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This makes them look like lovers, not fighters.

Let it be known that I absolutely abhor the UFC and all it’s thinly veiled bullshit. No one’s probably going to like me for pointing this out, but UFC is very much a heavily admired homo-erotic sporting event and no amount of denial is ever, ever going to change that. I do not have a problem with things that are of the gay persuasion or highly effeminate, it is not something I seek out, but with UFC there’s very much this active denial / glossing over by the fan base about the gay over tones the ‘sport’.

Oh but you’re probably thinking up a hundred and one things to counter my argument. Let us first however break down what exactly UFC is as a sport: Two men who are heavily trained in the art of kicking other people’s asses are put into a fighting ring. Typically the stronger of the two gentlemen in the caged ring who is able to dominate the other wins the match. This is very much along similar lines such as wrestling (the non-WWF/NWO/WWE or WWWhatever) and boxing. The only difference being there’s less holding back and a lot more blood. Totally manly then right? Not so fast there…

Doesn't look too unfamiliar does it?

You’re probably thinking that UFC is legit because I compared it to wrestling, but people don’t quite remember that wrestling was a sport invented by the Greeks in the classical period and was a lot different from wrestling of today. Classical wrestling is done by two dudes who are naked and covered in oil, then they get to fight. People were a lot more open with their sexuality in these times as well, so this wasn’t such an odd thing. And well boxing is more a sport of endurance of who can take the most blows to the face / body for the longest amount of time.

I feel the most truthful depiction of the UFC / cage fighting was done in the end of the movie Bruno. Yeah Burno wasn’t a good film but it did realistically show UFC for what it was rather than what the fans think it is. Aside from that as a non-fan of UFC here’s what I see when a match goes down: Two dudes in shorts end up hugging and rolling around on the ground for about 2 and a half minutes often punching each other or flipping around while I get various different angled shots of the logos plastered all over their shorts, the biggest being on their asses and crotches. Awesome. Typically one dude gets really bloody and or someone taps out and then shit is done, they hug and the next pair get into the confined area and proves who is the best humper.

I find this sport highly regressive as it plays on the dumb intellect that we all carry around. After thousands of years of wars and countless years of hunting and killing animals, I guess by now we are a species who often does not feel complete or happy unless some blood has been spilt at some point in the month. No matter how smart and civilized we want ourselves to be we cannot go without violence and the real violence that is provided by UFC seems to fulfill that urge we have in the back of our minds. Some of the smartest people I know are super obsessed with UFC to a level which really makes me doubt their intellect. Hell I have a hard time fully believing how some people can love the sport, but I guess if they had women fighting each other nearly naked in a ring, then I would be interested in that too.

This is how you fight.

Sadly I’ve never heard any gent who’s interested in UFC ever say they admired the skill of this fighter or that fighter. I fear that they do have that bullshit term man-crush by the way they talk about so and so in their fantasy matches between this dude and that dude. It’s something that causes me to pause and wonder what subconscious things really go on in the back of our minds.

Fuck yeah!

As a suggested replacement, I say we go back to the old blood sport of Gladiatorial battles. We could use prisoners on death row and stuff. It would be a social win-win; less prisoners and entertainment. And really I can’t see people bitching about how cruel it is over UFC. Unless there’s a lot of gay activists in favour of keeping UFC around.


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