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This is something brewing for a few weeks now. Actually have to give a big shout out to the Angry Zen Master because I’m basically forgoing being original and nabbing a lot of what he’s been posting up on his site. So kudos to him for doing the heavy listing for my lazy ass.

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

This was something I saw in passing before AZM went into more detail about it. Personally I found the video a bit interesting yet more so irritating in the end. Far as I am concerned, the video just has this typical fowl mouthed woman who with her hipster friends tries to gain attention. And it’s funny her co-conspirator in the White Girl Mob thinks it cool to drop the N-bomb. Original posting can be found here, and its follow-up.

Roll Deep – When I’m ‘Ere

Slick, very slick. It has great transitions all through out the video. This is what you can get when you put a bit of thought and proper direction into your videos. There’s nothing I would want to see changed about this video and more people should follow this lead. When a video is done great like this you can see the people having fun and wanting it to be a great video. As the AZM said;

Alright, enough bullshit about crap rappers. This is an old track, but ‘ere’s Roll Deep with “When I’m ‘Ere.” Right proper, fam!

KRS-One – Just Like That

KRS-One is a hip-hop star going back years to the mid 80s. He’s pretty much has been there since the start of Hip-Hop’s break up. However, I’m going to call him out on this video and the over use of 9/11 imagery. It’s been over a decade, but I don’t think you need to have that in your green screen rap video. The Zen Master gives a pretty good break down of his feelings on this vs people like Kreayshawn.




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It’s no big surprise that I do enjoy the occasional video game from time to time. I grew up with them from games like Centipede to Bubble Bubble, and Sonic even to modern ones (not that trash COD however). Anyways most video games of the mid and late 90s have managed to make themselves iconic for the music. Music was such an important factor in being identifiable as a video game and it’s a little less now, but there are still some games that aren’t Mario, Sonic, or Halo that do get remembered for their killer sound track.

I digress a little bit. What matters here is that a gent going by the name of Team Teamwork has combine a love of video games, rap and hip-hop to bring some killer remixes to the masses. Mostly it’s been of games from the mid and late 90s with music of the late 90s and early 00s which is basically a high point for both games and music.

Ft. Artists like Outcast, Jay-Z, Ghost Face Killer

When I had come across Team Teamworks music it was when he had remixed his Vinyl Fantasy 7 album (based on the game Final Fantasy 7 in case one did not know) and it really hit it off for me. It has a good sound to it and I still love listening to it.

What’s even better is that he’s also released a new compilation of Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis game sound tracks with artists like Ludacris, Biggie Smalls, Kayne West to music from Super Metroid, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Earthbound. The best part about all his remixing is that nothing seems to be forced or badly mixed. It show how thought out and meticulous his process is going into the creation process and the results that come from taking that time and effort (alas I only wish I had those skills).

90s Gaming meets 90s / modern Rap.

His works are free to download and I remember he had a bit of trouble when Vinyl Fantasy 7 dropped. Turns out some rappers get all up in peeps business when they get their shit stolen from them. However, you are able to donate to pay for the music he puts his creative efforts into. Take a listen and enjoy. (Super Nintendo Sega Genesis is added below for your listening convenience.)

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