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This week is a quick (sort of) follow-up to last weeks Rock Band edition. In a contest between Rock Band 1 vs Rock Band 2, the latter was better able to steal the show. It had a better track list, and it had a better guitar that was a lot easier to use to play the game and totally rock out. And on top of that, pretty much everything carried over to the second game to make your track list EVEN MORE EPIC. Hmm… Tis’ the season for a Rock Band Party…

Modest Mouse – Float On

A quirky video to say the least. The concept is neato, but not a neato keen. It’s a bit hard to follow and I guess those three sheep are on acid or something and taking a magical journey to do something. What I do not think I want to know.  And as much as it was 2004 when the video was made, it looks a tad flash animation-ish, but that could just be me since this is the future now.

System of a Down – Chop Suey!

This is much typical video of the rock band of the early 2000s. Very much in line with what Limp Bizkit and Korn were doing at the time as well. But not what I was expecting, given that the B-Side video for this prominently featured Theodore the Tugboat with lots of other craziness. If you can find that video, please link me would you kindly?

Lit – My Own Worst Enemy

Bowling? League Bowling? Now that’s badass. Not to mention dated. People don’t bowl these days. Forget Bowling, and move on to Lawn Bowling at the seniors club. This has a bit too much of trying for the Big Lebowski feeling to it. And the ending was pretty weak.

Beck – E Pro

Well, it’s Beck, so there’s really not much more I have to say about why it’s so weird yet so awesome at the same time. The design and direction is pretty awesome. You don’t see wireframe graphics like that used as much in things. As much as it seems like it should be classified as 80s looking, there’s a quality to it that makes it better. Add on that the ending is pretty lulz worthy, and you have yourself a decent music video. (If you’re interested the video was basically assembled by a collective known as Shynola who are also responsible for a similar looking video for Radiohead (Pyramid Song))

Interpol – PDA

Hey wait a tic, didn’t we already see this video some where? Where are the Sheep! No matter, this is actually a bit more interesting in its design, animation and they way things are shot. Seems easier to follow and coherent. What’s going on in the video, I can’t tell besides a Big Brother kind of thing going on and lazers.


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