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So if you’re not into the news and trendy protests happening, some exasperated people took to the streets of New York, but not in the Gangs of New York style, and decided that the best way to show everyone they mean business was to Occupy Wall Street. Apparently it turns out 2011 is the golden year for Protesting things and you can probably trace it back a bit more to last years G20 Protest / Riot / Insanity, which just happened to take place in Toronto.

None the less the Western World feeling left out because the Arab Spring actually got things done and western hipsters hate to feel left out of the party they didn’t really want to attend have taken it upon themselves to spread the love and mace of Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Toronto this up coming October 15th. Well those hippies can go get bent and best get the hell out of my back yard.

You’d think that because I’m the ‘Disgruntled Urban Artist Guy’ I’d be first in line of those protests, but I am not. You couldn’t be more wrong or farther from the truth of things. Why? Let me produce exhibit A, B and C:

Thanks, the Peace sign totally justifies the fact you just committed a crime and ruined my visual space.

'What day is this happening again?' Idiot...


Awesome, thanks random asshole for defacing the park I enjoy walking through. Seriously, the park is notorious for booze drinking bums, homeless bench sleepers, hippies, hipsters and insane shit, but this is the first time in two plus years I can recount any form of graffiti with malicious intent. All this does something far worse for the movement.

This crap has been in the park for a couple of days, but the one in the first photo has been up since the occupation plans were announced. About a day later, someone taped a letter below it expressing how pissed she was about the damage done to the park she loves and refuses to participate in the protest. It’s a shame someone took it down.

The point being is that if you are seriously planning to participate, you have to understand you’re participating along side the asshole(s) who did this handy work; that you’re part of a group that has people who just are interesting in continuing to cause trouble. I understand it’s extremely hard to keep people focused on a message and weed out anyone who intends to use the event selfishly, but it clearly has happened before the event got rolling.

“Don’t let one bad apple ruin the barrel”. Really? How do you know there’s just one bad apple? What if they’re all shitty apples? Clearly the quality control is not what it should be and from others perspectives everything is already not worth it. Oh you’re partnered with AnonOps? The very same assholes who thought it was fun to bring down PSN for a month and precipitate the hacking of a significant number of credit cards. That AnonOps? Oh right it was another group of hackers, or so you say, but since you’re all Anon, you can’t really prove that at all. Good luck being Anon when the nice law enforcer on the seven-foot horse rolls up and starts laying down his baton up on you.

This all said however, I will be near incident site 0 with camera in hand to basically report for OhInternet because there’s lulz to be had. If you’re concerned about my safety, be assured I usually don’t have ID, my uncle is a cop and I plan to sport a bullet proof helmet and some bitching shades. I’ll be fine and I’m doing it for the lulz.


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So if you don’t like in Canada (Kanadaland, Cannuckistan, ect.) today is Canada Day. And thus I get a day off from work and should also launch fireworks or something. But in celebration of Canada getting old and stuff, I’m going to be finding music videos that happen to celebrate things that are Canadian. Happy Canada Day.

South Park – Blame Canada

Matt Stone and Trey Parker seem to have a secret love with Canada which they greatly express with song and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Canadians pop up frequently in South Park and it’s always hilarious when it happens. Even French Canada.

South Park – French Canada

Best to stay out of French Canada without a translator.

Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon

A simple video, with a typical Canadian Riot tossed in there. I mean it’s not the most energetic song to put to a video, but it sort of has this sleepy Ontario Town to it (which is what I’m sure Bobcaygeon has going for it). Anyways, if you’ve ever been in Canada during a riot, that concert is basically what happens, people riot in a polite and orderly fashion.

Great Big Sea – Ordinary Day

Great Big Sea is a huge band from the East coast and they always seem to add a bit of that into their Songs. This is also like a song that pretty much show cases all the good clean fun that you can have in Maritimes, by singing on a rugby pitch and then taking part in it. As for the other good fun to be had:

Donnie Dumphy – Having a Time


It’s Canada Day! GO HAVE A TIME!

Some thanks going out to an Ask Men article about 10 great songs about Canada songs.

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