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Cloud meet Photoshop

So a couple hours ago from this post I posted up some pretty pictures of some clouds I took while standing in my back yard waiting for some flesh to cook. Well, I’ve upped the ante and did some mild processing of them pics in Photoshoppe and they look pretty shopped about now.

I’ve tossed a few on Muzeem and DeviantArt, but all of them are here because I own them and stuff.

BEHOLD! The same cloud shot 4 DIFFERENT TIMES and has 4 DIFFERENT PROCESSES put to them.

Weolcen 1

Weolcen 2

Weolcen 3

Weolcen 4

 *Quick Note: Weolcen is olde English for Cloud and makes for a much better title than ‘Cloud 1’.


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Cloud Photography

I did some cloud photography. Get it?

Nothing fancy, just cropped. Editing later. Just trying to keep busy.

On a sad note, it’s not August.

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