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Trolls however, dead.

It’s hard to live life in this age without having to be haunted by the 80s (which chronologically ended 22 years ago, and will be back in the swing of things in 68 years…) I mean wars have been forgotten faster than the 80s and all it managed to produce was two generations of awful people. They couldn’t even kill Communism in the 80s (which technically still exists today, but Major Communism died). Anyways since the 80s are going to be around for a while, lets just kick back to some music videos from one of the more interesting periods modern of music.

Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

While this wasn’t actually recorded in the 80s, it’s very much a milestone video in pop-culture. This has the significance of being the first music video to be played on the newly airing Music Television station, being the first video to be aired on MTV one million times and whole other bunch of things. It’s been covered many times, Hans Zimmer has a cameo and this is the only song the Buggles are known for. If you need to think 80s, you think Video Killed the Radio Star.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

People know the song, but don’t really know the clip-show music video. Anyways, thankfully the young people haven’t picked up dungarees as sporting fashion. Anyways, this is a small spin on ‘band playing for the music video’ mostly due to the copious amounts of sexual harassment found in both the lyrics and the action in the video. Yep, that’s right, this is a popular song about forcing yourself on someone (poor Eileen in this case). Watching the Pop-up Video edition of this is pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the electric banjo action which it shows.

Madness – Our House

This is musical madness?

Madness? THIS. IS. OUR HOUSE! (in the middle of the street)

Again, as with  many, many, many 80s music videos, we see the rather large-sized band playing and acting out all the madness that happens in this house of massive size. Apparently the size of a British house is deceptive from the outside (which would explain the TARDIS from Doctor Who.) Madness apparently did other songs and such, but no one really cares and they’re now a staple of 80s music.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The real female front man of the 80s. Forget Madonna doing crazy shit to get attention. Cyndi just did crazy shit. (remember, she’s already in her mid 30s during the 80s.) Although Madonna got an album out first, Cyndi got more praise and awards (and didn’t lose her shit in the second millennium.) Still, this video stands as a great example of what the typical 80s female looked like. Actually, I see very few differences between chicks today and back in the 80s. All and all a fun video, even if one of them is walking like an Egyptian. Wait a minute, is that SUPER MARIO?


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Here's FRIDAY!

Hey look is that Friday the 13th? And no less in the first month of 2012 as well! How spooky and ominous. I guess the world does have a good shot at ending. Or you know, starting a new calendar when the old one expires. Anyways, moving on to some more rational things, lets irrationally look at some random music videos. Hurray!


The Ramones – I wanna be Sedated

Just a bit on the weird side of things with this one. I mean there you have the Ramones just chilling and all this insanity is happening around them. Well actually they’re moving slow and everything else is going normal speed and they pressed fast forward for the final cut. But it’s a simple video, as the 80s were simple times for everyone.

The Pillows – Another Morning

Don’t ask me aboot the lyrics / meaning / anything because all I really know about the pillows is that they basically did the entire soundtrack for the FLCL anime movie. And it was done damn well. If it’s weird, well remember they’re a mid 90s punk rock band out of Japan. What’s cool is the shout out to Peanuts being incorporated into the music.

Wamdue Project – King of my Castle

Speaking of which, here’s what’s basically an MTV throwback to 1998/99 which is like an official mainstream Anime Music Video that made it on to TV and the history books. The footage is taken from the world-famous anime movie Ghost in the Shell (which recently got a makeover), but which was still having it’s cool buzz due to the increasing rise of anime in north America over all. Plus I mean it’s got guns and shooting, and stuff. This video rocks!

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Still Uncool

So occasionally it turns out some bands hire a good director and a good idea is formed to turn a bunch of your tracks into a mini series of music videos. Daft Punk did this with their Discovery album which pumped out the movie Interstella 5555 and it was really good, however a bit disjointed because really most people just saw their One More Time video and forgot about the rest. But this isn’t about Daft Punk, this is about Mr. F Durst and his mini series with Limp Bizkit.


Limp Bizkit – Nookie

Man, Limp Biz is so hardcore! Went for that typical Nu Metal video where you have your stage built somewhere in the city and it gets surrounded by fans. Even better is the idea that Fred Durst can walk down any given neighbourhood and be followed by women. But the video ends well because his ass gets thrown into a car by the fuzz and it’s off to Federal Pound me in the Ass Prison…

Limp Bizkit – Re-Arranged

Yay! They’re in Federal Pound me in the Ass Prison, which is apparently not a bad place to be since everyone gets to keep their instruments in their cells and play music together. Man the Prison system is too good to these guys for all their crimes against the music industry. Apparently the band felt prosecuted for what happened at Woodstock ’99 which basically no one remembers or cares about anymore (or at the time). So how do you get rid of them, death by milk drowning while they get to play their instruments. How artistic!

