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There’s a bit of a conflict on this Hate Monday. I mean I have to say I hate about 99.5% of all tumblr. sites I come across and on a whole I find the idea of tumblr. repulsive and irritating. FYI for those who don’t know what tumblr. is:

Tumblr, sometimes styled as tumblr., is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog, a short-form blog. Users can follow other users, or choose to make their tumblelog private. The service emphasizes ease of use.



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I’m always the kind of person who will explore the new if it’s presented to me and recently an acquaintance has been non-stop spamming my feed with his new album (even went as far as to PM me, which is nice of him really.)  He’s more or less a local DJ doing his thing every Thursday at a small place called Vola Lounge for a long while now. His remix talents lay more in the realm of dubstepping (of which I’m no great fan of), but there are some things he does that are not bad and pleasant to listen to.

Album cover for Memrx Falls Down

Anyways, he’s recently released himself an album on Mix Cloud which you can listen to or buy here. It’s worth a listen to else, why the hell would I be posting it up. And if you’re looking for more work and music by Mr. Memrx, then take a gander at his blarg site, specifically his  February is Gone post which has download links to that compilation. Also available for stalking (probably) is his Facebook page that acts as a sort of hub all his DJ activities, but I’ll leave you to find that out.

All I can really say at this point is Mr. Memrx, keep mixing that shit up and I’ll be at as many shows as I can.

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So late last week another good buddy of mine decided to act in the great wisdom of Dolemite and Rudy Ray Moore formed himself a little blog entitled ‘Bitch Are You For Real!!!!‘ which is going to basically consist of his man ramblings about women and such. Already he’s tackled the subject of booty shorts and his extreme dislike of them on some women.

Not 100% sure why he choose to start (prolly because he’s super bored of sitting around at his day job) and in hater fashion will keep letting the hate flow as if the Guild would have nothing less. So if you have a bit of time check it out. If you enjoy my infrequent Hate Mondays then you really should check it out.

Bitch Are You For Real!!!! I tip my hat to you and good ramblings.

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Stealing Some Advice

Well things around here have been rather dull until I decided I was going to change that and write some things about some other things I did in the past. Sadly I do not have entirely huge amount of new happening. I’m in a mood and I don’t know if it’s because of the weather change, my diet change, or some other crazy unfounded reason (I don’t know, maybe I’m on my man period.) None the less I am working to change this unfortunate development and do what I like doing best; making fun of society and raging against tights as pants.


Also I’m working on a new en devour of learning to steal. Not physical theft which would land my ass in some jail time, but the other more accepted kind of stealing of intellectual. See a friend of mine posted up this link to this really good article and what caught my eye was ‘How To Steal Like An Artist (And 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)‘, and Mr fellow artist Austin Kleon (who also has this Newspaper Blackout thingie he does). Anyways, in the spirit of stealing like an artist, I’m basically telling you all about it like I’ve found Hesus who was hiding behind the gardening shed instead of work on the second coming of my garden. And also I plan to follow some of the things he happens to say since they are good ideas. And I’m an artist in need of ideas. And more money.

Not fully sure what I will be stealing / borrowing / being inspired by, but I am a resourceful fellow (in my mind for sure, practice maybe not so much) so I should not be in want for ideas much longer. There are some nice graphic design books at work I plan to gander through and see what’s in them. I still want to do the projects I’ve outlines before in a previous post as well as continue on with my time-lapse project (which I have yet another idea and several locations for).  I still think one of my bigger challenges in doing my projects is doing it alone / on my own. More than likely an ego / Ozymandias thing, but I think I get bothered not being able to really talk to someone face to face about what I want to do and the feedback that comes from small talk like that.

Other odd developments have been in relation to my love-life and romance, which are going fantastical. Some things have been highly unexpected, but I’m not going to hate. Hell, even the weather has been odd and fantastical, turning from near 20 degree weather to snow. So I shall count my fortunes and be happy with what’s happened as complaints will get me no where. I am also doing my manly best to cook for myself more in attempts to also impress the lady folk who can’t resist a man who cooks and speaks well of food. Nothing scientific to back this claim, but I will not be deterred from believing it to be true.

And in tragic news, my Skullcandy TI headphones lie in ruins. I completely fucked up the arm band (cracking it in half) and instead of doing the smart thing after fixing it the first time and leaving it alone, I did the dumb thing and made it worse by breaking the crack and severing the wires. Thankfully I’ve managed to get two replacement pairs for cheap via ebay, but I had to ship them to a friend in the US who will redirect them to me. In the mean time I got a pair of GIs which I’m renting from Best Buy (return policy FUCK YEAH), so a review of those is on its way into my blog soon. Other than that, I only await some warmer weather to help me out and work hard stealing me some art.

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My good buddy and long time friend decided that this winter season would be the perfect time for him to start a blarg up on his own (he’s got it on blogger… ah well), but he’s always been known for his hilarious rants and paradoxical monologues. So there is no doubt in my mind he’s going to fill the internets with his bitching bitching.

So I say make the time to visit ‘How I Make my Money’, more so if you’re in retail and absolutely hate it at times. As a retail vet myself I know how shitty it is to deal with people who want to buy things because they turn into monster and creatures of the deep. And those are just the worst kind of all.

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