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Been a long time since I’ve written one of these, but today would be as good as any. Today marks the day when my (now ex) girlfriend moved out of our place after a month and a half of awkwardly living together. Things did not go so well or so smoothly, but I don’t regret what has happened. I gained my full independence that day and haven’t looked back.

A lot has changed in those 365 days. I’m not going to lie and say it’s been all totally awesome, as with everything there are ups and downs. What matters is how you handle the ups and downs and ride out any potential bullshit, or that’s at least how I feel business should get done. Really there wasn’t much I could do but go forward.

To look at some positives, I’ve been way more social with my life. Hell even done some things I never imagined I would ever do or be doing. I got to meet my first floor neighbours and they’re hella cool peoples who I party with on the occasion. I’ve made great new friends and dated some awesome people. Hell, I did some pretty cool things with my artistic aspirations and taken things in other directions.

The time living alone has also given me some perspective on who I am as a person and the kind of things I want to do and get done moving forward or every day.

I guess I can’t be a hater on today. I am still a bit sad, but that’s the nature of the incident. There’s no point holding a grudge or ill feelings it’s done and done. I was unable to change things when it happened nor can I change what happened now.

So as much as this is a Hate Monday, for today I put the hate away and think back on the good that’s happened to me instead.


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Zen sayings, as by me

I was doing something thinking while returning from the grocery store ( I mean what else should I be doing at such a time) and I decided to come up with some insane, but probably useful zen like sayings to help guide people. These are probably highly dubious and should be used for laughs or mass-produced cheap laugh t-shirts, but whatever, I like to spread wisdom as flavoured by my life to people. So here’s some Zen for you.

  • Often we will be challenged walk towards the blinding sun; remember to flail your fists and make contact with people’s faces
  • There are many burdens in our lives; such as carrying a 24 of beer 3 blocks in 50 degree heat
  • Love has no limits to it; unless you make it sign a pre-nup agreement
  • Smile at the world and it can smile back; make sure however it’s not a creepy rapist smile
  • Become connected with the world and your fellow-man; you’ll be well-connected to free drinks and stuff

My zen probably needs a bit of refinement, but with time will come wisdom and the eventually the need for depends. That time however is a long way off.

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Stealing Some Advice

Well things around here have been rather dull until I decided I was going to change that and write some things about some other things I did in the past. Sadly I do not have entirely huge amount of new happening. I’m in a mood and I don’t know if it’s because of the weather change, my diet change, or some other crazy unfounded reason (I don’t know, maybe I’m on my man period.) None the less I am working to change this unfortunate development and do what I like doing best; making fun of society and raging against tights as pants.


Also I’m working on a new en devour of learning to steal. Not physical theft which would land my ass in some jail time, but the other more accepted kind of stealing of intellectual. See a friend of mine posted up this link to this really good article and what caught my eye was ‘How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)‘, and Mr fellow artist Austin Kleon (who also has this Newspaper Blackout thingie he does). Anyways, in the spirit of stealing like an artist, I’m basically telling you all about it like I’ve found Hesus who was hiding behind the gardening shed instead of work on the second coming of my garden. And also I plan to follow some of the things he happens to say since they are good ideas. And I’m an artist in need of ideas. And more money.

Not fully sure what I will be stealing / borrowing / being inspired by, but I am a resourceful fellow (in my mind for sure, practice maybe not so much) so I should not be in want for ideas much longer. There are some nice graphic design books at work I plan to gander through and see what’s in them. I still want to do the projects I’ve outlines before in a previous post as well as continue on with my time-lapse project (which I have yet another idea and several locations for).  I still think one of my bigger challenges in doing my projects is doing it alone / on my own. More than likely an ego / Ozymandias thing, but I think I get bothered not being able to really talk to someone face to face about what I want to do and the feedback that comes from small talk like that.

Other odd developments have been in relation to my love-life and romance, which are going fantastical. Some things have been highly unexpected, but I’m not going to hate. Hell, even the weather has been odd and fantastical, turning from near 20 degree weather to snow. So I shall count my fortunes and be happy with what’s happened as complaints will get me no where. I am also doing my manly best to cook for myself more in attempts to also impress the lady folk who can’t resist a man who cooks and speaks well of food. Nothing scientific to back this claim, but I will not be deterred from believing it to be true.

And in tragic news, my Skullcandy TI headphones lie in ruins. I completely fucked up the arm band (cracking it in half) and instead of doing the smart thing after fixing it the first time and leaving it alone, I did the dumb thing and made it worse by breaking the crack and severing the wires. Thankfully I’ve managed to get two replacement pairs for cheap via ebay, but I had to ship them to a friend in the US who will redirect them to me. In the mean time I got a pair of GIs which I’m renting from Best Buy (return policy FUCK YEAH), so a review of those is on its way into my blog soon. Other than that, I only await some warmer weather to help me out and work hard stealing me some art.