Limp Bizkit – N 2 Gether Now (ft. Method Man)

And to cap things off they drag the great Method Man (of the Wu-Tang Clan) into the mix. Poor MM, having to dress-up like Fred Durst and then having to put up with his game cheating non-sense to boot. Even thought it’s all bullshit Method Man seems to make the most fun of things even with this video pulling out Pauly Shore of all people to have a terrible cameo. Thankfully this shit is over and Limp Biz never did another video series again, however for the most part of all their other videos, they got as many celebrities to do cameos because MTV said they had to.

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Today is Remembrance day and you should remember all those who have strapped on some boots to shove them in the faces of the overly wrong-headed who felt the best way to get along with people was to kill them. And this keeps happening. But putting the hate aside, there are some people in the music world who have passed and they should be remembered too for fighting for the music they love.

Tupac (2pac) – Changes

Probably one of the more prolific dead rap artists. He was smart, cool and knew where he came from and wanted to go. As things go, he’s better remembered for having died than what he did in life and it’s sad to see how he’s marketed as a commodity rather than a person with ideas. But listening to this, there’s a lot that can be learned about the man who lived.

The Notorious B.I.G – Big Poppa

Now this was the East coast warrior in during the mid 90s rap battling between the West and East coasts. Biggie and Tupac had some beef over the years during this rough time and in 96 when Tupac died, people thought Biggie may have had something to do with it ect, but then the following year Biggie was dead himself. The most mysterious part about all this was to this day, no one knows who killed either of them. However, P-diddy still succeeds biggie and carries on the legend.

Heavy D & The Boyz – The Overweight Lovers in the House

This one is actually a recent death. Apparently Mr. D collapsed and died. No murder, nothing to indicate he was having problems. I really don’t know much about Heavy D, but he’s got a good sound to him and I’m sure growing up I listed to him in passing.

Jacksoul – Can’t Stop

Haydain Neale’s death was one that quite tragic as he had quite a rough time after rising to his Canadian and international fame. His first incident was a traffic crash that put him in a coma for quite a while and he took a while to recover and tragically in 2009 died of lung cancer on the verge of  releasing a new studio album.

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Doing up a quick one today, and more of a focus on Animation in music videos. I kind have covered this before in other postings, but it’s oh so much fun to do. Who seriously doesn’t enjoy a cartoon now and then? And you should when there’s music to accompany it.

Peter, Bjorn & John – Young Folks

Quite the odd band name to have, and I know I’ve danced to this like a billion times, but the video, now that’s a whole new bag. Pretty simplistic in its style and animation, and has that Williams Street vibe (think Sea Lab, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman). I’m also getting flash backs to that 50s pulp magazine style. But it’s good and not overly hipster and to boot it’s a video that goes with the song in all aspects basically. Which is why I can get into it easy.

Los Campesinos – You! Me! Dancing!

I think there’s a message in all this. All I was really concerned with was the AWESOME SPACE BATTLE! I mean it’s not overly complex in the message and it’s pretty awesome in the fact it’s over 6  minutes worth of animation. Not a small feat even given the simplistic style. It’s well done and I’d have so much fun dancing to this if it was playing at the disco. Better yet, it seems they do other videos in this style and theme.

Radiohead – Pyramid Song

So  I believe a few weeks ago I mentioned that a Beck music video shared a common graphic design firm with Radiohead for their videos, and well here it be. Well animated for CGI in 2006, and very surreal just like Radiohead themselves (I mean just look up some of the other videos of theirs I’ve posted up.)

Röyksopp – Remind Me

Depending on who you ask about this video in Academia, you’ll get a different interpretation or explanation about the video. If you ask me, it’s pretty slick and fluid. It’s basically one big long infographic that breaks down a woman’s life in the UK. It does a nice combo between cell-shaded animation and cell-shaded CGI and seamlessly combines them all. There’s a lot to take in or you can do nothing and watch it all happen, the choice is yours when watching, but it’s certainly worth a watch. P.S. the alternative remix to this is a bit better.

