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So if you have been following Star Wars for the last few months, you know they recently re-re-released a new version on Blu-ray disk and George Lucas spared no butchery of the original three films in this new digital format to which you can just google information on that (hint it’s endless).

Anyways in a segment of the internet far far away, The Angry Zen Master stumbled upon what’s basically a fan piloted X-Wing to the current George Lucas’s Death Star. They came up with Star Wars Uncut. So what did they do? The film was segmented into 15 seconds snippits, aspiring directors and actors too a part, and that part was re-assembled with others to create the full length film.

The best part? Every scene is different and enjoyable. It’s a fantastic method to have people express their vision and have that vision part of a tapestry. For the lazy, I’m posting the video below.

Take your time with it. Watch, enjoy, laugh, cry. It’s all good, because it’s all Star Wars.


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Artist Talk – Sam Winston

Sam Winston is an Artist-Typographer similar to my self in that we use words/letters/characters to make our art, but that’s about all we have in similarities excluding our enjoyment of books. I’m unsure how I stumbled across his work, but it was a good thing it happened to me. I did not want to think I was creating my work in a bubble, which can happen at times when you don’t expose yourself to the works of others. I do stand back and keep my attention else where, mostly because I feel I could be overly influenced by what others are doing.

Solace, S. Winston

Solace, S. Winston

Yours Mine, S. Winston

However, that said, Sam Winston is doing something fantastically different and I don’t really like it. Mostly this dislike stems from my want and desire to know what’s happening with his work (which I find he writes about in a vague and incoherent way) and a bit of the detail in the work. Yeah I understand at times it’s the whole that makes a difference, but if you’re going to include text it’s very natural to want to see the parts involved.

Referencing my own work, I use a what amounts to linguistic non-sense to create my images of pigeons, which I have seen people try to read, but the minute people can’t find sense in it they just see it as a picture and move on. Or they just don’t care and hate your work.

It’s not all hate. I do like the what he’s done with his work Dictionary Story Book, as it makes for an interesting display in twisting type. It’s a fine display that shows how easily language can break down physically, verbally and visually. It’s one of his works I would actually like to own just to see it whole and up close.

SIlent Listen, S. Winston

Live Today, S. Winston

If nothing else the work comes off as an interesting experiment in abusing words and type in an effort to make art. Personally I don’t know if I could go down the same route of Sam Winston in his works, but who knows.

Dictionary Story, S. Winston

Made Up True Story, Time | Beast, S. Winston

Made Up True Story, Ency | Jack, S. Winston

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So this past Monday in the GTA yet another book signing of many was going on in one of the numerous book stores to be found. However, this particular Monday night, some random dude named Matthew Inman came to show off his fancy new book with illustrations and some funny words. The Book is called “5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (and other useful guides)“, but if you have read his website (The Oatmeal) then there’s a good chance you’ve read the book minus some comics.

The Book!

So for reasons unbeknown to me, but very fortunately, the first stop on his book signing tour for the above mentioned book was in the GTA at a local large-sized book store. I had not yet purchased the book and this was a splendid time to get the book, get it signed and meet someone who is a bit of an inspiration to me as a graphic designer and artist.

The talk I missed.

Unfortunately I arrived at the book signing just after he gave what I can assume to be an awesome 25 minute talk about how he fights bears with his face or breeds dinosaurs in his mothers basement. I was also a bit surprised at the gathering of people who made it to the signing, this is partially because I have a narrow belief that no one is really into the things I like and it gives me awesome leeway into exclusivity of some things. I was wrong and a bunch of internet geeks and internet hipsters were around. Fair enough, I don’t exist in a bubble or on an island. Also I sadly had a about an hours wait ahead of me at the end of the line. I was also getting two books signed (one for my good amigo. You may have heard of him.)

So after an hour in line standing behind some lovely ADD riddled young adults, and many bored Facebook updates, I made it to see Mr. Oatmeal himself. He was visibly exhausted which kind of sucked, but my amigo’s request was gladly fulfilled and he has quite the offensive book signing. I went with the plain Jane option and just got his signature. I also opted out of a photo-op since his handler didn’t look to friendly (she had that total bitch look).

Author (centre) and Handler (far right)

But all in all, it was quite the causal experience to have and I was glad to have gone and had a book signed by the author. It’s not something that’s happened to me a lot so I try to jump on opportunities like this when they present themselves.

Caution: This signing may be offensive.

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I’m always the kind of person who will explore the new if it’s presented to me and recently an acquaintance has been non-stop spamming my feed with his new album (even went as far as to PM me, which is nice of him really.)  He’s more or less a local DJ doing his thing every Thursday at a small place called Vola Lounge for a long while now. His remix talents lay more in the realm of dubstepping (of which I’m no great fan of), but there are some things he does that are not bad and pleasant to listen to.

Album cover for Memrx Falls Down

Anyways, he’s recently released himself an album on Mix Cloud which you can listen to or buy here. It’s worth a listen to else, why the hell would I be posting it up. And if you’re looking for more work and music by Mr. Memrx, then take a gander at his blarg site, specifically his  February is Gone post which has download links to that compilation. Also available for stalking (probably) is his Facebook page that acts as a sort of hub all his DJ activities, but I’ll leave you to find that out.

All I can really say at this point is Mr. Memrx, keep mixing that shit up and I’ll be at as many shows as I can.

