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Zen sayings, as by me

I was doing something thinking while returning from the grocery store ( I mean what else should I be doing at such a time) and I decided to come up with some insane, but probably useful zen like sayings to help guide people. These are probably highly dubious and should be used for laughs or mass-produced cheap laugh t-shirts, but whatever, I like to spread wisdom as flavoured by my life to people. So here’s some Zen for you.

  • Often we will be challenged walk towards the blinding sun; remember to flail your fists and make contact with people’s faces
  • There are many burdens in our lives; such as carrying a 24 of beer 3 blocks in 50 degree heat
  • Love has no limits to it; unless you make it sign a pre-nup agreement
  • Smile at the world and it can smile back; make sure however it’s not a creepy rapist smile
  • Become connected with the world and your fellow-man; you’ll be well-connected to free drinks and stuff

My zen probably needs a bit of refinement, but with time will come wisdom and the eventually the need for depends. That time however is a long way off.


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