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I’m always the kind of person who will explore the new if it’s presented to me and recently an acquaintance has been non-stop spamming my feed with his new album (even went as far as to PM me, which is nice of him really.)  He’s more or less a local DJ doing his thing every Thursday at a small place called Vola Lounge for a long while now. His remix talents lay more in the realm of dubstepping (of which I’m no great fan of), but there are some things he does that are not bad and pleasant to listen to.

Album cover for Memrx Falls Down

Anyways, he’s recently released himself an album on Mix Cloud which you can listen to or buy here. It’s worth a listen to else, why the hell would I be posting it up. And if you’re looking for more work and music by Mr. Memrx, then take a gander at his blarg site, specifically his  February is Gone post which has download links to that compilation. Also available for stalking (probably) is his Facebook page that acts as a sort of hub all his DJ activities, but I’ll leave you to find that out.

All I can really say at this point is Mr. Memrx, keep mixing that shit up and I’ll be at as many shows as I can.


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Summer Tunes

Some weeks ago I was raving about Team Teamwork and the good ass remix work they get up to. Well, there’s nothing that can stop the awesome work they want to get pushed out. So for your summer listening pleasure I redirect you to Team Teamwork’s Cool Rap, Cool Jazz (which isn’t too bad, I gave a quick listen to it and had no disagreements about the choices) as well as some of their latest work Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011!

People jonzing for some new music to help you summer roll by, take a moment to swing over to listen to some Team Teamwork and nab a copy of Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011 or the previous versions 2010, and 2K9 or the other various works the mix master has rollin’ on the site.

Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011!


  1. Craig Wedren – Higher and Higher
  2. Wagon Christ – Lazer Dick
  3. DJ Quik ft. Suga Free – Nobody
  4. Next ft. Mystikal – Boner Jam 2011
  5. Jim Jones ft. Lloyd & Girl Talk – Believe in Magic
  6. Cults – Oh My God
  7. Childish Gambino w. Gayngs – My Video (T. Teamwork Sex Jam Version)
  8. Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill – Perfectionists
  9. The Weeknd – Loft Music
  10. Freddie Gibbs – Born 2 Roll
  11. Mark Morrison ft. J-Kwon – Mack N Tipsy
  12. Vondelpark – Backflip (In The Sauna)
  13. Ghostface ft. U-God – Cherchez  LaGhost
  14. Games – Midi Drift
  15. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
  16. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Only Children Club Edit)
  17. Waka, Roscoe, Wale, Jamie & Gil – No Hands / Killing Me (T. Teamwork Mush)

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