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One of the staples of  the music industry is a different band singing a song from another, aka the Cover. Not to be confused with what happens in Rap/Hip-Hop which is the sampling, aka borderline theft. That aside, one of your best bets to making it big is to take an old popular song and do it your way to be popular too. I mean YouTube is full of shitty up and comers doing a cover or someone’s music. But here are some you may not know so well.

Orgy – Blue Monday (Originator: New World Order)

The year, 1999. The mood, CYBER PUNK/GOTH/FREAK. The band to bring us this in a dawning Millennium, Orgy. I mean the song is so dark, and they’re totally dark too. No one is going to tell them what to do man, they’re not some prissy boy band like N’SYNC or Back Street Boys. And they’re totally not as creepy as Merilyn Manson. Really  not much to this, the band is just being fucked with and they keep showing how fashionable they are by changing cloths. Surprisingly this video got a lot of props, but not surprising given the time culturally.

A1 – Take On Me (Originator: A-Ha)

Nice work A1, you certainly have set yourself well apart from the pack with this music video and cover. I mean, take one of the top iconic songs of the 80s and add a boy band, bad synth and awful manual returning of the vocals and BAM! You have the formula for a bad music video that involves 95% crappy blue screen. I’ve posted the original A-Ha video before, but here it is again for comparison.

See, that’s something that wins awards. That’s something that’s far from a Sony Ad and stealing left and right of anything which people would call cyber space. No need to rip off The Matrix and Tron, no reason to make me want to puke. Actually I did because this was really popular in Europe for reasons forever unknown.

Jay-Z – Forever Young (Originator: Alphaville)

Remember what I said in the intro? Well here’s the proof. Lets use 80% of the song and just add new verses. This isn’t so much a cover, but a Hip-hop re-imagining. Can’t say I ever expect much when the Z wants to do a song his way. The video for itself? Totally representing everything proud and American just like Alphaville. (Who just happen to be a German band) None the less, have some chuckles at the original video which is pretty much Post-Apocalyptic Renaissance.


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Trolls however, dead.

It’s hard to live life in this age without having to be haunted by the 80s (which chronologically ended 22 years ago, and will be back in the swing of things in 68 years…) I mean wars have been forgotten faster than the 80s and all it managed to produce was two generations of awful people. They couldn’t even kill Communism in the 80s (which technically still exists today, but Major Communism died). Anyways since the 80s are going to be around for a while, lets just kick back to some music videos from one of the more interesting periods modern of music.

Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

While this wasn’t actually recorded in the 80s, it’s very much a milestone video in pop-culture. This has the significance of being the first music video to be played on the newly airing Music Television station, being the first video to be aired on MTV one million times and whole other bunch of things. It’s been covered many times, Hans Zimmer has a cameo and this is the only song the Buggles are known for. If you need to think 80s, you think Video Killed the Radio Star.

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen

People know the song, but don’t really know the clip-show music video. Anyways, thankfully the young people haven’t picked up dungarees as sporting fashion. Anyways, this is a small spin on ‘band playing for the music video’ mostly due to the copious amounts of sexual harassment found in both the lyrics and the action in the video. Yep, that’s right, this is a popular song about forcing yourself on someone (poor Eileen in this case). Watching the Pop-up Video edition of this is pretty awesome, but not as awesome as the electric banjo action which it shows.

Madness – Our House

This is musical madness?

Madness? THIS. IS. OUR HOUSE! (in the middle of the street)

Again, as with  many, many, many 80s music videos, we see the rather large-sized band playing and acting out all the madness that happens in this house of massive size. Apparently the size of a British house is deceptive from the outside (which would explain the TARDIS from Doctor Who.) Madness apparently did other songs and such, but no one really cares and they’re now a staple of 80s music.

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

The real female front man of the 80s. Forget Madonna doing crazy shit to get attention. Cyndi just did crazy shit. (remember, she’s already in her mid 30s during the 80s.) Although Madonna got an album out first, Cyndi got more praise and awards (and didn’t lose her shit in the second millennium.) Still, this video stands as a great example of what the typical 80s female looked like. Actually, I see very few differences between chicks today and back in the 80s. All and all a fun video, even if one of them is walking like an Egyptian. Wait a minute, is that SUPER MARIO?

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Creative or insane?

So I don’t think it should come to much surprise that I tend to enjoy some of the music videos directed by Spike Jonze. I’ve posted quite a number of them up here and he’s been one of the more creative directors I’ve seen (along side Michel Gondry and Chris Cunninham) and if you check the kinds of artist they direct for, you see the why the awesomeness comes out. In addition to directing music videos, Jonze has also directed a number of quirky films (Where the Wild Things Are) and is one of the few directors left who hates CGI and uses it as a last resort in his work. But don’t take my word for it, let his work speak for himself.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

This is one of the rare videos that has been able to capture the awesome power of Christopher Walken in his natural state. That’s some incredible shit he pulls off and if you can pull moves off like that to a T, then you’ll never have to worry about women problems ever again.

