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Very wrong

Most of the time, music videos are quite family safe, with perhaps an exception to lyrics. But 99% of the time you’re not going to flip on MTV or Much Music (in the old days), and find a hairy anus or a man-eating a baby while someone sings in the back ground. Yes videos get creepy, but its a fine line. That 1% however, that’s where things can seem to get excessive, but for some reason, it’s allllllrigh.

Make the Girl Dance – Baby Baby Baby

Um, it’s French. That’s all the defense this can be given. You’d never ever see this in America. Sure Blink 182 ran naked for “What’s my Age Again?” but that was totally on a closed set. This, they basically pulled some guerilla action on the streets of Paris. Clearly people are just glancing, but over all people are just going about their business. It’s France, land of the rail thin models, and nude beaches everywhere (only the old, ugly and children are nude on those beaches by the way). So really, what’s one more naked chick in Paris? P.S. The attitude of the last chick on the corner is amazing.

The Cribs – Men’s Needs

I’m realistically more offended by the chicks actions more than her prancing about naked. I mean this is American nude censorship vs French. The big difference is America has less fun with the bars and since it’s America, they’re bigger (but in the early part, there’s a nip-slip). But yeah, she’s a total bitch and that’s inappropriate.

Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch

The Bloodhound Gang managed to chalk up some fame and controversy with the lyrics followed by a video that only manged to make them even more famous. I’m sure parents all over were freaking out about what they were miming and saying in the video. Hilariously in researching this video, the gay french couple at 1:35 are supposed to be knocked out by baguette, but apparently when this was put on the net, that scene was too inappropriate to be used a decade later. Yeah, that out of everything else in the video. Air humping, fine. Animal sex, fine. Midget tossing, no problems. Hitting insane gay stereotypes, WOAH THERE! CAN’T HAVE THAT! Might send the wrong message.

Sisqo – Thong Song

This is the video that sparked generations of lesser inappropriate videos. Historically this is the video that would bring about years to come of booty butt videos. You could say this is the video that sailed a thousand asses. Not surprisingly the sales of thongs for women also began to rise all because this dude sung about them. I mean in today’s context, he realistically could be singing about flip-flops (since that’s also what a thong is), and I don’t think the lyrics or the video would have to be altered that much. I mean instead of an ass fetish video it would be a foot fetish video, but would anyone really notice that much? Oh and the abuse of physics is far more inappropriate than ass shaking.


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