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Summer Tunes

Some weeks ago I was raving about Team Teamwork and the good ass remix work they get up to. Well, there’s nothing that can stop the awesome work they want to get pushed out. So for your summer listening pleasure I redirect you to Team Teamwork’s Cool Rap, Cool Jazz (which isn’t too bad, I gave a quick listen to it and had no disagreements about the choices) as well as some of their latest work Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011!

People jonzing for some new music to help you summer roll by, take a moment to swing over to listen to some Team Teamwork and nab a copy of Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011 or the previous versions 2010, and 2K9 or the other various works the mix master has rollin’ on the site.

Dude Whatever, It’s Summer 2011!


  1. Craig Wedren – Higher and Higher
  2. Wagon Christ – Lazer Dick
  3. DJ Quik ft. Suga Free – Nobody
  4. Next ft. Mystikal – Boner Jam 2011
  5. Jim Jones ft. Lloyd & Girl Talk – Believe in Magic
  6. Cults – Oh My God
  7. Childish Gambino w. Gayngs – My Video (T. Teamwork Sex Jam Version)
  8. Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill – Perfectionists
  9. The Weeknd – Loft Music
  10. Freddie Gibbs – Born 2 Roll
  11. Mark Morrison ft. J-Kwon – Mack N Tipsy
  12. Vondelpark – Backflip (In The Sauna)
  13. Ghostface ft. U-God – Cherchez  LaGhost
  14. Games – Midi Drift
  15. Cut Copy – Where I’m Going
  16. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (Only Children Club Edit)
  17. Waka, Roscoe, Wale, Jamie & Gil – No Hands / Killing Me (T. Teamwork Mush)

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It’s no big surprise that I do enjoy the occasional video game from time to time. I grew up with them from games like Centipede to Bubble Bubble, and Sonic even to modern ones (not that trash COD however). Anyways most video games of the mid and late 90s have managed to make themselves iconic for the music. Music was such an important factor in being identifiable as a video game and it’s a little less now, but there are still some games that aren’t Mario, Sonic, or Halo that do get remembered for their killer sound track.

I digress a little bit. What matters here is that a gent going by the name of Team Teamwork has combine a love of video games, rap and hip-hop to bring some killer remixes to the masses. Mostly it’s been of games from the mid and late 90s with music of the late 90s and early 00s which is basically a high point for both games and music.

Ft. Artists like Outcast, Jay-Z, Ghost Face Killer

When I had come across Team Teamworks music it was when he had remixed his Vinyl Fantasy 7 album (based on the game Final Fantasy 7 in case one did not know) and it really hit it off for me. It has a good sound to it and I still love listening to it.

What’s even better is that he’s also released a new compilation of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis game sound tracks with artists like Ludacris, Biggie Smalls, Kayne West to music from Super Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Earthbound. The best part about all his remixing is that nothing seems to be forced or badly mixed. It show how thought out and meticulous his process is going into the creation process and the results that come from taking that time and effort (alas I only wish I had those skills).

90s Gaming meets 90s / modern Rap.

His works are free to download and I remember he had a bit of trouble when Vinyl Fantasy 7 dropped. Turns out some rappers get all up in peeps business when they get their shit stolen from them. However, you are able to donate to pay for the music he puts his creative efforts into. Take a listen and enjoy. (Super Nintendo Sega Genesis is added below for your listening convenience.)

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Black Skullcandy GI

Given the demise of my last pair of TI headphones from Skullcandy, I’m in the process of waiting for my replacements coming from the US via a friend who’s going to redirect them to me (the selling company doesn’t like to ship to Canada). Anyways, I am (was) without headphones until the replacements arrived, but thankfully the local Best Buy had kept some GIs in stock, and why not review them until I take them back?

The GI line has been in Canada for a while unlike the TI line of headphones that Skullcandy makes. Why, I’m not entirely sure, but they are almost the same headphones. Almost. The pair I have appear to be a later generation re-design. The earlier version in the picture above have a lot of the same parts that they used to create the TI headphones albeit with a different earphone casing and some other little features. That said, I’m confident that the actual speakers used in both TI and GIs are more or less the same.

What you get in the packaging with the headphones is the usual skullcandy pouch and the 5mm connector and that’s it. I did find a nifty bottle opener in the headphones themselves which I happened to think was some sort of defect in the ones I got, but nope, a nice bottle opener. I am a little disappointed that were I getting headphones I just paid $90 CAD for less than what I get buying the older TIs for about $70 CAD (shipping costs included). So if you like bonus items, then you’re much better off going for some TIs before they all disappear.

As for the headphones themselves, the sound isn’t too bad. Again, they have the same speaker driver inside as the TIs, but the lack the handy volume control that the TIs come with, but in leu you get a longer cord without the need to have an extension added on thus adding another break point. I did at first notice that there seemed to be some distortion in the lower range / bass, but it was not as horrible as in their SkullCrusher headphones. Later in the day things sounded more or less the same. The mid range on them was good allowing for the classical music I listened to be heard clearly.  Without having my TIs to directly compare the sound and have a more confirmed say, I’m going to say the quality between the GIs and the TIs is more or less the same. I will however give points to the TIs having better sound proofing from outside noise and against sound bleeding out from the units.

For the fashion conscious out there, the GIs to have a good diversity in style. If I were to get some GIs I would stick with the black ones I got. However that said, given the lack of extras, no volume control and sort of iffy construction, I would not ever pay more than $60 for these headphones. They do match nicely in sound to the TIs but you get so much more with the TI headphones than you do with the GIs that they do not command a cost of $90 (taxes included).

The combat theme is so HAWT.

Old style T.I.s

TIs for reference

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