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So if you have been following Star Wars for the last few months, you know they recently re-re-released a new version on Blu-ray disk and George Lucas spared no butchery of the original three films in this new digital format to which you can just google information on that (hint it’s endless).

Anyways in a segment of the internet far far away, The Angry Zen Master stumbled upon what’s basically a fan piloted X-Wing to the current George Lucas’s Death Star. They came up with Star Wars Uncut. So what did they do? The film was segmented into 15 seconds snippits, aspiring directors and actors too a part, and that part was re-assembled with others to create the full length film.

The best part? Every scene is different and enjoyable. It’s a fantastic method to have people express their vision and have that vision part of a tapestry. For the lazy, I’m posting the video below.

Take your time with it. Watch, enjoy, laugh, cry. It’s all good, because it’s all Star Wars.


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Holy Crap! It’s been 52 postings of this! That’s insane that I’ve been diligent in keeping up something weekly with all the craziness that happens on a weekly basis for me. Well, to celebrate its time for a bit of a clip show of past entries. Lets go!

Foo Fighters – Everlong

Ah Dave Grohl and band, how you always think outside of the box when you go to make music videos.

And with that I got the ball rolling. The video that would inspire another 52 postings going forward. Still love the video and the song. Ranks way up there with what I feel is the best of the best of the best of the best videos you’ll ever see created.

Justice – DVNO

Speaking of 80s throwbacks, I really wish I had found this one sooner. I’m absolutely in love with homage they pay to 80s flashy logos. This is an example of being creative in reproducing things that are old. They didn’t force the lyrics onto replica logos, but found the most natural way to portray them in conjunction with the lyrics of the song and at a good pace that nothing lingers too long. Only after listening to the song for a year did I notice the song was lacking in any lyrical diversity. And the creative team behind this used that to maximum effect and you get this great video for Justice.

I actually found the song irritating for the longest time since I was passively listening to it, but since then, I’ve changed my attitude and DVNO is an awesome track.

Bangs – Take you to the Movie

I didn’t just stumble across this accidentally. Like most crap I’m exposed to, a friend had shown it to me while under the influences of many ounces of alcohol. Even sober this is actually kind of awesome, and even more so semi or fully drunk. You wouldn’t know it, but by now I bet this dude is taking all the ladies to the movies, and they’re all digging to get to his bottom of his popcorn bucket in the middle of his lap now. Bangs, hats off brother.

Bangs, where ever you are, keep doing what you’re doing. 4 lyfe man.

3OH!3 – Holler Till You Pass Out

3OH!3 was awesome and this is living proof off that point. I mean now that they’re paired with the likes of Ke$ha and that kind of mainstream bullshit they suck and look all professional and too clean for their dirty ass roots. I mean this looks like it was some joke or college project, but like a year after I saw this I got the chance to see them on tour and they put on a good show. Like I’m sure if you didn’t see this video before you saw them recently you’d probably be confused where as I am ashamed. If they went back to this then everything would be super groovy.

As much as I do think they’re shit now for selling out to the wrong peeps, this for me will for ever be the true 3OH!3.

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Oh you sly 80s broody music video, with your fancy electronic graphic effects and severely depressed lead singers. Yeah I imagine that those West End Girls are tough and mean, but since you feature none of them in your broody walk in broody glum London East side, I don’t have much to go on. But what do I fully know. Perhaps that West End Girl smashed your East Side Boy’s heart into little pieces. Chump. Next time stay central. Fun Fact: This video lost MTVs Best New Artist to the less broody a-ha’s Take on Me.

I’m sort of haunted by this song now that I’ve posted it up. Every once in a while I am reminded of it and it plays back in my mind. I guess the only way to solve the problem is KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Mushy Callahan – Burn

This is a live video filmed while the up and coming Mushy Callahan records their first album. As a disclaimer, I’m good friends with one of the band members, so if this is bias, then you can kindly click away and gtfo. Sure it’s a band playing for a music video, but they’re small time right now, and I’m sure things are going to get better. But that said The Factory does a damn good job on filming, editing and making this little intimate video of the band in action. CD is releasing soon, so get stoked if you live in the GTA and love good music.

Bit more promo here as they just released their EP last night and I was there, camera in hand. I have some video but haven’t really gone into it yet. And I have as boat load of pictures to be sorting through. More info is on their webspace.

