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Getting back to Art

I think the biggest and boldest problem affecting me is that in recent months is I’ve not been getting to do the things that really challenge me. I think I’ve become too comfortable doing virtually nothing hard, which is terrible. Overall I think there’s a lack of conflict which I can turn into something creative.

The source of this? I hate my job. It does take a lot of time and energy from me, but I don’t think that’s a good enough excuse. Like 110% of everyone hates their job at some point. I think there’s also a lack of anyone in my life pushing me, someone special. I probably need a muse, or a girlfriend.

Still, can’t be looking at excuses. The other day I did stumble on a website that houses a collective of artist work which will make perfect fodder for my ‘Artist Talks’ since the website doesn’t go into much detail or much of anything. So I guess I can shine there.

Probably what I really need to do is finish some old projects before I start some new ones. Also axe the ones which are no good. A shame, but I can’t toil on things which will go no where. Speaking of which, no where is where that one final pigeon is.

Lets start with that.


And I’m away.




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Pigeon project Update

Okay so this really can’t be classified as new given I finished this particular one way back in July. So I’ve been busy. Meh.


Now I haven’t even gotten around to starting #10. I did have some PC problems but general laziness has been the real factor in all this. If I do find I have enough motivation and time over the Christmas break/ holidays then I’ll start it up and can have it all done in a nice neat package.

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HALT! You Cannot Pass!

So one of my photo projects / ideas has been put on hold because there’s been a lot of confusion on the policy about taking pictures on the public transit. According to the nice people in the offices that handle this matter, as long as I’m not doing this for commercial usage (which I’m not planning at this time), I can go ahead and snap snap away. However the nice people at the stations have been told I cannot do any of that since I do not have a permit.  And at this point, having a permit would save me a lot of problems going forward.

So that’s that. I’ve done some work, but it’s going to be a big project, but I’m thankful I’m doing some of the bigger pain in the ass places and realistically it’s only going to get easier.

My pigeon project however will soon becoming to a close. I’ve posted up here and on my projects page so take a look. The reason it will be coming to an end is that I have the final images I need to finish it and get on with something better / cooler.

But whatever, it’s summer and it’s time to get out and enjoy it before shitty winter decides to set in again. And now for a filler pic.

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Words to live by

Greetings readers. Spring is sort of on it’s way (some days it’s great out, others we plunge back into winter), but time waits for no man, and being so awesome, time will only wait so long for me. Given the warmering weather means I am able to venture outside without a lot of restrictions on my hands being cold and keeping me from the things I like such as holding my camera. Hopefully by late March we’re back into 10 degree weather and that everything starts looking green again and sunny. I like the sun.

One such project that’s been mothballed for a while I’m looking to get back into. Although it probably will take the parks a bit of time to grow green again, I have the time to plan out a route to hopefully get all the shots I want in one day. Perhaps if I’m being selfish I’ll drag someone along for the ride. Time will tell and I should put way more effort and research into it instead of thinking it’s an awesome idea and that it will magically happen on its own.

Next that I’m nearing completion is all the pigeon works (number 7 is now complete). I would like to get more photo materials for the next ones and I really have to work harder to be less picky about the whole process. Number 7 used approximately 6 layers which is actually a little insane thinking about it and really didn’t add too much to detail or depth to the work. In the end however I am satisfied with the outcome of the picture and I’m eager to get on to the next. Once all of them are done I plan to get hardcopy prints made and put together a minibook of them along with some of the other works I’ve been doing for the past year partially to catalogue the work and the evolution of it as well. More than likely I’ll have some other small side projects I’ll add to it before I’m done and ready to make my book.

Another project (which I’m sure I’ve mentioned), is my plans to get around the city and photograph me some graffiti. I know the idea isn’t exactly original, but I’m mainly looking to see how different parts of the city has different styles of graffiti. Not all that I want to shoot is graffiti as there are some murals that have been made on stores and business, but the majority is and I may have a sort of guide to help me with it. It’s also important because very soon the douche of a Mayor wants to have some of the more historical and culturally impressive works removed for no strong apparent reason other than making the city in his image. I’ll be keeping an eye on that and documenting before it’s gone for good.

Finally on Friday I’ll be working with a friend / fellow artist who is looking to get some glam shots of themselves done for modeling purposes. Not doing for money because I really haven’t done it before and I’m not very professional as well they are a friend, so it’ll be fun. I’m also working alongside another friend who has more experience, so much learning to be had from it all.

That’s realistically all my artistic ambitions for the coming summer. Knowing myself I’ll probably get to most of them, but I want to be optimistic and think I’ll do a lot of them and have something to show for myself at the end of the summer. Time will tell.

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