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So almost a year ago I first threw up the fantastical amazing music video called ‘Mind Shift’ by WORLD ORDER from ye little Japan and followed it up in Spring with their ‘Machine Civilization’ video which was done as a pick-me-up for the whole earthquake thing. But I was thinking, they use the same style, different videos… That’s a Series!

So here’s all their videos to date in their badass ultra choreography made even more spectacular because it’s from the mind of a former Mixed Marshal Artist Genki Sudo.

World Order – World Order

Japanese people are so polite. No matter what crazy things are going on in the background of their cities, giant robots, space colony drops, Godzilla, they’ll always just keep rolling on like they shouldn’t mind. Anyways, this is totally fantastic and the skill involved is almost without description. It’s an amazing combination and flow between slowed mechanical movements and organic flow.

World Order – World Order New York Ver.

And from Tokyo to New York, World Order is back at it. And how do the American people deal? They pretty much stop and stare and record the crazy Japanese people doing their crazy movies. I mean it’s new york so I can understand that they see crazy shit all the time, but they should have more fun. Like the Japanese kids in the Tokyo version. Props goes to the scene swapping shots that match up the dancing. That’s skills, especially with what they’re doing.

World Order – Mind Shift

More or less the same guys doing their crazy stuff, however, they’ve added two more people and like a bajillion new moves. Even to go so far as have a little story going on in some interesting settings.

World Order – Boy Meets Girl

And another story based dance scenario. I don’t think it’s as awesome as the others, but you can’t really argue too hard about pelvic thrusting. However there’s a good dynamic going on between the guys and their moves along side the ladies who are just acting everything out normally.

World Order – Machine Civilization

Now last time I let Genki Sudo do the talking about this one, but I’ll add what I wanted to say. It’s a good video. It’s full of clear shots and interesting locations. Lots of interesting dynamics happening between colours and what they’re doing. They’ve come a long way with the choreography and keeping things fresh and new with every video, which is nothing short of genius.

World Order – 2012

Once again from Tokyo to MEXICO! Can’t mention 2012 without visiting lovely Central and South Americas. These guys couldn’t be further out of their element than Mexico (I guess they could go to like Northern Canada), but people still don’t seem to mind what’s going on. It would be nicer to see people trying to get in on what they’re doing, but it’s still great to watch. And that last number in front of Leon Trotsky’s grave is fantastic!


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