Chemical Brothers – Elektrobank

So this goes back some years, when the Chemical Brothers were on the upstroke to Coolsville in the electronica world. Electronica and techno music is always a bit of a challenge to get a good video going done. So what got done was basically the Karate Kid in Gymnast form. The chick doing the routine, that happens to be Jonze’s wife (at the time I believe) who was actually a gymnast. If you ever get a chance to hear the commentary by Jonze on this video, it’s got some pretty good insight into it on him and his process. Oh look, another Chemical Brothers Cameo.

Björk – It’s in our Hands

Given this is Björk, it’s a bit tough to guess who came up with this idea. I’m actually pretty creeped out from this video when normally I’m intrigued or fascinated by what the directors do. I think it’s mostly the use of the night vision and Björk’s weird expression. Either way, I never want to watch that again. Ever.

Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain

Turns out New York was once host the most xtreme game of golf ever. I wish I had been there. I mean seeing dudes get beaten the fuck up over a golf ball, driving around in a golf cart like it was nothing. I mean who wouldn’t want to be given the chance to do that? Not even Tiger Woods is really that extreme with his golfing. But think of the entertainment factor.

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Here's FRIDAY!

Hey look is that Friday the 13th? And no less in the first month of 2012 as well! How spooky and ominous. I guess the world does have a good shot at ending. Or you know, starting a new calendar when the old one expires. Anyways, moving on to some more rational things, lets irrationally look at some random music videos. Hurray!


The Ramones – I wanna be Sedated

Just a bit on the weird side of things with this one. I mean there you have the Ramones just chilling and all this insanity is happening around them. Well actually they’re moving slow and everything else is going normal speed and they pressed fast forward for the final cut. But it’s a simple video, as the 80s were simple times for everyone.

The Pillows – Another Morning

Don’t ask me aboot the lyrics / meaning / anything because all I really know about the pillows is that they basically did the entire soundtrack for the FLCL anime movie. And it was done damn well. If it’s weird, well remember they’re a mid 90s punk rock band out of Japan. What’s cool is the shout out to Peanuts being incorporated into the music.

Wamdue Project – King of my Castle

Speaking of which, here’s what’s basically an MTV throwback to 1998/99 which is like an official mainstream Anime Music Video that made it on to TV and the history books. The footage is taken from the world-famous anime movie Ghost in the Shell (which recently got a makeover), but which was still having it’s cool buzz due to the increasing rise of anime in north America over all. Plus I mean it’s got guns and shooting, and stuff. This video rocks!

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Well a new year is here, so what better way to look forward to things that trying something new. Now ye olde Youtube has this nice feature that displays all the popular videos as seen by the country, so I’ve taken to nabbing some off the list and seeing where things take me. Welp, lets see how awful this can get!

Carly Rae Jespen – Call me Maybe

Yeah I don’t know who this chick is and I really don’t want to know. There’s so much instantly wrong with this I’m not sure if it would be fair to critique it. Thankfully I don’t have to be fair. Alright from the get go we clearly see this is a girl sees boy and wants his penis, however, this dude is a fucking idiot. Who starts mowing a lawn in the middle? Then it’s followed up with him taking off his shirt for eye candy purposes. What’s plan B? WASH A CAR FOR SEXY APEAL. Oh too bad he’s listening to his iPod while actually getting work done instead of paying attention to your piss poor attempt at cleaning something. Oh then there’s that twist, how topical.

Victoria Duffield – Shut up and Dance

So it turns out music videos are going the way of modern video games and Brown is totally realistic and you add some bedazzle and shine in other places to make it seem high-rez. But all we end up with is a music video about a chick losing her mind and imagining this Ryan Reynolads/Enrique Iglesias combo pack telling her how to dance instead of showing her. Yeah this chick needs some help and counseling. All and all while I think it’s cool choreography based music videos are coming back, there’s so many cuts from move segment to move segment done that it’s hard to tell if these peeps can actually dance well. That’s why WORLD ORDER does such a better job is they don’t cut as much so you see the skill involved.

Alyssa Reid – The Game

I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to assume that Miss Reid knows anything about THE GAME. First off the point of the game is not to stand alone, and it’s dumb to try and prove this by crouching down in a crowd of people. Second, if you are going to stand alone, don’t have the eye candy in a wife beater stand beside you. (But personally I like the part where he jumps on his Black Berry and ignores that hoe) Also to the director, don’t include a guitarist and a basis in a music video where neither of those instruments are played. You have successfully made everyone look bad and stupid. In fact, this video just seems hap-hazard in the end and should never have seen the light of day.

