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TTL Thursday – Parks

A shot from the forgotten urban parks project I was so excited to do. But it sucks doing this kind of thing solo, as parks are best enjoyed with some good company.


Maybe this summer I’ll get the time to go raid all the city parks, with or without company because it’s something worth finishing up.


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If you have been following my pigeon project, then this shouldn’t be too unfamiliar.

Old Bastard

Yep, it would be #5 himself. He was quite the older pigeon and less able to keep himself clean and stuff. A bit disheartening, but he was a balls one coming to perch beside me on the bench as I snapped photos.

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Eh, so it’s kind of Christmas, and where I am there’s sadly not a whole lot of snow, but here’s some pine trees anyways.

Four Trees

It was quite a challenge to nab a pic of anything while doing 120 on the highway. Got to get better at this, maybe during a summer road trip.

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Pulling another from my collection of ‘Pictures I took and pretty much ignored’. Way back when in the spring of 2010 when I first got my camera and started to get some lenses my good buddy over at AdrianVsRetail and myself went down to one of the local beaches along the lake and had a quick photo day as we were both getting used to our new cameras.

Rocky Wave

Never sure why exactly I take these photos of waves rolling on to the beach. I have a bunch I took in Jamaica as well. For fun I think I’ll post it up next week.

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Some time back long ago, one of the Canadian Cancer Society took the time to plant a whole lot of yellow daffodils in two sections of the local park. As a result every spring the odd sight of hundreds of daffodils pops up and makes for a bizarre sight to see. I however took advantage of the event and snapped some pictures back in May.

All yellow

I’m actually looking forward to seeing it happen again this spring. I’m going to be back with camera in hand and see if I can do something better.

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I have some pics from wonderful ‘Merica but haven’t really processed them. Later, always later. Anyways, wanted to share a picture of one of the locals that’s kind of a jerk and lives around here.

Nice Derp you have going there.

So pretty much every summer the same expanding family of raccoons or the ones that manage to survive hang out in my backyard / fire escape/ roof and have summer fun. Hell, they hang around so much I even know the times they come around at night, almost like clock works. This particular BBQ one of the asshats stole a package of buns, but tripped on them. I lost one bun and was upset. All and all they’re pretty docile now (my friend event let one nibble his finger.) I on the other hand blind them and prod them with sticks if they are in poking distance.

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