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If you have been following my pigeon project, then this shouldn’t be too unfamiliar.

Old Bastard

Yep, it would be #5 himself. He was quite the older pigeon and less able to keep himself clean and stuff. A bit disheartening, but he was a balls one coming to perch beside me on the bench as I snapped photos.


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Pigeon project Update

Okay so this really can’t be classified as new given I finished this particular one way back in July. So I’ve been busy. Meh.


Now I haven’t even gotten around to starting #10. I did have some PC problems but general laziness has been the real factor in all this. If I do find I have enough motivation and time over the Christmas break/ holidays then I’ll start it up and can have it all done in a nice neat package.

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Words to live by

Greetings readers. Spring is sort of on it’s way (some days it’s great out, others we plunge back into winter), but time waits for no man, and being so awesome, time will only wait so long for me. Given the warmering weather means I am able to venture outside without a lot of restrictions on my hands being cold and keeping me from the things I like such as holding my camera. Hopefully by late March we’re back into 10 degree weather and that everything starts looking green again and sunny. I like the sun.

One such project that’s been mothballed for a while I’m looking to get back into. Although it probably will take the parks a bit of time to grow green again, I have the time to plan out a route to hopefully get all the shots I want in one day. Perhaps if I’m being selfish I’ll drag someone along for the ride. Time will tell and I should put way more effort and research into it instead of thinking it’s an awesome idea and that it will magically happen on its own.

Next that I’m nearing completion is all the pigeon works (number 7 is now complete). I would like to get more photo materials for the next ones and I really have to work harder to be less picky about the whole process. Number 7 used approximately 6 layers which is actually a little insane thinking about it and really didn’t add too much to detail or depth to the work. In the end however I am satisfied with the outcome of the picture and I’m eager to get on to the next. Once all of them are done I plan to get hardcopy prints made and put together a minibook of them along with some of the other works I’ve been doing for the past year partially to catalogue the work and the evolution of it as well. More than likely I’ll have some other small side projects I’ll add to it before I’m done and ready to make my book.

Another project (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned), is my plans to get around the city and photograph me some graffiti. I know the idea isn’t exactly original, but I’m mainly looking to see how different parts of the city has different styles of graffiti. Not all that I want to shoot is graffiti as there are some murals that have been made on stores and business, but the majority is and I may have a sort of guide to help me with it. It’s also important because very soon the douche of a Mayor wants to have some of the more historical and culturally impressive works removed for no strong apparent reason other than making the city in his image. I’ll be keeping an eye on that and documenting before it’s gone for good.

Finally on Friday I’ll be working with a friend / fellow artist who is looking to get some glam shots of themselves done for modeling purposes. Not doing for money because I really haven’t done it before and I’m not very professional as well they are a friend, so it’ll be fun. I’m also working alongside another friend who has more experience, so much learning to be had from it all.

That’s realistically all my artistic ambitions for the coming summer. Knowing myself I’ll probably get to most of them, but I want to be optimistic and think I’ll do a lot of them and have something to show for myself at the end of the summer. Time will tell.

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Fruits of Labour

Why, Hello.

For several months I have been working on my current art speciality which I previewed oh so long ago (Special Art) and aside from the ones I’ve made prints for sale on Etsy / gallery showings / art sales, I’ve been pressing on with creating a series with a bird theme. Primarily it’s been just of Pigeons since they’re fairly easy to photograph, very diverse and everywhere in the city as well are patterned in a way that makes applying my style some what easy. That and all the summer birds are MIA for winter.

Having fully completed 6 digital pieces of just pigeons, I don’t think I’ll realistically do more than 10. It’s becoming a bit stale to do and there’s not much direction I can give pigeons to get them to do something different. I’m going to be making an effort this spring and summer to get more photos to work with of other birds (yes I could use stock photos, but I have the tools and skills to do it myself and have 100% ownership / creativity) and then I think it would be a good time to call it quits on this for a while.

If I am able to get enough money together to get some more prints made and have enough to get into a showing, then I think a reasonable goal would be to do it and see what happens in terms of exposure and critiques I could get on what I’ve been doing. I’m a little sad nothing’s sold on Etsy, but selling anything on there is hella hard unless it’s extreme and near trend vomitty. Save that, I know of some other local places to try that will probably get more success.

For now, take a look at the magic I’ve been making.

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Just been kind of stalking my own site stats here at Disgruntled Urban Artist Guy and been interested to see that there is more interest happening. For the most part this activity is coming from my endless spamming on face book when I have a new Art of Music Videos posting up, but also fair shout-out to The Angry Zen Master who really did help me out in mentions and thusly I continue to repay that by making sure you all know the Angry Zen Master is where shit be at! (for the geeks and such!)

Interestingly however, my long-winded half relevant Skullcandy Review / Comparison has gained some searches from the interwebs, which goes to prove to me the power of tagging posts properly. WordPress is a powerful tool and system that can definitely be bent to get my awesome out there. Muhahahahaha….. But more likely not.

Setting that aside and going back to more stuff about me, I’ve managed to get a lot more materials which I am able to use to push forward with my artistic ambitions. In the process I found out that sitting on a bench in a park makes you a pigeon target and leads to creepy man-pigeon interactions. But all in the name of ART! So probably by weeks end I’ll have a few more un-printed works that I can toss-up here and at my DeviantArt account to impress everyone.

That’s all for now, but come back for Friday’s Art of Music Videos, because I’m sure given that it’s December, some magic is going to be in the air.

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