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Getting back to Art

I think the biggest and boldest problem affecting me is that in recent months is I’ve not been getting to do the things that really challenge me. I think I’ve become too comfortable doing virtually nothing hard, which is terrible. Overall I think there’s a lack of conflict which I can turn into something creative.

The source of this? I hate my job. It does take a lot of time and energy from me, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse. Like 110% of everyone hates their job at some point. I think there’s also a lack of anyone in my life pushing me, someone special. I probably need a muse, or a girlfriend.

Still, can’t be looking at excuses. The other day I did stumble on a website that houses a collective of artist work which will make perfect fodder for my ‘Artist Talks’ since the website doesn’t go into much detail or much of anything. So I guess I can shine there.

Probably what I really need to do is finish some old projects before I start some new ones. Also axe the ones which are no good. A shame, but I can’t toil on things which will go no where. Speaking of which, no where is where that one final pigeon is.

Lets start with that.


And I’m away.




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Slowing Down

Summer Time

Feel like I’m becoming an old man, not updating this thing (aside from the usual Friday Art of Music Videos post). My weeks have been a little hectic as I’m working more than ever (got a contract extension) and a bunch of personal life changes that have begun to eat into my ‘free time’. Past weekend helped some of my good friends move out of their joint house into their own new places. And when I’m not doing that, I’m going on random dates and hangouts, which are all good and fun.

Good news is I was finally got my Intervalometer for my camera (a nice reverse engineered / made from left over parts of a Nikon MK-36) which finally gives me the ability to do time-lapse photography. I’ve done one little video that was just over an hour and a half of real-time that got compressed into one minute. Added a bit of music and called it quits. Going to try to do more, but our crazy weather took a turn for the crazy and we once again have shitty cold temperatures. I want to have my BBQs already damn it! So until I’m able to not chill while hanging outside in the middle of no-where, I’m just going to take pictures of the creepy alley way behind my house and see what happens over about 10 hours. Even have music picked out for the video.

Mean time, projekts are in limbo until I have both time and good weather on my side. Hopefully I can get a partner in crime to help me out / has a desire to waste time with me. In sadder news, apparently my google account was completely wiped clean and I lost my coveted e-mail address (which I was starting to use and going to use). I mean it’s not a huge loss, but it was the name that I liked and other ones that I would like seem to have been taken by spammers and bots. I’ll find another, but I hate the wasted time and I fear it could happen again.

Hopefully I’ll have another post up and with it my time-lapse test videos. Just have to find hosting that’s easy to use with WordPress and not a super bitch to use. And now that summer is rolling around, I’m sure I’ll be tripping over idiots on my magical outdoor adventures.

Until then, keep it real, and keep checking.


EDIT : got my gmail replaced, so if anyone wants to contact me, the option is there to do so. The next ideal situation is to get some domain and server options going, but I lack a proper cash flow for that.

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General Update

General update leads his army into the-…

Just throwing a quick update up here. The biggest reason why I was posting a lot in the last few weeks is because I had a lot of ‘free time’ for ‘unstructured activities’. Vague in this case is a good thing. But lets kind of say that has more or less come to an end for a duration.

Reason 1 is I’m converting my labour into currency for the purposes of living and sustaining myself.

Reason 2 is going to be that I will not be in town for the first week of December. Alas I shall have to suffice without the internets and blarging while I waste away in the hot Caribbean sun with a drink in hand. Yep, a vacation. Don’t worry Art of Music Video followers, I tend to prep these things ahead of time and with the power of automation have them launch on the intended day. So a December 10th will be for all to see.

Good news I guess is I’ll have lots of awesome pics to post and maybe irk out something like a living from selling them or related arts.

But I’m still counting down the days.

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Back n’ stuff + You are Fail

So I’ve given this whole thinking about what I want to blog about a long hard thought and such and things and concluded it’s something I really need to do to help alleviate some of my daily/weekly/lifelong stresses.  I find it ironic that I’m going to try and do this often when I have work, but thinking about it, I need something to pass time more socially constructive than playing games.

Anyways, one of the purposes I has created this for was to rant on people, society, the internetzweb and how it all just is stupid at times (from my perception since that’s really the only one that counts in the end. (Yeah I just double bracketed.)). This will probably help in the writing I happen to do for another website (http://www.triplechat.com game related) as I often target non-sense that happens in the gaming community and such as I see it and get people mad and stuff. But it does suffer from lack of style and the only way to develop a style is to expound on the thing you want to add style too, hence my blarg on the interwebnetxz.

So getting back to the main course of me bitching potentially about you. I plan to catagorize it / tag it something along the lines of Social Fail or probably You are Fail.  I feel it’s more socially responsible of me to anonymously complain about people n’ things rather than attack them strait on in normal society. For one I would probably be arrested, and another I don’t think I could make as much of an impact on people with the way things are (fucking Web 2.0 spoiled brats). So this is lets say safer, easier and a louder soap box than physically marching myself down into the heart of general social society with a milk crate and yelling at the passing people. They probably can’t hear much anymore because of their iPods are turned up too loud.

And that’s the plan.

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