and that kind of mainstream bullshit they suck and look all professional and too clean for their dirty ass roots. I mean this looks like it was some joke or college project, but like a year after I saw this I got the chance to see them on tour and they put on a good show. Like I’m sure if you didn’t see this video before you saw them recently you’d probably be confused where as I am ashamed. If they went back to this then everything would be super groovy.

Soulja Boy Tell’em – Crank That

I am very hard pressed to know how this idiot became popular at all. This video has the shittiest cheapest shit going on with it yet it somehow managed to rack up well over 104 million views. Dude couldn’t even get the license to use the Superman logo. I feel my intelligence slowly slipping away while watching and listening. I will never do this again. Maybe in another time this could have been good, but my guess is that time is NEVER. A pox on everyone who thinks this is great music and dance.

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