I could bring up so many other postings, but that might take from the magic of it all. It’s been a good year and a worthwhile project which I intend to maintain as long as I am able to. There’s so much that happens in the music world to keep me busy posting up the best, the worst, the weird, the interesting, the lame and the loveable of music videos.

Thanks to everyone who visits and keep checking back every Friday.

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So this past Monday in the GTA yet another book signing of many was going on in one of the numerous book stores to be found. However, this particular Monday night, some random dude named Matthew Inman came to show off his fancy new book with illustrations and some funny words. The Book is called “5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (and other useful guides)“, but if you have read his website (The Oatmeal) then there’s a good chance you’ve read the book minus some comics.

The Book!

So for reasons unbeknown to me, but very fortunately, the first stop on his book signing tour for the above mentioned book was in the GTA at a local large-sized book store. I had not yet purchased the book and this was a splendid time to get the book, get it signed and meet someone who is a bit of an inspiration to me as a graphic designer and artist.

The talk I missed.

Unfortunately I arrived at the book signing just after he gave what I can assume to be an awesome 25 minute talk about how he fights bears with his face or breeds dinosaurs in his mothers basement. I was also a bit surprised at the gathering of people who made it to the signing, this is partially because I have a narrow belief that no one is really into the things I like and it gives me awesome leeway into exclusivity of some things. I was wrong and a bunch of internet geeks and internet hipsters were around. Fair enough, I don’t exist in a bubble or on an island. Also I sadly had a about an hours wait ahead of me at the end of the line. I was also getting two books signed (one for my good amigo. You may have heard of him.)

So after an hour in line standing behind some lovely ADD riddled young adults, and many bored Facebook updates, I made it to see Mr. Oatmeal himself. He was visibly exhausted which kind of sucked, but my amigo’s request was gladly fulfilled and he has quite the offensive book signing. I went with the plain Jane option and just got his signature. I also opted out of a photo-op since his handler didn’t look to friendly (she had that total bitch look).

Author (centre) and Handler (far right)

But all in all, it was quite the causal experience to have and I was glad to have gone and had a book signed by the author. It’s not something that’s happened to me a lot so I try to jump on opportunities like this when they present themselves.

Caution: This signing may be offensive.

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Well technically a game studio and not really an artist or artist group, thatgamecompany (tgc) does a lot of work with their games that could be considered art or interactive art. Unlike a lot of other game companies, tgc seems to start with the art and aesthetics and then move on to game play which has been evident since their first games.


flOw (PS3 Version)
My first run in with flOw was actually the online flash version and it was really nifty. Things floated around, you could see the layering that happened and it was a really chill game to relax and play out on. When it was coming to the PS3 I was totally stoked to get my hands on it, more so since it was going to use motion controls instead of mouse movements. In addition the artistic graphics and audio were pumped up to 11 and with more creatures to play as the experience was made to be phenomenal. It’s a game that is best tried rather than read about.

So flOw was  a great and fantastic game to play and how do you follow something as magnificent as that? You give the player the experience of being a simple flower pedal on the wind. It’s not exactly the most complicated idea or concept, but it’s an effective one again combined with artistic graphics and music /audio to go with it.

The game is simple and basic, you’re a flower pedal on the wind and you have to collect more pedals or activate specific ones to advance. Motion controls are used again, and no other way would allow for a smooth flow of game play.

And finally, keeping with the tradition of one word game names, thatgamecompany is getting set to release by the end of this year. Currently a closed beta testing of the game is underway and I was hoping to get as I met the criteria, but didn’t. Still regardless, this game is shaping up to having the most interesting multiplayer experience. From what I know, the plot involves you working with another person to solve challenges and get to the top of this mountain.

What’s different about the multiplayer is no names and no real way to communicate. It’s an interesting way of forcing players to work together and cut out the typical bullshit you get from the general online populace.

thatgamecompany is very much worth watching for in terms of their ability to create such artistry via the video game medium. Their attention to artistic styling is outstanding and they’re pushing the boundaries between video games, art and the buzz word ‘interactive media’. I look forward to their next game as well as future games they plan to produce. Perhaps someday they will get past barrier and prove to the masses that video games can be art.

