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So finally after many weeks, it comes down to the last album of Much Music’s Big Shiny Tunes, the beast that started it all and created a somewhat popular trend. I do only own 1-4 and they went all the way up to Volume 14, but I don’t intend to subject you to the crap they started loading up on after volume 4. Considered yourself spared, but also let’s go back, way back to a time called 1996. No internet, limited digital media, and it was cool to hang out at the mall record shop to listen to Big Shiny Tunes.

Bush (X) – Machinehead

Some original hXc music and video going on here. Well, not really or at all, but Bush (or Bush X depending on what side of the Atlantic you are on) was hella hot with anyone and everyone in ’96. I was in elementary school and my fellow peeps were picking up lots of things Bush / Bush X related. However, this music video is far removed from being stellar. For the most part it does conform to other videos of the period (band playing, things happening), however there’s not much of anything interesting happening at all. Just shots of driving around filming stuff and the band filmed while doing a live show. I know it’s been 15 years, but older videos have stood the test of time better.

Garbage – Queer

Just a quick note that Queer in this context is the context where queer is strange, not the gay kind. Anyways, this falls into the more literal video category so it involves you to listen closely while watching. Or find the cliffs notes on the song subject. Either way, it’s a better example of how a video can hold well after 15 years (see above for an example). It’s an example of good directing along side good technique. Even in the modern-day black and white gives off a bit of timelessness to your art or help to have it retain tone for long periods. It takes a wise person to know when to go black and white vs full colour.

Limblifter – Tinfoil

Not a bad video going on here. Well focused for your ‘band playing’ for the music video, but Limblifter manged to change it up in more than one sense. In fact, they’re changing playing positions! And then at times, not even bothering to play but fuck around with other things. That’s a good case of added variety for a situation which typically ends up boring as hell for the audience. Nice work Limblifter. Gold Star on this one.

Red Hot Chilly Peppers – Aeroplane

Leave it to the RHCP to find a director to come up with a massive crazy super choreographed music video that involves no less than three dozen women in costumes. Aw, they even got children involved too. As an added bonus they even topless, like they do in so many videos. Best to look back on them because today, I’m sure they only rarely remove the shirts and they sure as hell do not look like that in this day and age.


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So this weeks Art of Music Videos sort of precipitated out of thinking about the All Stars music video and was going to be another week involving music videos tied in with movies / TV, but I did not have enough time to do the appropriate research. However I had been picking up videos that were mostly from the Big Shiny Tunes series of CDs made by Much Music. And so here’s a select choice from Big Shiny Tunes 4.

Smash Mouth – All Stars

This is was the music video tie in to the big movie hit MYSTERY MEN, a movie starring Ben Stiller and a bunch of other people who decide to step up into the super hero game because like Best Guy or some non-sense gets captured and crime is rampant in their City. You actually see cast of the movie make several appearances in the video while the Smash Mouth lead singer walks around (that man has a big chubby face ever) doing heroic things. By todays standards Mystery Men is very much a head shaker of a movie.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue

A casual and well-directed video. The regular kind that follows the narration / theme / story of the song. It’s subtle, nothing is really strongly indicated as to what happened to the band aside from they’re in an accident and they stop by some place of theirs that was burned down. Other than that, they just make their way along (I’m guessing) through the Californian desert trying to get away from the source of their pain. The only thing I can sort of fault this video for doing is the constant long shots of the guitarist while the solos play.

Moist – Breathe (TLA Mix)

A typical ‘band playing while shit happens’ music video. The late 90s/ early 00s were notorious for videos like this as I’ve pointed out in other AMV installments. For the most part it’s effective for getting the audience to recognize the band and the band members, but at the same time some directors don’t play it well and its a bit bland while other directors get creative about it. (See Supergrass’s Pumping on Your Stereo)

Fatboy Slim – Praise You

A Spike Jonze directed video and one of his more earlier ones. This was a pioneer of sort of impromptu / cheap budget music videos done for a good two or three years after this (Guerrilla Style is what I’ve been informed). The lead dancer is in fact Spike Jonze himself and at the MTV video awards later that year, he and the group of dancers were able to perform this live, the notable change being that everyone was wearing black suits covered in bicycle blinker lights dancing around choreographed to the music while Fat Boy himself played Praise You on Piano.

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