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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, the internet has been experiencing a sever rash of hacking incidents. That’s not to say that the internet isn’t being hacked or breached in some capacity everyday somewhere for some reason, but this is beginning to be come excessive. And if anyone hates something in excess it’s the government.

Now this is could be something where there actually isn’t more hacks being done, but a case where they’re being reported with more frequency due to the high-profile targets being hit. Yet either way, it’s still doesn’t help when the hacking groups step up their game and actively announce their intentions, have a live twitter feed, post press releases about their activities as well as video updates and shit. You know who else sort of does that shit? Terrorist groups.

Congrats Anon, LulzSec, Anti-Sec, ect. Your efforts only seek to fuck over the better (and good) hackers, petty hackers and will force many governments hands on the following:

  • Heavier Internet security Laws
  • A form of Digital Terrorism legislation with guidelines for prosecution
  • Erosion of Net Neutrality
  • Increased internet monitoring
  • Decreased freedoms an liberties on the internet (A China like internet in the West)
  • Mass suspicion

Congrats dip-shits. You are single-handedly ruining the internet of tomorrow with shitty pranks today. You’re dumb ass activities act as a justification of bills like C-51 in Canada which is this massive Crime bill and legislation that had little provisions in it which outline things like Internet Service providers obligation to store all the e-mails people send out for the sole purpose of the government using them for investigations and accessing them without a warrant. Awesome. Welcome back 1984.

Realistically, this shit needs to stop. It’s not as if you’re fighting for any great cause. And given that this is the internet, anyone and everyone typically just makes claims they are someone else anonymously so it’s a fair call to say that when the next big hack has some serious implications and does a lot of damage, all done in your hacking groups name, have fun like Anon did trying to disprove it was your people who dun fucked up.

Hacking can be a good form of getting some internet awareness out there on the net to important issues or things which are factually wrong, but the levels it’s being taken to for the past few months is more of an indication that this is all being done without considerations for the ramifications or consideration for the consequences or the future of things to come. Stop being narrow sighted. Stop ruining the internet for everyone.


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