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Slowing Down

Summer Time

Feel like I’m becoming an old man, not updating this thing (aside from the usual Friday Art of Music Videos post). My weeks have been a little hectic as I’m working more than ever (got a contract extension) and a bunch of personal life changes that have begun to eat into my ‘free time’. Past weekend helped some of my good friends move out of their joint house into their own new places. And when I’m not doing that, I’m going on random dates and hangouts, which are all good and fun.

Good news is I was finally got my Intervalometer for my camera (a nice reverse engineered / made from left over parts of a Nikon MK-36) which finally gives me the ability to do time-lapse photography. I’ve done one little video that was just over an hour and a half of real-time that got compressed into one minute. Added a bit of music and called it quits. Going to try to do more, but our crazy weather took a turn for the crazy and we once again have shitty cold temperatures. I want to have my BBQs already damn it! So until I’m able to not chill while hanging outside in the middle of no-where, I’m just going to take pictures of the creepy alley way behind my house and see what happens over about 10 hours. Even have music picked out for the video.

Mean time, projekts are in limbo until I have both time and good weather on my side. Hopefully I can get a partner in crime to help me out / has a desire to waste time with me. In sadder news, apparently my google account was completely wiped clean and I lost my coveted e-mail address (which I was starting to use and going to use). I mean it’s not a huge loss, but it was the name that I liked and other ones that I would like seem to have been taken by spammers and bots. I’ll find another, but I hate the wasted time and I fear it could happen again.

Hopefully I’ll have another post up and with it my time-lapse test videos. Just have to find hosting that’s easy to use with WordPress and not a super bitch to use. And now that summer is rolling around, I’m sure I’ll be tripping over idiots on my magical outdoor adventures.

Until then, keep it real, and keep checking.


EDIT : got my gmail replaced, so if anyone wants to contact me, the option is there to do so. The next ideal situation is to get some domain and server options going, but I lack a proper cash flow for that.

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Words to live by

Greetings readers. Spring is sort of on it’s way (some days it’s great out, others we plunge back into winter), but time waits for no man, and being so awesome, time will only wait so long for me. Given the warmering weather means I am able to venture outside without a lot of restrictions on my hands being cold and keeping me from the things I like such as holding my camera. Hopefully by late March we’re back into 10 degree weather and that everything starts looking green again and sunny. I like the sun.

One such project that’s been mothballed for a while I’m looking to get back into. Although it probably will take the parks a bit of time to grow green again, I have the time to plan out a route to hopefully get all the shots I want in one day. Perhaps if I’m being selfish I’ll drag someone along for the ride. Time will tell and I should put way more effort and research into it instead of thinking it’s an awesome idea and that it will magically happen on its own.

Next that I’m nearing completion is all the pigeon works (number 7 is now complete). I would like to get more photo materials for the next ones and I really have to work harder to be less picky about the whole process. Number 7 used approximately 6 layers which is actually a little insane thinking about it and really didn’t add too much to detail or depth to the work. In the end however I am satisfied with the outcome of the picture and I’m eager to get on to the next. Once all of them are done I plan to get hardcopy prints made and put together a minibook of them along with some of the other works I’ve been doing for the past year partially to catalogue the work and the evolution of it as well. More than likely I’ll have some other small side projects I’ll add to it before I’m done and ready to make my book.

Another project (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned), is my plans to get around the city and photograph me some graffiti. I know the idea isn’t exactly original, but I’m mainly looking to see how different parts of the city has different styles of graffiti. Not all that I want to shoot is graffiti as there are some murals that have been made on stores and business, but the majority is and I may have a sort of guide to help me with it. It’s also important because very soon the douche of a Mayor wants to have some of the more historical and culturally impressive works removed for no strong apparent reason other than making the city in his image. I’ll be keeping an eye on that and documenting before it’s gone for good.

Finally on Friday I’ll be working with a friend / fellow artist who is looking to get some glam shots of themselves done for modeling purposes. Not doing for money because I really haven’t done it before and I’m not very professional as well they are a friend, so it’ll be fun. I’m also working alongside another friend who has more experience, so much learning to be had from it all.

That’s realistically all my artistic ambitions for the coming summer. Knowing myself I’ll probably get to most of them, but I want to be optimistic and think I’ll do a lot of them and have something to show for myself at the end of the summer. Time will tell.

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