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So when I went to ‘Merica like two weeks ago, I didn’t at all expect to swing through Chicago, but it happened I took advantage of these things and got some pictures out of it. Here’s one:

Chicago Underpass

Far as I know this is under one of their subway lines. Obviously I did some work to make it innermeresting, but I like it this way. Almost oldie, almost 70s-ish.


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This week I take a look back, way back at a wonderful place that was first badly renovated causing problems then an aborted attempt to fix caused even more and in a twist, the building mysteriously burned down. (And many hobos were blamed.)

In the process an iconic student restaurant was taken out along with the nice historic building and in its wake is a leveled gravel lot. However I managed to get some pictures of the place post burn down.

Curse you 'hobos'.


The story and events are well documented.


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