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Being a little self-indulgent (well more so than usual) this week. Turning old + a billion. You only get to be a specific age for one year so might as well live it up. Keep calm, carry on, watch these videos. Cheers.

50 Cent – In da Club

I actually hate 50 Cent a lot, but everyone knows the only reason you play this is to sort of celebrate / call in your birthday. I felt a great obligation to do so in this instance. And only in this instance.

The Stranglers – Golden Brown

Sort of like one of those literal music videos that you see from time to time. Sort of like how I’ll forever remember things from long ago… even things from not so long ago too.

A-Ha – Take On Me

Another old tyme music video that everyone sort of remembers. Guess it’s a bit metaphorical for me getting older because I’m hitting one of those milestone ages and there’s no going back, nor side ways, nor up, nor forward, but twirling always twirling.

DVDA – Now You’re a Man

In all honesty I’ve been the man for some time now. But I think it’s time to be a manly man. Manly Manly Man. Because of the titties.

Radiohead – In Limbo

Probably not the official video, but it’s still a great fit, and more awesome if it is the official video. Anyways, I guess the song more or less relates to the current direction of my life and age which is why it’s here. Maybe things will be better sorted next mile stone, but for now, just limbo for a bit.


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