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Way way back in the land of way back, a little game called Rock Band came on to the scene and sort of butt raped the King of instrument based video games, Guitar Hero, which really was getting stale and boring. Along side of totally tricking out a genera of games, you could now karaoke while playing the faux guitar!  But since young people are dumb they probably didn’t know that before video games giving you music there were music videos to these songs. So this week to educate the young, here are the videos to some of the songs you probably rocked out to.

Blue Öyster Cult – Don’t Fear the Reaper

Yep, this is about as exciting as you can get with a music video from the 70s. Awesome eh? I mean the olde times square has almost absolutely nothing to do with the song aside from the couple they show. I could instead ague this is more of an advertisement for Fuji Film as that’s mostly what I take away. But then again, Blue Öyster Cult has some bitching beard action going on. And that actually matters more than anything else.

Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home

YEAH! BITCHIN’! And a bit emo. Went for that artsy, emotional, yet Metallica like video. I guess there’s a story in snippets or maybe it’s all about the raw emotion of sadness, but it’s all cluttered up by all the hair flying around. If there was more beard action happening, everything would have been better smoothed out, but you cannot have everything in a music video sadly. But there was bleeding in the video, or maybe you were. Best to check yourself over before moving along.

Jet – Are You Going to be My Girl

Uh… more bleeding it seems. Someone either stabbed an ink bag or Mickey’s being murdered. I will have to give credit to Jet for thoroughly mimicking the look of the sound they are trying to achieve. And it shows in the video, however, the random bleeding ink crap is a step back and they lose points for doing that. It’s inconsistent and cheesy as a result which really only earns this a B+.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

And that’s what 110% effort looks like and will do for your video. Nothing seems over produced, kitschy, cheap or half-assed. And for that effort it managed to get four MTV video award nominations (however won none of them). I’m not going to proclaim ‘most original video concept ever’, but it was very well executed and makes for a great video, even if it’s just a video with the band performing. What it does well like other band performing videos is it has an over all self-awareness to it, but not an exasperation about that fact.

Soundgarden – Blackhole Sun

This video hails from that sort of Golden Age of Music Videos, where they were being heavily watched on stations like Much Music and MTV, before the internet rolled around with its increased speeds and bandwidths. What they did in this golden time was make fun music videos. This is a fun music video. It’s close to a literal video, but there’s a lot of visuals happening to make both an effect and affect the viewer. Personally watching this it was hard to turn away. Most videos I sort of passively watch, but videos like these demand your attention and a video that does that, is a good video. Also did you notice how much Donnie Darko borrowed from this?

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It’s all about dogs this week. Need I really say much more about mans best friend when so many other people sing about that old pooch everyone loves to have around for family time? So lets roll with the good times, and the dog songs as the dog days of summer have moved on.

Ludacris – Move Bitch!

Hilarious. You tell shitty drivers Ludacris! You tell them to move out the way. Oh and what the fuck are the other two rapping about, why they even in this. Anyways, typical rap star video, as seen by the amount of shiny objects and titties bouncing about. As for the shoving people out of the way, that’s only around to sort of justify the lyrics in a visual way.

Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out

The ironic thing about this is that people in the Caribbean don’t exactly treat dogs like man’s best friend. They’re guard dogs not a family member. But this song somehow became the basic go-to song for any sort of family friendly moment where things had to go a bit crazy. There is even an Alvin and the Chipmunks cover of this pile of dog poop. Sadly, unlike the short lived Macarena, this is going to still stick for a bit.

Crash Test Dummies – Keep a Lid on Things

I would like to know who put the dog in the dog house (eventually it seems). But sadly this never addressed ever again in this song. Realistically this video doesn’t make any sense and is basically silly non-sense. It’s a pretty boring take on the music video based around the band since really no one does anything. This song was also weirdly popular for a bit, but went away like so many other Canadian songs and artists.

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days are Over (2010 release)

While I couldn’t find the already bizarre 2008 original release of this video, I have this half a mess to deal with which has nothing to do with dogs, days or summer. I’m not sure where to begin with this video. Do I point out the attempts of mirroring artists like Bjork, or the competition against Lady Gaga? If you read the description of the original video it doesn’t seem so bad, when you look at this mess of a thing. While it is kind of cool that she looks like a porcelain China doll, all the other stuff just seems to add some clutter and results in a bad copy attempt of Daft Punk’s Around the World. But still, I dance to this mess when it’s playing at the club…
Come back summer.

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