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Well, in the spirit of tradition and the holiday of Christmas, here’s a modest assembly of Christmas songs and their accompanying music videos. Because what’s more classic, than a christmas song?

Band Aid 1984 – Do they know it’s Christmas

So back in 1984, it was kind of gloomy for those third world countries so a bunch of british artists got together and assembled Band Aid to raise money for poverty and hunger. If memory serves me correctly this was quite the successful fundraiser and to this day, 26 years later, this is still played and the spirit of Band-Aid continues. For fun, play spot the artist and see who you can recognize in their 80s glory.

Billy Idol – Jingle Bell Rock

Time may still treat Jingle Bell Rock well, but it has not been kind to old Billy Idol. And if you really want more, apparently there are many more christmas songs as re-imagined by Billy Idol.

Boyz II Men – Let it Snow

(Apologizes for the poor video quality find.) Ah Boyz II Men. A throwback to the early 90s and the uprise of R&B that would bring about people like Kayne West and his crap. These were simple times for the young black artist and it was just stupid for a group like Boyz II Men to not release a christmas influenced album. I may not be a fan, but they always sound pleasing and perfect for christmas songs.

Weird Al – Christmas at Ground Zero

Oh Weird Al… how some of your songs are still relevant or even still topical. This is just a fun song and full of hilarious old timie cold war scare or ‘informational’ footage. And an end cameo by the artist himself and Ronald Reagan.

 Blink 182 – I won’t be Home for Christmas

Couldn’t find an original video for this song, so I found the next best thing: one made with LITTLE BIG PLANET. I can’t say how true this actually is to the video if it exists, but it’s great on its own. This isn’t all that uncommon and people get great results using Little Big Planet to make music videos, but on top of this, Blink provides a great song to make a video to. Hope you’re all home for christmas.

That’s all for now this week, have a great holidays and I’ll be back for pre-new years shinnagins.


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