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Nothing special this week. Yet another photo from a collection of old things I have, and this is just a building found about the city.

Northen Tower


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Unless you’re a really sketchy person, you should stay long and far from Filmores.

Flmores (not pictured the sign with European style lap dancing)

But it makes for a fantastic picture.

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I had started writing a rant about the Web Blackout vs SOPA / PIPA bills, but thinking things over the bills are going to fail but not as a result of Blacking out the web. I think the entire idea stands as a ‘this is how shitty things can get’ but as usual it won’t get that shitty because there’s one person at the top paying attention. And it’s not because people were moderately inconvenienced today.

Anyways if you want some lulz from this I highly suggest checking out @herpderpedia and read all the fail that has resulted.

P.S. I’ll probably re-organize my thoughts and write them up for some more shits and giggles when the full fallout from today happens.

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TTL Thursday – Parks

A shot from the forgotten urban parks project I was so excited to do. But it sucks doing this kind of thing solo, as parks are best enjoyed with some good company.


Maybe this summer I’ll get the time to go raid all the city parks, with or without company because it’s something worth finishing up.

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So when I went to ‘Merica like two weeks ago, I didn’t at all expect to swing through Chicago, but it happened I took advantage of these things and got some pictures out of it. Here’s one:

Chicago Underpass

Far as I know this is under one of their subway lines. Obviously I did some work to make it innermeresting, but I like it this way. Almost oldie, almost 70s-ish.

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This week I take a look back, way back at a wonderful place that was first badly renovated causing problems then an aborted attempt to fix caused even more and in a twist, the building mysteriously burned down. (And many hobos were blamed.)

In the process an iconic student restaurant was taken out along with the nice historic building and in its wake is a leveled gravel lot. However I managed to get some pictures of the place post burn down.

Curse you 'hobos'.


The story and events are well documented.


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Bit late on this, however my grand excuse is that I was caught up on work and stuff and thus unmotivated to really get around to posting and dealing with this – blaw, blaw, blaw.

Anyways, Saturday of past, I was doing the monk thing and skipping on paying transit fare in my adventures of meeting new peoples and realistically it was not that far (approx 60 minute walk). So I decided that since I was going to be walking such a grand distance, I would take advantage of the situation and get rolling with my graffiti documentary plans because the intended route I would be taking just happens to pass through one of the major graffiti hubs in the city.

I also decided that I’d do another photo journal thing like when I rode my bike home that one time.

The design of these condos (it's got a twin brother somewhere) is a bit inspiring. However, they could use a lot more greenery

Over the shoulder shot while walking down one of the many alleys that snake around the Spadia area of Toronto. As there are a lot of restaurants and food stores, this alley smelled bad at points.

It's the AGO. Front was redesigned nicely. The rear blue thing looks like ass. Typical Frank Ghery. The OCAD(U) addition looks worse.

Until I saw this I had no idea that the Kensignton Market area had a massive sign. I thought Filmores had the market on such things.

Dundas and Agusta, one of the staple streets of Kensington as seen in next picture.

In this picture, two hipster hangouts. The Boat (yellow sign) and Tenga (across the street, not in picture). Retarded fun all around, but I have to be pretty drunk.

Yep, someone got all political. Main reason for this is that Mr. McMayor wants to 'clean up' the city by removing all the unique wall art that can be found. This sort of thing has me scrambling to get pictures of Graffiti shot before it becomes serious.

Walking past Bellevue which has a lot of older homes (over 80 years old) that are in need of a bit o fixing. There's also a lazy park behind me that everyone chills in.

This was on the way back home. I was again stalking some back alley ways and all of a sudden I see what looks like a festival was happening. Turns out it was some church bazaar happening, but all very cool.

Coming out of another alley way after finding some more graffiti to shoot, and just before the rain. Sneaky Dee's is in there. Good mexican foods.

Sometime soon I should have some pics of the graffiti I shot up. I just have to sort through the 100 photos I shot. Some of them were over 100 feet in length and it’ll take me some time to stitch them together as one long work.

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