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Taking a short break from the Series of Series to bring you some randomness to kick yourself into the new year. And this year I guess all the stops are out, as last year it was a pain in the ass to find new years related stuff. So let’s get random and have ourselves a party!



Drake – The Motto feat. Lil Wayne Tyga Official Video

Alrightie, what the hell is this exactly? I’ve really never been a fan of Drake, I’m kind of in the realm of stepping back and letting him do his thing because it doesn’t really bother me, but this is just some dumb shit. First off, why is drake driving his grandpa’s convertible and second, why do I feel this is more of a clothing ad than a music video. Like look closely at how some of the shots are one. Also what kind of guy needs to have two watches on while driving? And since I’ve gone there, Little Wayne needs to drop those damn green boots and pull his pants up. This thing has been all levels of awful.

Coldplay – Paradise

Again, not exactly a band I’m a big fan of and so really never looked into the work they did, but this is just off the wall too. Not on the level as above, but more like a lot of inconsistent elements, elephant heads aside. That sign section should have been cut out as it doesn’t make any damn sense in context to anything else going on. Random works best when it’s random and not shoddy. Overall I think in the future I’ll be moving away from anything Coldplay.

Family Force 5 – Dance or Die

This video has multiple levels of being cheesy and totally awesome at the same time. And I am ashamed I keep forgetting about it. There’s so much fun that’s clearly been had in the production and all through the video. And it’s not confined to music videos either. Saw them live way back and they were totally rip-shit insane fun on stage to watch. I’m 100% sure at some point the lead singer was wearing hulk gloves. And the band has a Keytarist. All levels of win.

Two Door Cinema Club – Undercover Martyn

Welp, it seems like Ol’ Cinema Club here pretty much did a music video for the bulk of the songs they released. And this one just happened to pretty much turn out exactly as I would imagine it would. Fine good use of the beat, rhythm and pacing of the song itself to form the video. Add a bit of creativity sort of harking back to when Super Grass did things with puppets added in and you get something that sticks out. Have fun working out how they did this video, I shall spoil nothing.

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So almost a year ago I first threw up the fantastical amazing music video called ‘Mind Shift’ by WORLD ORDER from ye little Japan and followed it up in Spring with their ‘Machine Civilization’ video which was done as a pick-me-up for the whole earthquake thing. But I was thinking, they use the same style, different videos… That’s a Series!

So here’s all their videos to date in their badass ultra choreography made even more spectacular because it’s from the mind of a former Mixed Marshal Artist Genki Sudo.

World Order – World Order

Japanese people are so polite. No matter what crazy things are going on in the background of their cities, giant robots, space colony drops, Godzilla, they’ll always just keep rolling on like they shouldn’t mind. Anyways, this is totally fantastic and the skill involved is almost without description. It’s an amazing combination and flow between slowed mechanical movements and organic flow.

World Order – World Order New York Ver.

And from Tokyo to New York, World Order is back at it. And how do the American people deal? They pretty much stop and stare and record the crazy Japanese people doing their crazy movies. I mean it’s new york so I can understand that they see crazy shit all the time, but they should have more fun. Like the Japanese kids in the Tokyo version. Props goes to the scene swapping shots that match up the dancing. That’s skills, especially with what they’re doing.

World Order – Mind Shift

More or less the same guys doing their crazy stuff, however, they’ve added two more people and like a bajillion new moves. Even to go so far as have a little story going on in some interesting settings.

World Order – Boy Meets Girl

And another story based dance scenario. I don’t think it’s as awesome as the others, but you can’t really argue too hard about pelvic thrusting. However there’s a good dynamic going on between the guys and their moves along side the ladies who are just acting everything out normally.

World Order – Machine Civilization

Now last time I let Genki Sudo do the talking about this one, but I’ll add what I wanted to say. It’s a good video. It’s full of clear shots and interesting locations. Lots of interesting dynamics happening between colours and what they’re doing. They’ve come a long way with the choreography and keeping things fresh and new with every video, which is nothing short of genius.

World Order – 2012

Once again from Tokyo to MEXICO! Can’t mention 2012 without visiting lovely Central and South Americas. These guys couldn’t be further out of their element than Mexico (I guess they could go to like Northern Canada), but people still don’t seem to mind what’s going on. It would be nicer to see people trying to get in on what they’re doing, but it’s still great to watch. And that last number in front of Leon Trotsky’s grave is fantastic!

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