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I’m always the kind of person who will explore the new if it’s presented to me and recently an acquaintance has been non-stop spamming my feed with his new album (even went as far as to PM me, which is nice of him really.)  He’s more or less a local DJ doing his thing every Thursday at a small place called Vola Lounge for a long while now. His remix talents lay more in the realm of dubstepping (of which I’m no great fan of), but there are some things he does that are not bad and pleasant to listen to.

Album cover for Memrx Falls Down

Anyways, he’s recently released himself an album on Mix Cloud which you can listen to or buy here. It’s worth a listen to else, why the hell would I be posting it up. And if you’re looking for more work and music by Mr. Memrx, then take a gander at his blarg site, specifically his  February is Gone post which has download links to that compilation. Also available for stalking (probably) is his Facebook page that acts as a sort of hub all his DJ activities, but I’ll leave you to find that out.

All I can really say at this point is Mr. Memrx, keep mixing that shit up and I’ll be at as many shows as I can.

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Summer Tunes

Some weeks ago I was raving about Team Teamwork and the good ass remix work they get up to. Well, there’s nothing that can stop the awesome work they want to get pushed out. So for your summer listening pleasure I redirect you to Team Teamwork’s Cool Rap, Cool Jazz (which isn’t too bad, I gave a quick listen to it and had no disagreements about the choices) as well as some of their latest work Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011!

People jonzing for some new music to help you summer roll by, take a moment to swing over to listen to some Team Teamwork and nab a copy of Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011 or the previous versions 2010, and 2K9 or the other various works the mix master has rollin’ on the site.

Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011!


  1. Craig Wedren – Higher and Higher
  2. Wagon Christ – Lazer Dick
  3. DJ Quik ft. Suga Free – Nobody
  4. Next ft. Mystikal – Boner Jam 2011
  5. Jim Jones ft. Lloyd & Girl Talk – Believe in Magic
  6. Cults – Oh My God
  7. Childish Gambino w. Gayngs – My Video (T. Teamwork Sex Jam Version)
  8. Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill – Perfectionists
  9. The Weeknd – Loft Music
  10. Freddie Gibbs – Born 2 Roll
  11. Mark Morrison ft. J-Kwon – Mack N Tipsy
  12. Vondelpark – Backflip (In The Sauna)
  13. Ghostface ft. U-God – Cherchez  LaGhost
  14. Games – Midi Drift
  15. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
  16. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Only Children Club Edit)
  17. Waka, Roscoe, Wale, Jamie & Gil – No Hands / Killing Me (T. Teamwork Mush)

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Paper is a fine material for art and artists. It’s basically the first thing any kid is given to create art. Paper is used for almost everything in the world as well, however we’re moving to more of a paperless society not all different from people moving from using candles to light rooms to the electric light bulb. A lot of the artwork I do is print based so paper is oh so important for me to create my art and I get so many more choices out of it compared to regular canvas. Thus putting art onto paper is something very easy to do, but what about turning paper itself into art?

Eismeer, 2006

Peter Callesen is such a man who’s been turning the common A4 sheet of paper (8.3×11.7 in vs the letter standard of 8.5×11) in to little marvels of art. Not like the art of paper craft per-say but something a lot more than that. Instead of taking the easy route and having people make the instructions for creating the papercraft project, Peter Callesen often cuts out the shapes he wishes to leave in negative (or maybe positive space) and then will reshape that into the paper structure he needs.

If it’s not something very intensive and complex, then it’s a piece that’s done with some minimalist work and subtly (as seen in Big wave moving towards a small castle of sand, 2005)

His main work is also not entirely limited to the A4 size of paper. He has been known to use billboard sized sheets of paper to construct works both life-sized and larger than life. no doubt immense planning goes into all his works given the delicate nature of both paper and the attention to detail required.

However, Callesen has not limited himself to just paper works. His site also documents some of his other performance pieces and installation works, all worth taking a gander at beside what he’s done with paper.

If there’s any criticism to be had about his main paper works is that they are a bit limited in terms of thematic diversity. A majority of them seem to deal with death or destruction. Castles and skeletons also have a huge roll in the works he’s produced. It would be awesome if there was more diversity rather than an endless progressive of the same few themes. It’s a problem artists can find themselves running into with works that are grandiose on a personal scale (Hence why I’ve limited my Pigeon works to 10).

As a bonus here’s the ending to an Anime show called Eden of the East which uses a similar style to Callesen’s art.

All images seen here rightfully belong to Peter Callesen. http://www.petercallesen.com/

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