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Something’s been bothering me for a long time and I’ve just a been trying to take my time to articulate, gather my thoughts and to try to conclude that even writing about it is a good idea. See it’s fashionesque related and when I bring in anything sort of fashion related, I feel I’m getting myself into a lot of potential trouble, backlash and flaming. But really, I was doing a lot of general thinking of the everyday things we have and their general quality and what happens to them as a result of popularity and increase in quantity leading to their rapid decline in quality.

I may not be a fashion mastermind, but I am very aware of the structure of things like mass production, I should as I do a lot of work relating to printing and print production. I think one of the main reasons I’ve been putting a lot of though into this has been mostly related to what people are wearing now that it’s finally fully winter time in the GTA. And when it’s winter in the city, the general population kind of stops thinking about how to dress properly and just ends up dressing like the biggest fashion bozo they can find.

The Modern Sorel Boot

Seriously, people put less and less though into their winter wear every year. It used to be people bought good boots, but now everyone and their mum owns a pair of Sorel boots. ‘But Sorels are the best! High grade winter boots!’ Correction! Were the best. I wouldn’t trust a pair of modern-day Sorels for the same reason I wouldn’t trust wearing Uggs. They’re very mass manufactured. And when you’re making shit in the hundreds of thousands vs tens of thousands, your quality is suffering. And it doesnt’ help the situation any when the company chooses to make them fashionable and designer (as the above image illustrates). Two years ago if needed a damn good winter boot, I’d get a pair of Sorels, but given that they’re so wildly popular and now more of a fashion accent, I’m going to stick with my old pair of roots boots. At least when I shove my foot into some snow or some ass-hats face I’ll leave a nice impression of a maple leaf. Fuck yeah!

And this sort of leads to the next bastardized and inbred winter clothing article: the Canada Goose jacket.

The jacket + so much fail

 Again a small brand several years ago known for being warm and reliable as fuck, now devolved into yet another jacket for the masses. Now made in such high quantities (and at such a high price) I have no interest in owning Canada Goose wear. It’s not something I can trust to last me a long ass time under the heavy wear and tear I typically put everything I own through.

Allow me to illustrate my point thusly. I own two winter jackets which are both Columbia Sports wear, both have the polar fleece inner jackets. I believe last year or the year before the zippers broke which is kind of shitty, but I’ve had one since highschool (6-7 years ago) and the other is approximately 4-5 years old. Other than the broken zippers, discolouring and other cosmetic breakage, the jackets have no rips, tears and still keep me warm and comfortable in -20°C wearther. I am in doubt that I’ll be able to find jackets as good and long-lasting as the two that I have. I’m unsure if the world of over produced clothing and cheap materials can hold up to whatever may come at it or what I end up doing to it.

Probably by now you’re calling me some sort of elitist snob, thinking that I believe no one should be allowed to share in the wealth of good clothing, that I hate the fashion industry blaw, blaw, blaw. But the point I’m trying to make is that people become so obsessed with looking good and being popular that they don’t notice that what they’re getting into is probably no better than getting something at Wal-Mart. Here to be fair, here’s my friends review on Muklucks and Rubber Boots, both shit women seem to have coveted in the past few years only be replacing them at least twice a year.

And don’t think I’m unaffected by this since if you’ve ever read either of my Skullcandy headphone reviews you know that since I had to get on the new line of TI headphones (which are sadly discontinued now) I’ve gone through 3 replacements each lasting half the time of the first pair I got.

Over all I’m just sick of things being made primarily for looks over actual reliability. You wouldn’t buy a car that you’d have to replace because it’s falling apart and failing to get you from point A to point B, nor would you buy a house that looks all pretty and beautiful but isn’t insulated for shit and cold as fuck. I understand shit breaks down over time, but I don’t understand why it seems to be hard to find things that are designed to last.

Here’s also my quick list of that’s made popular but lacks any useful function:

  • Tights-as-pants: Anyone is able to wear it now. Ever see a really large woman in Tights as Pants? Ever hear of what has been seen cannot be unseen? We’re having a long-lasting fight, just like the Spandex days of yore. Also they do shit in most weather except summer.
  • Pre-ripped jeans: I don’t understand why people were compelled to buy damaged clothing and then wear it around like that shit was awesome. You know who else walks around in totally shredded clothing, whom I feel bad for? The Homeless. Yes, you either want to mock the homeless or want to look like them. Congrats ass hat.
  • Uggs: you’re no flying a B52 or Lancaster Bomber, nor are you on the beaches of Australia. Uggs don’t work well in winter, chix eat the sole on them, and they can’t be salt proofed. Not to mention the stinky feet factor. Guys are very intolerable about women with stinky feet (unless you’re into that sort of thing).
  • Various newly made old style frames: The 80s are done, and really, so are those shitty thick framed Ray Ban glasses. I never really understand why people regress so badly to things that are old and impractical and in this case, ugly as sin. I think Ray Ban only re-released the frames so they could steal even more money from people who are dumb enough to get them for a year and then forget about them.

And if I may make one more point about over produced shit that performs like shit, the iPhone. It’s basically been designed to fail from the beginning. Well probably not the first and second generations in terms of construction, but every other model since (the 3G plastic, and 4G glass) have managed to become more fragile and more susceptible to being broken. That or people are fucking retards, but I’m sure that speaks volumes given they’ve bought an iPhone. If you want a reliable phone then I would recommend this:

One hell of a solid phone.


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